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Words of Tamil Origin In Hindi

Could any one please provide me with the list of words In Hindi that has been borrowed from tamil and other south Indian Languages?
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only four indians here. and rosi i guess is well versed with hindi. she may be able to help you.
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Originally Posted by 1991sudarshan View Post
Could any one please provide me with the list of words In Hindi that has been borrowed from tamil and other south Indian Languages?
Check this out !! I found this when searching for Hindi words derived from Tamil. Thought you might be interested !!

[ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_words_of_Tamil_origin]List of English words of Tamil origin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

from Tamil கட்டுமரம் kattumaram ("kattu"=tie up, "maram"=tree/wood) (Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
from a Tamil word for 'ruby', குருந்தம் kuruntham or குருவிந்தம் kuruvintham (Source: OED)
from Tamil மிளகுத்தண்ணீர் milagu-tanneer from milagu black pepper and tanneer, water (Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
from Tamil பறையர் paṟaiyar, plural of பறையன் paṟaiyaṉ "drummer". The meaning of "drummer" dates to 1613 (via Portuguese ?), but the current extended meaning of "outcast" for pariah is first attested in 1819. (Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
from Tamil patchai பச்சை (green), and ellai இலை (leaf).[1]
from Tamil பந்தல் pandhal (Source: OED)
from Tamil துத்தநாகம் thuthanaagam meaning "raw zinc" (Source: OED)
from Tamil வெட்டிவேர் vettiver; a tropical Indian grass; Botanical name: Vetiveria zizanioides; its aromatic roots are used for weaving screens and baskets and the oil in perfumery (source: AHD)
[edit]English words that ultimately have a Tamil origin

via French cheroute, from Tamil சுருட்டு suruṭṭu, roll or rolled (Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
via Hindi-Urdu from Tamil கறி kaṟi "sauce" (Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
via Hindi-Urdu or Punjabi, from Malayalam or Tamil பப்படம் pappaṭam, ultimately Sanskrit पर्पट parpaṭa "a kind of thin cake made of rice or pease-meal and baked in grease" or "a thin crisp cake" (Source: OED)
portia tree
ultimately from Tamil பூவரசு puvarasu (Source: OED)
The English word rice is not borrowed from the Greek word "oruza" ((μαγειρ.) ὄρύζα), as previously thought (and found in older handbooks), nor is it a direct borrowing from Tamil அரிசி arici. The relation between Engl. rice and Tamil அரிசி arici is in fact more complicated, as demonstrated in more recent researches. Although Engl. rice is indeed ultimately from (Old) Tamil, the "rice" word has entered English, through several intermediary languages, notably via Church Latin, (Old) French, (Old) Spanish, (Old) Italian and Arabic.[2] "citation required- to be verified"
[edit]Words of Tamil and also Malayalam origin

Malayalam is a close sister language of modern Tamil, both of which go back to Old Tamil, the oldest attested member of the Dravidian language family. The following English words of Tamil origin were borrowed from Malayalam and/or Tamil.
from Malayalam വെറ്റില vettila; Tamil வெற்றிலை vettrilai: வெட்ட்ரு "vettru"=plant name + இலை "ilai"=leaf, (Source: OED)
probably from Malayalam കയര്* kayar, Tamil 'கயிறு' "kayiru" for rope or thread or to be twisted. (Source: The American Heritage Dictionary)
from the Malayalam word കൊപ്പറ koppara, coconut kernel or Tamil கொப்பரை kopparai / கொப்பறா koppara or Telugu word kobbera(Source: OED, AHD, MWD)
from Malayalam മലയാളം Malayalam, from Tamil மலை malai, mountain, அல* ala, people, and the appendix * அம் -am (Source:[ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malayalam]Malayalam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame])
or 'malai' - mountain, 'aalum' - reigning, 'mozhi' - language.
via French mangue, from Italian manga (1511), probably via Portuguese manga, from Malay mangga, from (obsolete) Tamil maangay (?) or, rather from Malayalam manga. The current Tamil form மாங்காய் maangay could be a borrowing from Malayalam. Final -o of Engl. mango is unexplained. (Sources: OED, Online Etymology Dictionary)
via Portuguese teca, Malay tekka, from Malayalam തേക്ക് thekku, from Tamil தேக்கு thekku

Source: Wiki
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