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Just a note on the bible - in Christian tradition, it is often viewed as one single work for their religion. The truth is that the bible is made up of, not just several books, but of several different traditions from a family of religions. Christianity was not fully unified with a dominant tradition until the 4th century. Many traditions are not even represented in the bible, but today's bible is not one from a single tradition.

To get to my point, 1 and 2 Timothy, Corinthians, and Ephesians have sexist passages. The major problem is that these passages are generally over-emphasized, as this sexism does not appear in the other NT books, and generally the opposite is true for the rest of the bible; major themes in the bible show that men and women are equal, Jewish and gentile are equal, and slave and free people are equal. Also, female characters often are featured very prominently in the bible.

It is not only that the books come from different writers and traditions, but that there is no reason to believe redaction didn't occur; and the arguments against editing of the bible are fairly weak; read Bart Ehrman's book "Misquoting Jesus" for some further insight.

I personally see the bible as a highly liberal work whose fans are largely conservative, and so the more conservative angles in Timothy, Corinthians, and the old testament, get more highly emphasized than the vast majority of the text of the NT. In my own country, if you ever attend Canada's biggest Protestant Church - The United Church of Canada - you'll see a very different picture of Christianity than the one usually portrayed of Christianity in the media.
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Originally Posted by Mandate of Heaven View Post
Real evidence shows matrilineal societies exist. Just read my previous posts. I don't see how you can choose to disbelieve after seeing the evidence.
But a matrilineal society (your inclusion/position is dependent on your mother) doesn't automatically make it a matriarchy (women control the power in the society).
Ancient Egypt, Israel and Pictish society were all matrilineal, but the power structure was patriarchal.
Matrilineal could mean an acknowledgement that you knew who your mother is with far more certainty than who your father is, but it could equally mean that a woman is viewed as always belonging to her culture/tribe. She is a possesion of that tribe, and, much like livestock, anything she produces also belongs to that owner/tribe. A cow is valuable as a producer of life and wealth, but it isn't given any democratic rights or autonomy.
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