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Certain Xiongnu or Xianbei had deep affinities with the Yan state, and later called themselves Yuan, which could be a phonetic transcription similar to Yan or Yin. Also the Jurchen (Jusen) are Mongolic speakers. This is where I am getting Mongolics being part of the Hongshan-Joseon-Yan-Yin (Joseonite) complex.

As for the Hmong, they have legends that they came from northern Hebei. They can also get blond hair pretty frequently.

The Korean language is tied to the Altaic complex. If we were to draw a line from Korea to the Altai mountains, this line would have to go through the Hongshan/Joseon areas. Furthermore, there was a bone rank system in ancient Silla where the top two ranks were called Seong-gol and Jin-gol. The Mongols were probably once part of this bone rank system. Hence, ancient Mongolic society is tied to ancient Korean society at a cultural level, meaning they probably once lived together side by side.

Obviously, I should explain my exclusion of Chinese speakers in Hongshan/Joseon. First of all, during a certain member's insistence that Hongshan was not China's first kingdom, they raised the fact that no Sino-Tibetan skeletons were found in Hongshan. Secondly, we already have a different group, the Hmong, who best fit the profile of certain non-Altaic Hongshan skeletons for historical, morphological, and other reasons.

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Originally Posted by John Khan View Post
Stop posing as a Korean.

When we all know your a physco Chinese nationalist.

I don't know why you would go to such lengths on a history forum as to incite political threads.

Lemme tell you a history forum has little to with consensus of opinions and few people even heard of a history forum in the US.
This is not a respectful post. Please be sure to always treat other members with the same respect you would want. This is your official warning.

Today's language lesson:
Your = a personal pronoun
you're = a possessive pronoun
physco (sp) = psycho
Lemme is slang and not to be used in formal writing.
consensus of opinion = is redundant, considered uncouth.
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Originally Posted by AltaicKorean View Post
Chinese can not distinguish between nationism and story. Moreover, fake story from uncertain people or groups laugh at me.

1. Ming dynasty founder Zhu Yuanzhang was a Korean?

Never. There are any nationists of Korea do not sat like that.

That story was from 環球時報 Chinese newspaper of chinese Communist part

That simply was one of folklore. I firstly know it. But It is not evidence of Korean nationism.

There exists kinds of folklore in the every culture. As unity's logic, The Da Vinci Code is nationism of French?

2. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php...action=history

Their lists of writers in wiki you mentioned are Anti-Korean Japanese.

1. Na Se-jin(나세진) was a doctor. and he translated Latin and german language to Korean for medical development.

??? : ????

He never mentioned that Koreans are superior in "looks, brains, bravery, stature, and strength" to the Chinese and Japanese, and resemble Europeans more than "Mongoloids"

That is fake

The Daejonggyo cult of Dangun was religion group. That is not represent Korean nationism. For example,a few European believe Mu, Atlantis continent. That represents all Euroepean's instance?

That is fake

Hong Rhee Beom is leader?

???? 12? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? | ????

There are no name "Hong Rhee Beom"

That would be fake.

Who is ultra nationist of Korea?

In additional, I have a lot of informations of ridiculous opinion from chinese such as "Shang prince founded America and ancestor of American indian" or "Tibet people were from alien planet", "Xīwngmǔ was Athens's myth" so on.
Koreans have become infamous for ancient history revisionism not because the 'vast majority of Koreans believe in it' but because the segment of the Korean population which does believe in it is extraordinarily active in spreading their ideas, both online and in publication. Japanese and Chinese are primarily known for recent history revisionism - especially WW 2 in the case of Japanese nationalists, and post-1949 for Chinese nationalists, but these are normally government-sponsored revisionism. Korean ancient history revisionism is not government-sponsored but operates at a grassroots level; in fact, there is a "war" between Korea's mainstream, establishment historians and the nationalist, grassroots jaeya historians who bash the former for being Japanese/Chinese-aligned "traitors."

In an age of mass media, the voice of the nationalist historians, who publish outside of academic journals "directly to the people," is capable of being louder, regardless of whether the "vast majority" of Koreans believe them. Indeed, the fact that the jaeya historians have so little presence within the Korean academic establishment forces them into mass media tactics designed to raise noise. This noise is in turn heard by the Chinese and the Japanese via their own media channels, thereby cementing the reputation of Koreans as nationalist historian revisionists.
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Oh, btw. Did you know that some Koreans have brown eyes with a thin outer rim of blue color. I'm not exaggerating when I think Koreans were originally Altaics with blond hair and blue eyes.

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