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davu September 17th, 2010 07:10 AM

Trail Markers/New World
this is (i hope) a continuation of the Kensington Stone Thread. Some major points were brought up on the last three pages that were never expanded on. i would like to revisit these.

1) jared diamond's books were referenced - although i think he is a man of this time and his ideas are right on the mark, i don't see authors/researchers expanding on his ideas (especially the expansion into the new world).

2) the Hopewell indians settlements of the mississippi valley and the trade routes. could it be a new people had settled these areas and introducted new ideas (i could be really big wrong on this but i don't see the native americans setting up trading camps across the continent. all i get are the constant tribal wars going on - probably no different then the crusades, heresy problems, new secualar gov'ts being formed, etc etc).

3) the finding/exploration of the mississippian culture.


Their is also a native american story about "men who ride on the backs of of whales" It could be just simple myth or something more
anyway, there was a lot of topics that came up but the thread had become a little long. lets break it down to managable pieces.

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