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Konrad von Hochstaden. Man who founded Cologne Cathedral

Posted May 27th, 2017 at 10:21 PM by angeladondanville

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Hi, everyone. It's my first post on Historum, so it' important to choose the right topic. It's gonna be about Mr. Konrad von Gochstaden. Do you known him? Of course not. So...

Von Gochstaden was an offspring of a cleric in the city of Cologne. Almost nothing left about his youth and we can only guess about year when this guy was born: 1198 or 1205. But, in 1216 the guy was appointed canon, and some time later became the head of the Cologne cathedral. in the time of his work, man got the reputation of an steadfast and severe individual. In 1238 the bishop of Cologne perished, and the priests in the cathedral decided to appoint Konrad without any doubt. He almost immediately rushed to the work, decided to grab all business in his hands and joined to some fights with secular masters and aristocracy and was succeeded in it.

In a little while, the next round of struggle between the power of Holy Roman Emperor and the pope aroused. At first, the bishop kept a side of the Emperor, while soon, for obscure causes, he shifted to the camp of the Pope Gregory IX. After the death of the former opponent of the Pope Gregory IX, Frederick II, Konrad dared to placed the pope's protege, Henry Raspe, the Holy Roman master Empire. And after the new emperor died five year later, the cleric named on this post new protege of Pope Gregory IX - William of Holland. Between these disputes von Gochstaden managed to laid the landmark of Cologne, the main Cathedral of the city. This outstanding cathedral is one a of the hugest in Europe, so the German authorities have today to spend considerable expenses every year to maintain it. According to our hero's will the cathedral in the town of Xanten was also laid some years later.

In a little while the archbishop and the head of catholic church had a controversy. After the death of bishop of Mainz, the people required Konrad to be placed on the serious post, however the roman bishop decided a man would not share the rule in a few important provinces at the same time. Another deterioration occurred in the relations between von Gochstaden and the ruler of Holy Roman Empire, but Konrad managed to wait for king's decease. In the election of the following German master, the bishop voted for Richard Cornwallis, the brother of the ruler of England Henry III, in exchange for a significant sum of gold. As a outcome, Cornwallis became German king, and a couple of months later the cleric placed a wreath on his head.
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