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American prisoners of war left behind

I recently saw a documentary, about how american soldiers were left behind in communist hands. Some of the things reported blew my mind. For example:

- The soviets overrunning german prisoner of war camps during the Second World War and deporting american, british, french, dutch, etc POW's together with germans and soldiers of other Axis powers east, even when the western allies were on the other side of the river in shouting distance

- A lot of those prisoners were repatriated via Odessa, but lots of them Stalin simply kept. At least 24000 americans alone, were left in the Soviet Union and never returned home

- Stalin tried to use them for getting money, recognition of the puppet governments in eastern europe and ALL exile russians since the october revolution. Later they disappeared in the gulags
- Aerial fights in german skies between soviets and the british and americans, when those noticed that the soviets were withholding POW's and then tried to photograph camps or local officers tried to get some prisoners out

- One example being a family of american-germans in Dresden, where father and son were deported, even though they were civilians and american citizens. And while the father was released again, the son John Noble, ended up in Buchenwald and soviet gulags, including Vorkuta. When he was arrested by the soviets they told him "Justice? Don't look for justice, justice doesn't exist here. You are the inmates, we are the victors, we can do what we want." And when he answered "We are american citizens, you can't do what you want." They answered "Oh yes, just right now we are doing what we want." In 1955 he was able to manage to get a red cross postcard from a german POW and wrote to relatives in Germany, that he was alive. He was one of the few to be released.
- Yeltsin admitting in the 1990's that some of those POW's may be in psychiatric asylums.

- American POW's disappearing into North Korea, China and the Soviet Union during the Korean War
- An american mother, Rita van Wees, recognizing her son on a north korean propaganda photo after the war and then getting confirmation via exile russians that he was near Krasnoyarsk in 1959

- Hundreds of american POW's remaining in Vietnam, because Nixon made a mistake and the vietnamese didn't release the last POW's because they didn't get the promised money
- American pilots hunted down in Vietnam and ending in soviet and chinese plane factories, because of their knowledge
- No POW's returning from Laos at all. Not one.
- SOS from americans appearing in vietnamese and laotian jungles on sattelite images until at least the 1990's

Now I wonder how publicly is this known today in the USA? What are there for mechanisms to prevent this from happening again? Do you think some or many of those american POW's are still alive?
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Old July 8th, 2018, 07:05 AM   #2

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GPS tags under their skin (LoJacking) perhaps? However, the enemy would cut them out, I guess?
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But you must also realize that some of those listed as POW / MIA - thought, "Here I am in a foreign country with a foreign girlfriend that occasionally tolerates me, back home there is no prospects and no respect. I am burning my uniform and walking away." Then the AWOL soldier disappears with his foreign girlfriend ending up on the list of POW / MIA.
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Originally Posted by Otto I View Post

- A lot of those prisoners were repatriated via Odessa, but lots of them Stalin simply kept. At least 24000 americans alone, were left in the Soviet Union and never returned home

24000? Unlikely.
There is no doubt that Stalin used US POW’s as leverage in Cold War standoff politics but not that many.

A quick internet search brings up 500 WW2 GI’s (NY Times) and “hundreds” (LA Times).

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