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That is a beautiful hymn, especially the end verses. Love them (recited in all Hindu marriages).

Sūrya's Bridal

42 Be ye not parted; dwell ye here reach the full time of human life.
With sons and grandsons sport and play, rejoicing in your own abode.
43 So may Prajāpati bring children forth to us; may Aryaman adorn us till old age come nigh.
Not inauspicious enter thou thy husband's house: bring blessing to our bipeds and our quadrupeds.
44 Not evil-eyed, no slayer of thy husband, bring weal to cattle, radiant, gentlehearted;
Loving the Gods, delightful, bearing heroes, bring blessing to our quadrupeds and bipeds.
45 O Bounteous Indra, make this bride blest in her sons and fortunate.
Vouchsafe to her ten sons, and make her husband the eleventh man.
46 Over thy husband's father and thy husband's mother bear full sway.
Over the sister of thy lord, over his brothers rule supreme.
47 So may the Universal Gods, so may the Waters join our hearts.
May Mātariśvan, Dhātar, and Destri together bind us close.
Rig Veda: Rig-Veda, Book 10: HYMN LXXXV. S?rya's Bridal.

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Originally Posted by Aupmanyav View Post
पुरोळा इत तुर्वशो यक्षुरासीद राये मत्स्यासो निशिता अपीव l
श्रुष्टिं चक्रुर्भ्र्गवो द्रुह्यवश्च सखा सखायमतरद विषूचोः ll

puroḷā ita turvaśo yakṣurāsīd rāye matsyāso niśitā apīva l
śruṣṭiṃ cakrurbhṛghavo druhyavaśca sakhā sakhāyamatarada viṣūcoḥ ll

Eager for spoil was Turvaśa Purodas, fain to win wealth, like fishes urged by hunger.
The Bhṛgus and the Druhyus quickly listened: friend rescued friend mid the two distant peoples.

Rig Veda: Rig-Veda, Book 7: HYMN XVIII. Indra., verse 6

दण्डा इवेद गोजनास आसन परिछिन्ना भरता अर्भकासः l
अभवच्च पुरेता वसिष्ठ आदित तृत्सूनाम् विशो अप्रथन्त ll

daṇḍā iveda goajanāsa āsana parichinnā bharatā arbhakāsaḥ l
abhavacca puretā vasiṣṭha ādita tṛtsūnāṃ viśo aprathanta ll

Like sticks and staves wherewith they drive the cattle, Stripped bare, the Bharatas were found defenceless:
Vasiṣṭha then became their chief and leader: then widely. were the Trtsus' clans extended.

Rig Veda: Rig-Veda, Book 7: HYMN XXXIII Vasi??ha., verse 6

Of course, the hymns were written by Vasishthas, so the family rivalries might be there. Bhrigus and Bharatas might have been against Trtsus, though Bharatas benefited later by choosing Vasisthas as their leader (and joining Trtsus).
I generally do not make mistakes with RigVeda.
I feel like laughing when you claim that you do not make mistakes with Rig Veda. A tall claim for someone who repeated the translation of Ghrta as oil, without verifying it!

If you had done a bit of thinking yourself, you would have realized that in the Dasarajna battle, Vasishta and VishwAmitra took opposite sides, and both priests were wielding their powers to gain the blessing of Indra!

What more can we expect from someone who parrots Griffith?
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