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If you are familiar with Chinese history, you would know that Xianbei and Khitan were nomadic peoples that conquered northern China and ruled that place for hundreds of years.

Here is the facial reconstruction of a Xianbei man, dated back to 2000 years before present. Based on this reconstruction, I would say that Xianbei peoples were clearly and definitely Mongoloid.

Click the image to open in full size.
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What about the Khitans ?
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Originally Posted by 1991sudarshan View Post
What about the Khitans ?
Similar. Both of them were Proto-Mongolic nomadic peoples. I remember that I saw a facial reconstruction of a Khitan princess years ago, and she had typical northern traits.

Mongols, Khitans, and Xianbeis were typical Northern Mongoloids.

Ancient Chinese were also Mongoloids, but they seemed to have some southern flavor.

China is a huge mixing pot and different groups in China had been mixing with each other ever since Qin Dynasty first unified China 2000 years ago, or maybe even earlier than that.

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Originally Posted by purakjelia View Post
People tend to perceive Chinese as a homogeneous ethnicity. However, I did notice several apparent physical differences between Northern Chinese and Southern Chinese.

Northerners tend to be taller and heavier, while Southerners tend to be shorter and thinner. This difference in stature might be due to genetic differences, but it could also be due to environment and diet. Northerners like to eat wheat and foods made out of wheat, while Southerners like to eat rice.

Northerners tend to be less hairy, while some Southerners might be very hairy. While it's true that Chinese in general are not hairy, but I did find a few hairy Southern Chinese. The best example is probably my father. Although he was born in Northern China, but ethnically speaking he is Southern Chinese (since my grandparents are Southern Chinese). My father has large eyes and he is hairy, and he is even more hairy than some White Caucasians, believe it or not. I also met a few Cantonese girls with hairy arms. So where did their hairy genes come from? Southern aborigines perhaps?

Although there are people with large eyes and double eyelids among both Northern and Southern Chinese, but I find that double eyelids and large eyes seem to be more prevalent among Southern Chinese.

Regarding the skin color, I find that there are pale people among both Northern and Southern Chinese, so it's not an exclusive Northern trait. The contrast is rather between urban and rural peoples. Urban Chinese tend to be paler, while rural Chinese tend to be darker.

So do you think that these differences between Northern and Southern Chinese are caused by genetic factors or environmental factors? I'd like to hear your opinions.

And also, I'd like to know about the differences between Northerners and Southerners in other Asian countries, particularly in India, since India is also a large country composed of different ethnicities.
Diet played a larger role in physical gene expression during earlier times, when the average nutritional intake of a village was highly specialized and, at times, deficient. This is why, for example, the average height of modernizing countries' populations increase rapidly before leveling off to a plateau. This is due to effects of better nutrition, which allowed height genes to express themselves that otherwise were not able to.

In modernized countries, diet plays less of a role. Calories are calories, and while meat hormones do affect gene expression, averages within a population balance out the effects - the caveat being strictly vegeterian populations, which I have not studied.
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This is likely the result of several factors. One thing to keep in mind is the growth of the Mongol empire. We can see on the map below that northern China had more Mongol influence as the empire grew:

Click the image to open in full size.
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