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You need to read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ror

The Ror are a Suryavanshi kshatriya caste in India and Descendants Of Ikshvaku and RAMA and More can be Read in The Treta Yuga Kings.

Currently, Ror descendant are also living in Haryana near Kurukshetra, Karnal, Kaithal etc. district and some are in Uttar Pradesh.

The community is fairly small and well-knit; as of today, they hold nearly 270 villages in Haryana and 52 more in Western Uttar Pradesh and the Haridwar district of Uttaranchal.

संयुक्त-प्रदेश में कागरौल नामक स्थान के पास इनका राज्य था, जो कि इनके काक Kheragarh नाम के राजा के नाम पर बसाया हुआ जान पड़ता है। कहा जाता है उसका किला एक मील के घेरे से भी अधिक था। जैगारे व कागरौल के बीच में उसके निशान अब तक बताये जाते हैं। रोर या रूर लोग अब से सात सौ वर्ष वैभवशाली थे।
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Originally Posted by azat View Post
Then you must read Sindh History again.

King of Nerun Sivistan were alll Bhuddhists and King of Sindh Sahasi Rai himself was Bhuddhist before Chach usurped his throne and tried to enforce Hinduism/Brahmanism on Samani Bhuddhist native population. Chach was unpopular because of treachery to Sahsi Rai and Dahir his son was unpopular for marrying his own sister even then Jats fought for Dahir ,You have to Just read Chachnama to know this.
Unlike Majority of MENAs and muslims, Brahmins dont marry their own sisters.

This is considered unpure, a major sin and result in either death or losing brahmintwa/ब्राह्मणत्व by those who commit incest.

Its is widely accepted that those lines were written by muslim historians to justify their invasion of sindh just like claims that Dahir used to kidnap muslim Girls who used to travel from gujarat, Sindh to Arabia as if he was a pirate and gave his kingdom to others to run.
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The Mer/Med/Mand/Min tribe, a branch of Meena people, which can be identified with Medi and Mandrueni of the classical writers (Pliny coupled together Mandrueni and latii/Jat of the Oxus, probably be the Indo-Scythians, who occupied the Panjab and Sindh). Their capital was at Min-nagara. It were the Tangamara tribe which is reported to have indulged in piracy and robbery. Other tribes in the Indus delta were Samma, Sus and Abar/Abir/Abhir.
Source: "Ancient Geography of India by Sir Alexander Cunningham

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In Alexander's time, Alor perhaps had a Ror king. Rather than being Kshatriya, I would take the tribe to be Scythian. It is mentioned by Greek historians as Musicani (I cannot find the reason why) and the name of their king as Musicanus. Their capital was called Abhijnanpura.
Source: "Ancient Geography of India by Sir Alexander Cunningham
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It seems that topics involving India and South Asia are being plagued by people who keep creating multiple accounts.

If this continues, we will seriously have to consider simply banning any discussion of India and South Asia altogether and you can go and find another forum to frequent. Is that really what you want?
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Originally Posted by Rajeev View Post
Now trying to find origin of Rors is like casting a hook in hope of catching a fish.

According to your description Rors are a closely knit martial community. They are below Brahmins, and a shade below Rajputs. So one possibility is that they could be descendants of Ror dynasty of Sindh. The last king of this dynasty was Raja Dadror and it was succeded by Rai dynasty. The descendents were forced to migration to Haryana because one had to be out of Indus drainage system which was ruled by the successors Rai dynasty.


There was a Ror dynasty which ruled in Sindh province of Pakistan from c. 450 BCE to 489 CE. It was founded by Raja Dhaj or Ror Kumar or Rai Diyach. He ruled from Rori. After Raja Dhaj, there were 41 kings, the last being Raja Dadror.

The Brahmin priest named Dewaji poisoned Raja Dadror and founded the Rai dynasty. date of this founding is not clear to me (c. 524 CE or c. 620 CE) After Dewaji there were 4 kings, the last being Rai Sahasi-2.

The Brahmin priest of Rai Sahasi-2 married the widow on Rai's death and became king. He was followed by Raja Chandar, who was followed by Raja Dahir. The last was defeated and martyred by Mohd Kasim in c. 712 CE.



[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ror_dynasty
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raja_Dhach
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rai_dynasty
[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chach_of_Alor
Really funny ,
The other day they were calling themselves descendants of Marathas left after third battle of Panipat .Their leaders like Virender Maratha even put Marath name along with his original name.
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