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My Poems 6

Posted December 10th, 2011 at 08:29 PM by Anna James
Updated December 18th, 2011 at 01:07 AM by Anna James

Those are some poems from my original blog my Poems 3, that I cut in two to make it easier to read.



I swore the waters that sleep, that sleep in the dark
I swore them my secret to keep, my secret so stark
I whispered to then in the dark, when there was no spark
That my soul is so dark inside, my should is dark.

Waters can have my secret, me deep buried secret
Waters can take it away, in waves eclipse it
Deep waters, deep and dark, can understand
What people cannot perceive will have an end.

That's why are the waters my oldest, my keepiest friends
Because the don't judge me and don't seek revenge
I had never known such relief, such forgiveness
When I was ever with people to co-mingle.


Day after day - measure for measure
Blow for blow, pleasure for pleasure
Time after time - in pain or delight
I guess this is so, I guess it's all right.

Leaving and coming, meeting and breaking
Sighing and singing, shouting and mating
Seedy intense in the dawn in my sight
I guess this is fine, I guess is all right.

I only hope with my fingers tensed
That I can match it day after day
Blow for blow delight for delight...
But could I still say "I'm doing all right?"


Under the auspices of night
Fire lent me burning eyes
So I hug the fields and foes
So I burn them sweet and raw

Dressed with my hair flowing
In the river I am floating
Call me Spirit, Dream, Nightmare,
Take from me all you can bear

But no more and know your measure -
Poison can me too much pleasure.
On the gallop of wild horses
Wild instinct whenever born is

Racing through the space-less time
I think I know here it's now -
Smoldering like an ember live
Seeking for your end and mine.


Exercise or non-restrain
In the caverns of early May
Where ancient waters run
Kissed my loony midday sun.
Don't I need a fire storm
To refresh the walls of gore
To erase the seeds of woe
To forget who's friend or foe?
Here, I bring in my hands
Lilac blossoms and drops of rain
To rebuild me after all.
Whats to come, to life, to roam -
Better take it on the go.



The sea was stormy, gray, relentless.
The night was bleak, the weather restless.
The ship was tossed inside and out.
That it would perish there was no doubt.

No need to read my future in the stars -
They were laying bleeding in my hands.
No time to make a last wish -
The ship was gutted like a fish.

The blast had thrown me into a boat
How many days I roamed I don't know
Stars, sun and rain and rain and sun and stars
It seemed the Universe had stopped and started.

Sand slowly running through my hands -
I count my time ahead, and my loved ones.
Behold! On the forbidding shore in disbelief
One kneeling sailor breaks his back to live.



Upon buildings, upon trees
Upon roads up to my knees
Snow is piling, cotton white
Popcorn-cuddly soft delight.

Look, it covers the ravine
Trash-piles are no longer seen
Gullies on the hills are masked
Under blanket sparkly white.

Almost like they don't exist
Like they vanished from our midst -
All I see is cover white
Thick and cuddly soft delight.

Is it so as time goes on
It will cover like white snow
All the gullies and ravines
That the pain had delved in

Our souls, faces, eyes,
That distort our precious hearts
And will it obliterate
All those sorrows embraced?


Conversation with God, Just in Case He Exists

You hit me every time I breath,
In every place I have
You took my dreams and walked away
And left me there for dead.

You required my devotion
To rob me of my soul
You poisoned every sweet emotion
With your relentless blows.

You've taken everything from me
Every time I get to something
You made me look upon my loved
As they were slowly wasting.

As you did rake my every pore
And all my sensed burned
I'm now beyond my very self
And my ability to hurt.

So hit me now again, my Lord, you do
With everything you can
Since you have taken all I have
I don't anymore care.

You've betrayed me thousands times
In my biggest needs
You broke to pieces every dream
That I succeed to build.

For this, for my outraged cry
Forgive, if you insist,
But I am not forgiving you
While my soul exist.

Or you give me hell, if you so wish -
I do not longer care,
After the life you put me through
I may just rest in there.

So I'm, waiting, oh my Lord
For you next torture you'll invent
But this time I have really nothing -
Let's see what you'll take away.


On Being Born

My Luger is about to give birth -
It's womb is ready to engrave itself
On a 9 millimeter baby - out of it's cave
It's about this runner to forshoot
In the world of life astute
In which the only guarantee is fall
Which would require so mush toil
And it's plated with so much randomness
Without no way to guess
What is coming from behind -
Pleasure, pain, defeat or gain,
Tension, victory, or strain.

I kiss my 9 one goodbye
And send it out - out to remain
To hit it's target or to fall in vain.


To have me I can give you no permission-
You have to make me take you by volition
The game that you are playing is pernicious
And so am I - this is my recognition -
I have a closet full of ammunition
But I admit I'm terrible tactician -
I end up gutting ever known mission
And end up heading mighty for perdition
I never do well in coalitions
My new deeds are on my old ones editions...
Those are my limitations and conditions
A ride with me will be simply vicious.
I'm gonna stop now being rhetorician. -
You see the warning on the wall is written -
Now you decide if you can take a beating.


My fingers locked on you so I can withstand the blow
So I can withstand you standing and stand my ground
When the ground is moving, shaking, trembling and groaning
Bending under your steps bursting through me.
My fingers locked on you so I can respond to -mute -
According to the First Law on Newton -
My fingers grasping till Sedition, till breaking, cracking, making
I fist, making a drum, thumping a thump, keeping a rhythm
Blind rhythm that comes ferocious, atrocious, with no precautions
Blind -roped and responding
My fingers locked on you - wanting.


Enter the chaos - enter the chaos in me
Where all paths bring to tension
With no consolation, no cancellations, only extension
Brewing it in.

Enter the chaos, enter the room
Where the doom weaves on a loom seedy connection
With no protection - it's only direction -
In the flaming pool

Of me. Take it or leave it.
In courting disaster I'm being a master -
Dreamer myself - speeding it faster
In the Kingdom of broken Words.

Enter my chaos - if you dare.


Be my wind, my time and pass through me
Carrying leaves and twigs, and screams
Of torn apart lives, blown and torn
Destructive and telling - ruins and all.

Sweep around me. and make it so
Past-Present and Future in one big swirl to go
Kisses and bullets given and taken
Dreams halfway dreamed before being awaken

Sweep it all make it one wild whirlwind
With no distinction, no beginning and end
Only raw happening, only swift hit,
So I remember it on my dry skin.


I'm tired of bending to your shape
And matching the sheets to your mood
The black satin is so smooth
And slips me off and down - here I end
Unexpected and improbable like snow in July
My frosty fingers trying to hold on
While I'm slipping down, slipping out of you -
The last thing to go is my eyes
Devouring you hungrily before they vanish
Over the edge of the bed -
Medieval monks falling over the edge of the world -
Passing the point of no return
So slowly and terribly - like death - and just as merciless.
And all I can say is "I'm sorry"
I have no breath for more.
My soul is an empty store
With open shelves, but devoid of goods,
Tree trunk with no roots, branches, bloom or fruit...
I'm slipping slowly away from you.


Freefalling - with no strings attached
No safety net, nor mattress, as
To soften the blow
When the ground hits low.

Freefalling - arms spread as for a hug
Or for meeting a slug
Open to all
I can expect from a fall

Life is freefalling -
What do you got for me?
Another scream or another hit
Of both - are you going to double-line me split?

Freefalling - that's it.
I see the next hit
I'm ready for it -
To take it on my feet.

No illusions for protection
No dreams or resurrection
Falling in action -
Up for rough traction

Action on action
Pulling attraction
Freefalling - in Life.
With a Bang.
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  1. Old Comment
    Because I want to pay attention when reading, I will read the others later. The first few poems are really brilliant. I like your style of poetry a lot, I especially enjoyed the first poem, very elegantly written. Thanks for sharing your art work. :)
    Posted December 14th, 2011 at 11:50 AM by Brisieis Brisieis is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Anna James's Avatar
    Thank you for taking the time to read it, and for your comments, Bri! It's great to have feedback, so I see where do I stand and how proficient I am in expressing myself.
    Posted December 16th, 2011 at 11:21 AM by Anna James Anna James is offline

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