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"Pşewa" Qaz Muhammed

Posted November 7th, 2012 at 05:40 PM by Azadi
Updated November 8th, 2012 at 12:02 PM by Azadi

[CENTER][COLOR=Red]If a Persian gives you honey, there is poison in it for sure!
(Original: مطمئن باشيد اگر عجم عسل را به شما بدهد حتماٌ زهر در آن وجود دارد)

I am not similar to the effeminate Pishevari [founder and leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan],
to abandon my nation and land!
(Original: من پيشه وري زن صفت نيستم خاک و ملتم را رها کنم)[/COLOR]


[SIZE=2] After şehd Qazi Muhammed had proclaimed the Republic of Kurdistan (Kurdish Republic of 1946) on the 22nd of January 1946 in arira in Mahabad and was finished with his speech on the geography, history and oppression of the Kurdish people, he raised his voice and came with the following oath:[/SIZE]
[B][CENTER]"I swear in the name of God, in the name of the the almighty God, in the name of honor of the Kurdish nation, in the name of the holy flag of Kurdistan, on behalf of my home, that until the last breath of my life and until the last drop of my blood, to strive and be loyal to the our independence and make myself serve the unity of the Kurdish nation, the people of the Republic of Kurdistan and Azerbaijan."[/CENTER]
[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=2][U][B]The arrest[/B][/U][/SIZE][/CENTER]

During the 11 months of the Republic of Kurdistan and after two years of leadership by Qazi Muhammed the government received no major arsenal of weapons from any side to be of much use against the Iranian military. So to prevent any great disaster for the Kurds, Qazi Muhammed was ready to surrender under following conditions:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

- No massacre of any sort shall be committed.[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

- Tribes whom were allied with the Iranian government (jash) should not be allowed to enter the Republic.[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

- All roads to the Republic are off limits as long as the supporters of Barzani have not left the region.[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

In December the 17th 1946, the Iranian army invaded Mahabad. Mahabad fell. Many whom served and supported the government of Qazi Muhammed were arrested.[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[B]Of course[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=2], this all happened after [COLOR=Black][B]'the Soviet departed, and the Iranian forces prepared a major attack on the Azerbaijani and Kurdistan republics. They tried to attack the Kurdish forces on the fronts of Saqqiz, but each time the Kurdish forces prevailed and forced the Iranian forces to retreat. They then decided to attack the Azerbaijan Republic which would be easier to handle. By defeating the Azerbaijan forces they could destroy the morale of the Kurds. A force of 20,000 attacked the Azerbaijan Republic. The Azerbaijan leaders did not resist the Iranian attack so on 13 December 1946, the Iranian troops entered Tabriz, the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic. As the Iranian forces had faced several setbacks previously in the Saqqiz front, this time they attacked from Miandoab. Despite the defeat of the Azerbaijan Republic the Kurdish leaders decided to resist, but on the 15th of December the economic representative of the Soviet left Mahabad. His departure gave the Kurds the impression the Soviet Union was no longer going to protect them. Thus, the Kurdish leaders decided not to resist and gave themselves up, on three conditions. On 16 December 1946, Qazi Muhammad went to Miandoab to facilitate the surrender of the Kurdish Republic. On 17 December 1946, Mahabad was officially handed over to the Iranian forces without any resistance.'[/B][/COLOR]

[/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=2][IMG]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/5272/azad22.jpg[/IMG]
[B][U][CENTER]The court[/CENTER]
[/U][/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

With the end of the Republic of Kurdistan, the leaders of the Republic were trailed by the Iranian government.[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

Qazi Muhammed was indicted, inter alia, for deeds that he had not committed, or where his guilt was not proven. For the following three charges, the great leader Qazi Muhammed pleaded guilty:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[B]1. The visit to Baku [the capital of Azerbaijan].

2. The approval of Mullah Mustafa Barzanis and his mens immigration to Mahabad.[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

To this Qazi Muhammed said:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Mullah Mustafa Barzani was and is no stranger to be given access to Kurdistan. No one had to call him, since Kurdistan is the home of all Kurds, unfortunately one part of his house is on the other side of the border."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[B]3. The appreciation of the fake Kurdish flag, and not the (Iranian) Flag of the judge.[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

Qazi Muhammed said:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"First of all, our flag has not the sickle nor the hammer. Therefore, your accusation demonstrates your stupidity and irresponsibility. Know that neither your hands nor your insults will ever reach the flag of Kurdistan. The day will come, when the flag of Kurdistan will wave over this court."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

The judge started verbally insulting Qazi Muhammed and said "the Kurds are descendants of dogs". This made Qazi Muhammed rise up and answer the judge in the following way:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"You are dogs, unworthy, shameless and dishonorable, since you've no limits when it comes to discriminating entire nations with your laws. You are dishonorable! Ultimately, you are achieving nothing. I know about my innocence and I have long been willing to die in this way. I am dying for the freedom of my people and I am proud of this honorable death. I see this death on my part as a blessing from Allah."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

When the judge came with threats whom also applied to Seyfi Qazi, the Secretary of War of the Republic of Kurdistan and brother of Qazi Muhammed, he replied:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"We have already passed from our former lives as well as belongings. But if you still want to offend me with the courage of a some needles (pointing at the officer), I will break them with this fist, together with your teeth and your head."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

On the 31th of March 1947 around 23:00 o'clock, the convicts and a truck loaded with soldiers went off to arira, Mahabad. Mullah Siddiq was with them and wrote Qazi Muhammeds testament. Qazi opened his mouth at said:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Write! Write! The Kurdish people should know that I am up to the last breath."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

An officer unashamedly interrupted: "Stop with this passage of empty words and let the mullah write down your testament for your child or your children, if you have any."[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"My child is the Kurdish people! You being servants and tools of foreigners will not understand such things. How long do I even have left to live ? It must be written. Why else have you brought this Rafizi, Mullah Siddiq, here ?"[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

After saying this he took the pen and wrote two paragraphs himself, one for the Kurdish people and one for his family. Worth to mention that even in that paragraph to his family, he speaks to his people:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"We could not have been defeated if we had fought with all the resources we had available, but we wanted to prevent the destruction of Mahabad and a slaughter of the people. With my available resources I could have fled from Mahabad, but already in my speeches to the people of Mahabad, I said that my flight would have caused, as in Tabriz [capital of the province of East Azerbaijan in Iran, and then capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan] crimes and massacres. I made ​​known to the people that I rather wanted to be captured and killed. I'm ready to be sacrificed, to besmirch the honor of the people and not to prevent a crime. Here I am (now) true to my word. There are few people like me throughout history, so I will have the honor of giving you two tasks: avenge me and take responsibility for the path I've chosen. I've always been steadfast and now I am truly satisfied with the respect and devotion I have showed towards my people."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=2][IMG]http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/6141/azadi121.jpg[/IMG][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[B][CENTER][U]The end

Before the execution, Qazi Mohammed was given the right to call for a prayer. After he had prayed two rakats [bow in Islamic prayer], he looked in the direction of Ka'ba, raised his two hands and prayed:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"God - my God! Be my witness. I followed you as far as I could. God - my God! You are my witness. I have always been at the service for the people, neglected none in need and never put myself, my family before anyone else. Take vengeance for the oppressed. God - my God, who knows everything! Rescue all the oppressed and the Kurdish people from the yoke of the oppressor."[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2] [B][COLOR=Black](Amin)[/COLOR][/B]

The honorable Mohammed Qazi warned his people before his execution:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Do not trust the venal Iranian state. All their promises are lies. They cheated on us. Do not let go of our resistance. Long live a free Kurdistan!"[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

When the executioner tried to cover Qazi Muhammeds eyes, Qazi refused and said:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Traitor! What shame have I inflicted to want my eyes covered ?! I will steadfastly look into the horizon of my beloved people the last seconds of my life. I want my heart, soul and life to be with my people until the moment I no longer breath. I am an affectionate child of my nation and I shall remain so, why would I want you to cover my eyes ?! Long live the Kurds! Long live the liberation of Kurdistan! Freedom will never be removed. You take the life of one Muhammed, but you have to know that there are countless Muhammeds among the Kurds!"[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]

Qazi Muhammed, Seyfi Qazi [Qazi Muhammeds brother] and Sadri Gazi [a friend of Qazi Muhammed and member of the Iranian Parliament] were on the 31st of March 1947, executed by hanging in arira, Mahabad, the site of the declaration of the independence of the Republic of Kurdistan. This earned them a place among the family of martyrs who fell in their struggle for freedom against the oppressors.[/SIZE]
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