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Some translations

Posted December 12th, 2017 at 05:00 AM by brushhippie
Updated December 26th, 2017 at 04:14 AM by brushhippie

I got some of the documents translated..I will post the bulk of the text...basically another of the corospondences he received..they were discussing back and forth the path they should take in reclaiming their country...there were some differences in opinion what they should ask for in their "demands" I guess you would call it..they were wanting the land they lost in ww1 returned as per the treaty of 1920..apparently he was in favor of kicking the current residents out which did not sit well with others..

"To Mr. Janos Karacsonyi:
I receive your study with considerable delay; i read it carefully, and i am sending it back to the address indicated.
I noted the patriotic intention and the love of our people but, in my opinion, it overshoots the mark by far. We can be satisfied if the borders of 1914 are returned to us after the great struggle. To expect anything more is guaranteed failure. There is no chance of realizing your plan without bloody sacrifices and any attempt to do do would lead to further humiliation of Hungarians.
The resettlement you would force on other countries would create the impression that we are interested only in expansion and domination . That would not be smart, but would spoil everything.

To restore Hungary with its former borders cannot be achieved with excessive demands. It can only be achieved by referring to thousand- year- old historical rights.

The issue of expulsion is very delicate and requires considerable tact. I am certain that the relevant arguments in your study cannot be carried out. This would place Hungary in a bad light in front of the whole world, and perhaps rightly so. Also the argument that the Romanians must be retained while others are deported. The Romanians are just as guilty in ruining our country as the Czechs and the Serbians. In some respects they are even more guilty !

It would not be possible to carry out deportations in a sensible manner anyway; It may be possible to do something in this regard, but only with the greatest justice in the context of a population exchange.
While I fully appreciate the good intentions demonstrated in your study, i warn you against publication, since it would incite the entire world against us. Public opinion and anger is already against us because of all the adverse propaganda of lies.
On page 10 of your study as well as your declaration in the name of the Hungarian aristocracy as well as the body of general officers ....."
I scanned these into digital form so it trailed off at the bottom of the page..the drift is not hard to get.
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