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9. British Era (1820-1947 AD)

Achievements in British India
The Myth of India's "stolen" GDP and wealth
Why did Christianity fail horribly in getting converts in North India?
Impact of British Raj on Indian people!
Why were the Sikhs loyal in the 1857 Mutiny?
1857- Indian war of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny?
How did India go from being a rich country to a poor country?
British rule in India
King George V's Hunting in Nepal
More than 60 million Indians starved to death under British rule...
Mohandas Gandhi?
British role in Indian famines
Dogra Gulab Singh and Yousafzai Pashtuns .........the false account on Wikipedia
Lord Macaulay’s address to the British Parliament in 2 February, 1835.
Do people of India hate Ghandi?
India - The Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire?
Nazis and India
Mahatma Gandhi
Contribution of Bhagat Singh in Indian Independence Movement
Hitler did More for India than Gandhi?
Burning of the Summer Palace
The Great Hedge: 12ft high, 14ft thick and 1500 miles long!!!
Would you make deal with the Nazi like Subhas Chandra Bose?
Jallianwala Bagh massacre
The Opium Wars, Where Did China Go Wrong?
Victoria Cross winners in the British Indian army
Why was Sindh not partitioned to accomodate Hindu Sindhis
why Pakistan did not become a part of India
Major Asian Wars nobody knows about...
Opium Wars
Indian independance movement
How Churchill 'starved' India
Opium Trade
China and India in modern time, before the Indian Republic
Indian Opium
How important was World War II in causing British India to be partitioned in 1947?
Why didnt the French play a larger role in 1857, like that in US War of Independence
How did the British attitude to the Indians change after the Great Rebellion in 1857
Uncivilized English Empire
Negative Aspects of British Orientalism
Why didn't the British stop Ghandi.
Why did the British leave India??
The Indian mutiny
1857 Indian War - Mutiny or War of Independence?
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10. Contemporary Era (1947 AD till date)

Who would you have supported in the 1962 Sino-Indian War?
Should Southern India become independent ?
The collonial mind state of government of ex-colony's
Why is it so important for Indians about 1962 Sino-Indian Conflict?
India, Tibet and China-- What went wrong and what next ?
Declining Indic Civilization
Sikkim: an Indian state by force
Why Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan?
Politicisation of cow
Why Sikhism and Buddhism are not Accepted as Separate Religions in Indian Constitutio
Did India make a mistake in not kicking Pakistan out of all of Kashmir in 1949?
Contributions of Periyar/Ambedkar in modern India
Tibet, China, quote from Kundun
The Kashmir Issue
The great Tibet (or Xizang) debate
Can China become a Superpower
Pakistani settlement in Kashmir after 1947-1948--how large was it?
What if India did not return POW's after 72 war
Why Weren't the Pashtun-Majority Areas of Pakistan Alowed to Join Afghanistan in 1947
Why did USA never try to interfere & setup a friendly govt in India during Cold War
Do you think it's possible for the Asian Countries to make a union?
Likeliness of another Pakistan-India War?
Two questions about the 1914 McMahon Line (between China/Tibet and India)
Strategic mistakes by the Srilankan Tamils
Why did Iran not take Kalat kingdom of Baloch before Pakistan
Could India have gotten some other territories apart from its current borders
A Question for Indian Nationalists
Why did India not take Chittagong Hill Tracts
Leaders of Indian independence and early governments
Why are union territories not given statehood in India
Why did India not try to take Madheshi areas of Nepal
Research: Tibet under the Chinese rule
Has China already jumped the shark?
Impact of the Sino-Indian Conflicts: Rancor?
Maldives,Ceylon and Burma
Why did Hindus not retake Sindh
The Suffering Caused by India's Independence
Why have mainland Indians not settled in North East India in large numbers since 1947
21st February: International Mother Language Day
Was it a mistake 4 India not to force Pakistan to settle the Kashmir dispute in 1972?
Did Nehru Really Reject a Permanent UNSC Seat? Why?
Pakistan - Acid Attacks Documentary
Why cant Sri Lankan Hindu Tamils come to Indian Tamil Nadu
Best Prime Minister of India
National identity in India
Identity of Indian
Can Indo-China border be solved by
Hyderabad 1948: India's hidden massacre
Did Khan of Kalat want to accede to India and why did India not accept
History Of Modern India (Post Independence) 1947-...
Goa "Invasion"
Indian National Obsession With China
The Khalistan Movement.
Is foreign aid a hindrance to Pakistan?
Nehru led to defeat of 1962
The secularization of Japan.
Why was Art370 incorporated into Indian constitution?
Bengali Genocide 1971
Why did the Soviet Union not support India more substantially during the Cold War
Gandhi's ashes
how many gandhi? (india)
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Theme-wise Threads Begin Here

11. Political history

Historical empires which have successfully unified most or all of India?
No strong native kingdom from Pakistan in last three thousand years
Why historically South Indians were more rebellious?
Greatest Dravidian Dynasty?
Rama a king of Cholar(Solar) dynasty
Greatest empire that had ever ruled India
Great military figures in Indian history
Ancient Brahman Dynasties vs. Medieval Non-Brahman Dynasties of Andhra & Karnataka
Mighty Scythians of Gujarat/Western Satraps !
Gahadvala dynasty - Gangetic plains c.12th century
Are the Sakas of Russia today the descendents of Scythians
Lower caste dynasties of India
Why was China general under a central authority and India found it difficult?
Democracy in Asia
The Kambojas
The Descendants Of The Chola ,the Cheras and the Pandyas
Western most extent of an Eastern Empire in India
Why did the Tibetans never invade India?
Tamilnadu not under native rule for more than 700 years. why?
Are Hindkowans in Afghanistan/NWFP descendents of Ancient Gandharans
Why were Alipurdar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Koch Bihar not part of Sikkim
Criticism Invited on second draft
What allowed Magadha to become so powerful?
Passive resistance to colonial aggression
what happened to Western Satrapies ?
Indian based in the North or South?
"Contiguous" States vs. Dynasties?
Evolution of Democracy in Modern India
Pre Mauryan Dynasties of Magadha, their date, rulers, reign, extend, army and all.
Most Powerful Indian Empire?
Who controlled the Terai region prior to the British handing it to Nepal?
Why are there Indian Dynasties?
Who was the worst Mughal Emperor after 1707? And Why?
Kingdoms where Sanskrit was the official court language

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12. Military history

Were Indian armies stronger than European armies?
Is it true India never invaded another country?
Why didn't the Asians expand and colonize?
why does india have a weak military history
Why did Indian emperors not often show ambition to conquer whole of subcontinent
Eastern Weapons
Greatest Asian Figures - Military
Ancient Indian army
Secret behind the desperate valour of Rajputs in battle : Opium
Military Evolution in Indian History
Why did only Asian based countries defeat the Mongol invasions?
Why were the Mongols more successful than other Central Asian tribes?
Altaic conquerors. What made them so successful?
How many elephants could Indians field in a battle?(throughout history)
The greatest war strategists of Indian history
If you had to be an ancient soldier, what would you be?
Vāru (Indian elephants)
why did the hindu kingdoms not adopt a crusader approach in the subcontinent
The Koh-I-Noor Diamond
Greatest Indian Warrior IN History
If Indo Aryans colonized Sri Lanka, why did not Sinitic do it with Japan?
Genghiz Khan possibly the greatest environmentalist ever?
Looking for discussions on Sun Tzu's ART OF WAR
Use of Chariots in Indian history
Poison maidens
Indian Kingdoms that had female combatants/warriors/mercenaries
Kshatriya Codes of War
questions about war elephants of india
Did pre British India ever see labour/peasant revolts like Spartacan/Qarmatians
Art of War Question
robust physique in asia
Female Indian Warriors?
Ancient Indian Ranged Weapon
South Indian Armor
Chola military and other South Indian military
Military history of UP and Bihar (Purbia)
Has a Indian and a Chinese kingdom ever fought a battle.
what if India had refused peace negotiation and pursued PLA
Famous examples of seppuku
Why did Indian empires not generally have strong cavalries
Why did Silhadi and the Purbias betray Rana Sanga in the Battle of Khanwa?
Did Hindu kings every inflict cruelties on the Muslims
How did Chandragupta defeat the Nandas
Ancient indian arms and armours
Battle of Imphal, India, the largest defeat to that date in Japanese history.
Why did India withdraw from Lahore in 1960's war
What if China decided to launch a full scale invasion of India
Kandahar Conflict between Mughals and Safavids
Ancient Indian Battlefield Tactics
India in the World Wars ?
Defensive/Wall-Mounted Artilleries Used By Indians and Persians?
Why do we find so few famous Indian generals??
Sex and the Samurai
Bizarre Pashtun Tradition of Bacha Bazi

[Past cannot be changed. In Contemporary Era, I feel, lessons from this historical theme are yet to be learned in India. Too much of Gandhi & Nehru?]

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13. Religious history [and Philosophy and Ethics]

Vaishnavism from historical perspective
Reason for the decline of Buddhism in India?
History of Religion in India (Shivaism/Jainism etc)
Need Hindu Mythology Help
India the spiritual guru of world
Muslim and Buddhist relationship in India
Why did Hindu kings not rebuilt descreated temples
Why did Sindh not Arabize after Qasim's conquest
The Hinduism
Is Hinduism a Religion?
India, Hinduism, Buddhism
Can Hinduism in South East be revived
History and evolution of Indian faiths and philosophies
The Historical Decline of Buddhism
Early Buddhism and Brahmanism.
why NW India is still hindu Majority after 800(AM) years of muslim rule ?
Indic and Hellenic atomism.
How and why did Christianity become the dominant religion in (South) Korea?
The Making of Eastern Civilisation
Diwali - Festival of Lights
Shaivism from historical perspective
Are Manu Vaivasvata & Noah the same person ?
Why did western India and Bengal become Islamized while the rest of India did not?
Buddhism and Jainism :Kshatriya reformation against Brahmanical authority?
Buddhism vs Shinto in Japan
Adi Sankara was born in 509BC not 788AD: Kanchi seer
Islam in Medieval India
Which Islamic Sect is dominant in Afghanistan ?
Did Jainism have any outposts outside the subcontinent?
Why Buddhism Vanished from India?
What was the Race of Shakyamuni Buddha?
Heliodorus Pillar - Oldest Evidence of Vaishnavism
How did Sindh & Punjab had large non Muslim population and not Kashmir in 1947
Beside Balinese and Chams,are there other non-Indic indigenous Hindus surviving today
Were how similar were Zorastrianism and Hinduism?
Elevation to cows in Hinduism
The east and spirituality
Is Shiva Indra?
Reasons for overwhelming Muslim majority in east Bengal?
Jainism in India during first millennium AD
Oldest running mosques and temples in India
Attitude towards Hindus by Muslim rulers.
How did Islam spread to Indonesia ?
Was Buddha & Khan white?
Yama - the death god.
Myth of buddhism as a social revolution
Sitayana/Ramayana discussion questions
Why did pakistan converted lesser than iran?
Taoist & Buddhist meditation.
The top 10 most popularly worshipped Gods of Hindu faith
What happened to the atheistic schools Ajvikas and Carvakas
Are there any Da Vinci Code like controversies in Hindu folklore
Nezha's connections to India Deities
Rationalism in India
How did Islam reach Asia?
Why did Hinduism not survive in Indonesia and rest of SE Asia
Vedc Swastika : History, Archaeology and Influence On Other Civilizations
Greatest Asian Figures - Religion
Religion of the Turkic peoples
Status and consolidation of Hinduism in the North East India
sufi Islam and Bakhti movement
Brahmins and Hindus in the middle East in the early medieval times
ask about Islamic Fundamentalism and Fundamentalism
Did Jesus come to India ????
Did India ever have more Buddhists than Hindus
Differences between Swetambara and Digambara Jains
Was Brahma worship ever popular in India and why did it decline
Non-Islamization of East India
Date of Adi Sankara/Sankaracharya
how is living buddas selected?
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15. Society (General, Caste, Sati)

Was nudity the norm in Ancient India?
Public baths in ancient India
Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India
Caste System- A historical perspective
Persianization of Central Asia and South Asia
Favourite Traditional Asian Clothes
Why do South Indians practice incest?
Indo-Aryans are not the only Caucasoids of India
History of Indian Obsession with Fair Skin
Caucasians in Asia : Origins Spread and Present Habitation
When did women in different parts of Asia have to cover their breasts?
Uniforms, dresses, head gear etc of the past Indians?
Food habits of Indian people in history
The Great Indian Bias towards fair skin!
Monogamy and Hinduism
Origins of vishvamitra
caste relations in India
Education in ancient India
Uncle niece marriage in southern India
Is there any basis for the Yadav claim of Kshatriya status?
Decoding the origin of current Caste System in Hinduism
Food habits and physiques of people in China and India
History of chairs in Asia
Why Kashmiri Hindus look distinctly different from Kashmiri muslims?
Lighter skinned South Asians and darker Skinned South Asians
Shudras protected Brahmins against the Turks in the past
Origin and Struggle of the outcasts of India
Kshatriya gotras?
China's stolen children
What's the Difference Between Sindhi and Punjabi ?
What are other Kshatriya sub-castes in Hinduism beside Rajputs?
How people of Central Asia and East Asia used to treat their Widows?
Indian Migration to Australia?
Descendants of Porus, the man who fought Alexander are still there
British Influence on Indian Cuisine
What race were the people of India?
Did Hindus create rival universities/institutions to Nalanda
Are Bhumihar's Brahmins?
Did Asia practice slavery?
Sihk and Indian Hospitality Customs
Are there proper Kshatriyas and Vaishyas in South India
When did shaving in different parts of Asia begin?

.................................................. ...........................

Sports, Games, and Leisure

Asian martial arts
The role of martial arts in Asian history, society and culture
Oldest Extant Martial Arts Manual
History of the conquest of Mt. Everest
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16. Language, Literature, Script

Sanskritization Of the Dravidian Languages
Questions about Sanskrit
How did the Brahui preserve their Dravidian character?
Possibility of a Sanskrit revival similar to Hebrew revival
KOREAN spoken language connection to tamil
Finno Uralic borring of Indo European disproves steppe theory
11th century greatest age of indian architecture
Tamil-Japanese Language relationship
Mahabharata.......A great Epic of India
Ramayana and the Illiad
Origin of the (ancient) Brahmi script
Sino-Tibetan Languages
Languages of india
Languages of India
Only IA languages in Dravida for six centuries
Sanskrit Poetry- A quick survey from Rigveda
What's the difference between Hindi and Urdu?
On Fall of Urdu
Who created sanskrit?
Oldest & reliably dated written material in Sanskrit
Sanskrit and Avestan: Exploring sister languages
When did writing first appear in India?
Old Telugu on Satavahana Coins: Earliest Known Telugu Sentences?
Why are written texts and documents from ancient India so hard to find...
Which dravidian language is most sanskritised?
Dari and Tukhari
Garuda in Chinese literature and how he got there
Female writers, poets, dramatist and intellectuals from pre Islamic India
Origin of the Brahmi Scripts
New views on the Burushaski language
Prakrit's evolution/relation with Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit
Other epics and sagas apart from Ramayana/Mahabharat
Why was the Brahmi script discarded
Unbiased Discussion - Hindi vs Urdu
From Zoroastrian language to modern Farsi and Urdu
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