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Why Eleven & Twelve?

I being studying the affinities between Phoenician, Latin, Etruscan & Greek and how the numbers are named and it's history is interesting, There is uncertainty with the Etruscan number names, all websites that show these numbers, huθ his either 6 or 4 and semφ is either 7 or 8.

In English, we have Eleven & Twelve meaning one-left & two-left, the rest of the numbers are three-right, four-right

Eleven & Twelve can be written using Greek cognates.

Eleven : ει-λείπω , ει-λαιός * One to the Left
Twelve : δύο-λείπω , δύο-λαιός * Two to the Left

Thirteen : τρίς-δέκα * Three to the Right
Fourteen : τέσσαρες-δέκα * Four to the Right
Fifteen : πέντε-δέκα * Five to the Right

εις(1) δύο(2) τρίς(3) τέσσαρες(4) πέντε(5) ἕξ(6) ἑπτά(7) ὀκτώ(8) ἐννέα(9)

Four is lengthier, compared too the other numbers in Greek & Latin , most of these names are similar too the Etruscan & Phoenician names accept for 4 & 10. The Etruscan & Phoenician word for 10 is SAR, this became Four

10 was once IIIIIIIIII .. I(1) II(2) III(3) IIII(4) (10-lines)


'Left' words begin with 𐌋 because the hand that forms an L is your left-side, the Phoenician Left is 𐤔𐤌‬𐤀𐤋‬ , noticed the Left-position , even the Greek, Laios/Leipw , π & 𐤌‬ interchange between Gk and Phoenician, sometimes 𐤌‬ is silent , smaL > Lams > λαιός/λείπω > Left/Laevus

Click the image to open in full size.

Left is 𐤔𐤌‬𐤀𐤋‬ (Lmas) , Right is 𐤉𐤌𐤍 (nmI

𐤉𐤔𐤓 (rsI) - Righteous
𐤏𐤅𐤋 (Luo) - Unrighteous or eviL

𐤉 as a right/positive value .

Left words are mostly negative , Sinister (Left) and Dexter (Right), left-handed people have historically been considered unlucky or even malicious. This must be the reason why 13(three to the right) is considered a lucky number, because 11 & 12 are too the Left.

A possible theory, they counted with the sole of the left-hand, thumb to pinky, 12345 , then the right-hand, 6789 10 , then turned the Left hand around, forming the L and counted 11(thumb) 12(index finger) , base-12, therefore L = 12 .

L is the 12th Letter of the Phoenician-Greek-Latin-Estrucan alphabet, the 10th from letter is Taw(10/𐤕‬) , Fifth is Pe(5/𐤐)

Mem(1 𐤌), Nun(2-9 𐤍), Samk(3-8 𐤎ξ), Ayin(4-7 𐤏‬) Pe(5-6 𐤐) Sade(4-5 𐤑‬), Qop(3-4 𐤒) Res(2-3 𐤓‬), Sin(1-2 𐤔), Taw(10-1 ‬𐤕 )

The Phoenician word-name for 10 is similar too the Greek word for 'hand' and Eight, is the Phoenician word for 'Fingers'

Fingers : 𐤀𐤑𐤁‬‬𐤏
Four : 𐤀𐤓‬𐤁‬‬𐤏
Ten : 𐤏𐤔𐤓

'𐤀𐤑' forms 𐤀𐤑𐤉‬𐤋 ( Axil ) "the bent arm", this word appears in the Bible, the Septuagint word is ἀγκάλη (Agkalh) and Latin angulus , thus 𐤀𐤑 is ἀγκ/ ἀνγκ, thus 𐤀𐤑𐤁‬‬𐤏 > ὀκτώ " Eight'.

δέκα is ' Two-hands' , 𐤊‬ is a hand. 𐤃‬𐤊. *δύο κάππα

Hand :𐤉𐤃
Straight: 𐤉𐤔𐤓

These words are commonly prefixed with 𐤌(preposition) (usually ἄπο/ὑπέρ in Gk)

𐤉𐤔𐤓(ISR) - 𐤌𐤉𐤔𐤓(MISR)
𐤉𐤃‬ (ID) - 𐤌𐤉𐤃 (MID)

These words forms measuring words in Phoenician, Latin & Greek.

Measure, Middle, Maths, Metre, Metron, Menstruate, Metronome, Meso, Mass.

𐤌𐤔𐤅‬𐤓𐤄‬ (MSURE) "Measure" ( Gk. μετρέω)

𐤑𐤃‬𐤒 (SD'K) (δίκ-) setright , righteousness
δάκτυλος ( Daktulos) fingers * δκτλ (see 𐤀𐤑𐤉‬𐤋 'joints').

The Hand was a common measurement tool

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Eleven means 'one left over', not one to the left as opposed to right. I.e left over after you have counted to ten; in other words, another way of saying ten plus one.
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Old April 22nd, 2018, 07:37 AM   #3
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Then the numbers following 12 should have similar naming pattern.

Eleven : ει-λείπειν
Twelve : δύο-λείπειν
Trileven: τρί-λείπειν
Pentelve: πέντε-λείπειν
Exelve : ἕξ-λείπειν
Eptalve : ἑπτά-λείπειν
Octolve : ὀκτώ-λείπειν
Enneven: ἐννέα--λείπειν
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Take this nonsense somewhere else.
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