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Occupy Wallstreet and Anonymous

Posted December 13th, 2011 at 09:44 PM by athena

I just notice the blog function and this my first attempt at blogging. This comes from the forum about Occupy activity.

In Eugene, Oregon we are really excited because we think we will be allowed to stay another month, or longer, and may be given a better place for long term camping. Two places are being considered. One under a bridge and along a river. There is a long bike path along the river, where I love to walk my dog. A house was torn down here so we would have sewage and maybe water. Both would be a huge improvement.

The other one is a stadium that is no longer used, so there is plenty of outside space, and a building with showers. That would mean electricity too. Wow, that would be luxurious. I would be there more if I could hook up my computer and get on line. We could even do an on line school for the street kids, and access on line support groups for folks who could really use that.

I am so full of hope that really good things are happening. Now if the police come to remove us on the 15th, people will be devastated, because they are so hopeful.

What is happening in the camp isn't the political stuff. It is the human stuff. We are seeing people transform from being like corned animals, to being civil and even pleasant to be around. Unfortunately, many are so severely mentally disturb they aren't even aloud to stay in the camp. I think we were wrong to close down the asylums. At least two of our women have cancer. One has diabetis and her legs are very painful. Considering the problems these people have and how different they are in every way, it is amazing to see how they are coming together in a mutual support group.

At first the camp was more open to alcohol and drugs, and it is interesting to see this change. People just got tired of the problems, and decided too much freedom isn't a good thing. Especially the recovering drug users wanted a clean camp and we really do have them.

I am looking forward to Sunday when a college professor comes to explain the constitution. My sense of purpose of even greater than it was, because those of who are learning about the constitution are learning what our action has to do with defending our democracy against the same powers of control that our forefathers opposed.

This is truly a human experiment and a very exciting one.

Oh did you see the news about Occupy at all the west coast ports? This is considered the a successful organized effort because of the amount of territory covered, although it involves less people. I am pleased that it hasn't been violent, but evidently more or less tolerated.
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  1. Old Comment
    Well, things got very busy. The city extended our time, but greatly increased the money given to the police, and the police were used to drive people out of the camp, as several years before they were used to close the gut. This means a lot of money is given to the police, and it is no longer the nice police walking through the camp, but the ones who enjoy intimidating people, and clearly understand their purpose for being there is making things so uncomfortable people voluntarily leave.

    Shortly after the increased police activity, a police officer grabbed a man's left arm, pulled him from his tent, hitting his lift arm at the same time. I have seen the X ray and there is no doubt the arm is badly broken, and requires surgery, which is not preformed by emergency room doctors.

    Very noisy generators were put in the camp, with very bright lights, that disturbed sleep and broke down our security system that was dependent being able to hear someone shout from one of the camp to the other. So a couple of days later, when I drunk wondered into the camp and got into a fight, security didn't hear the ruckus and the drunk was severely beaten. He died a few days later. This resulted in an emergency city council meeting and 72 hour closure notice.

    The city promised social services but did not deliver on them. I brought home 3 homeless people who are mentally challenged, hoping to hook them up to social services before loosing them on the streets. Now we have a city that believes the city provided social services that were not provided and can not be provided, because they are so under funded and waiting list are very long. The majority of citizens are more concerned about what Occupy has cost the tax payers than they are concerned about needs of those who need services, or any of the economic and political issues.

    The property manager of the apartments where I live, warned me I could be evicted if the homeless people remained in my home. I was able to extend their stay until they got their social security checks, and they are in motel rooms now, but will be back on the streets when their money runs out. Also I am now in risk of being evicted if the woman who is having both breast removed January 7 needs to come to my home, because I was warned to not bring in any more people, and I can not leave her on the streets. I can not.

    I will have to take the risk, because our religious freedom and liberty is at stake. You see, I understand the bible to say we are to do unto others as we would have them do to us. I think it is horrifying that we leave medically needy people on the streets. Living on the streets is a danger to healthy people, and the risk for cancer victims, or anyone right after surgery, is much higher. I can not understand how anyone can have knowledge of the bible and think this is okay.

    Hiding this woman in my home reminds me of NAZI Germany and the few who hid Jews in their homes. Keep in mind Germany was a Christian Republic when Hitler came to power, but it was an authoritarian republic, not a liberal republic such as the US republic. Since we replaced our liberal education with German's model of education for technology which has prepared everyone for the Military Industrial Complex, we have been on the same path Germany followed. Effectively, we are what we defended our democracy against, and if we do not become aware of this and turn things around, before my generation dies, our grandchildren and their children will have no memory of the democracy we once were.

    I have to claim following my conviction that the bible says we are to care for one another is a matter of religious freedom, and is essential to defending the liberty that we defended in two world wars. Being allowed to care for medically needy people in my home, when our community has no way of caring for them, is vital to what our democracy is suppose to be about.

    Please, leave a commit, supporting or arguing my logic. I so believe, if we do not have freedom of religion, there is now way we can manifest the liberty and justice that the US is suppose to be all about. We will be as our NAZI enemy, persecuting those who are not among the beautiful people, and who do not have property rights, that over rule human rights. Bottom line, this is what Occupy is about.
    Posted January 5th, 2012 at 08:16 AM by athena athena is offline
    Updated January 5th, 2012 at 08:26 AM by athena
  2. Old Comment
    Dear Athena,

    So you feel that there is so much risk to confront the individual in performing his/her duties over the conscience being wasted in the poverty and alienation of the destitute and undecided of society. I'm rather destitute now though I have money from my parents and past work experience in the oil industry.

    I wonder now what is not to know about THEM. Social progress and social progress in understanding social progress has come to a standstill. I looked at the live stream of these events you and others were communicating on the internet and applied comments to the systemic vs. social environmental hope you of various background people were representing.

    Instead of social progress we seek religious faith and enlightenment now. Applying for being authoritatively engineered for the social conscience is good to hope for. But the authorities are less ideological in a system of economic trust and need.

    Change needs to happen. But anarchy is not the answer is my view.

    Sorry that I was abusive on this site, and I may have been misunderstood. I really support your cause.

    Aristo (Anaximenes)
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 01:31 PM by Aristo Aristo is offline

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