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Abishai1000 March 13th, 2018 03:41 PM

Lancelot/Lady of the Lake (Camelot)
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Lancelot is a fabled knight from the legendary kingdom of Camelot (English folklore).

Lancelot was said to be a controversial knight who was even rumoured to be in a disastrous adulterous extra-marital affair with Queen Guinevere, wife of King Arthur (ruler of Camelot!). This affair has been depicted in numerous media including John Boorman's Excalibur and Cornel Wilde's Lancelot and Guinevere.

However, despite this scandal, Lancelot has also been portrayed as a surprisingly-skilled knight on the battlefield, leading him to tackle Camelot's worst enemies. This 'face' of Lancelot has also been depicted in countless media including Jerry Zucker's First Knight.

The enigmatic Lady of the Lake is a cryptic woman from Arthurian legend said to possess the authority to gift the magical sword Excalibur to a worthy knight or king. It is said she gifted Excalibur to Arthur, though other legends has her lending the sword to Lancelot so he can deal with Camelot's worst adversaries including the nefarious warlord Mordred.

Some media has the Lady of the Lake serving as the foster-mother and/or 'spiritual muse' of Lancelot, making sure he does what is right (in the end!).

Still other media (especially comics) has the Lady of the Lake being a sensual angel of Lancelot and eventually his secret wife. However, Lancelot must first correct himself and redeem himself for his scandalous affair with King Arthur's wife (Queen Guinevere) and help Camelot rid itself of its unsightly enemies. Then, Lancelot and the Lady of the Lake can unite and consummate their love (so the stories go).

There are many offbeat but iconic love stories and the age of cinema has us making tales about cinematic duos --- e.g., Romeo + Juliet, Tristan + Isolde, Cruise + Kidman, Tracy + Hepburn, Superman + Wonder Woman.

However, Lancelot and the Lady of the Lake stand out, since they typify the quest for love itself within the context of politico-cultural intrigue and mythology. So how should revisionist historians and mythologists talk about the impact of romance/sentiment in Arthurian legend?


LANCELOT: You are so mysterious...yet beautiful.
LADY OF THE LAKE: To wield Excalibur, you must defend Camelot.
LANCELOT: I can take down Mordred, but what about you?
LADY OF THE LAKE: We will marry once you complete your quest.
LANCELOT: We're an unlikely pair...
LADY OF THE LAKE: Don't count your blessings yet, for work is unfinished!
LANCELOT: I have great motivation now. I won't fail...
LADY OF THE LAKE: Make amends with Arthur...I'll wait for you here.
LANCELOT: By your majestic lake, my lady?
LADY OF THE LAKE: Yes, Lancelot! Now, go...and save Camelot.
LANCELOT: It seems Arthur is witness to all manner of emotions.
LADY OF THE LAKE: History is for invention, Lancelot...
LANCELOT: Long live Camelot.
LADY OF THE LAKE: Return to me.


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