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Indian Influence on Greeks

Posted September 4th, 2017 at 11:39 PM by Chith

Greeks has been mentioned even in Bhagavatha text as Yavanas. Krishna used to fight Yavanas multiple times and killed all except their leaders. he allowed the leaders to flee the war and come back with more Yavanas for him to kill. They were considered as inferior race whoes habbits increased the suffering of mother earth.

Philosophers like Pythegoras and plato visited India and were influenced by Indian philosophy and science. Pythegoras theorem was invented in India around 1500 years before pythagoras. Value of Pi , speed of light, distance from sun and a lot more were invented in India thousands of years before the Greeks.

Indian civilisation can be dated back to 15000 BCE where Greek civilisation is very recent. Communists and European historians presented the world a perverted history of India which was compressed into only a time period of 5000 years.

The King alexander came to India for invading her and when confronted with a boarder line Kingdom of Porus, he was actually defeated and sent back. The next empire after Porus was Gupta Kingdom, where Porus was considred as a very small King. We know only this from a historian who was never a Greek, called Megasthanis, who was a central asian. He came to visit India years after Alexander and described the Gupta Kingdom as the Kingdom of Chandra Gupta Maurya. But C G M lived around 1200 years back. That time Alexander's would be encouter, if he had won King Porus, was with Chandra Gupta, a Gupta King much more stronger than Alexander.

We do not have primary evidences of Chandra Gupta Maurya as Alexanders counter part. Without considering any rules followed in Hisorical finding, English assumed that Chandra Gupta Maurya was Alexanders counter part. So we lost 1200 years of Indias prime age where Gdp of India was around 40%. Even after Moguls it remained 24%. But after British invasion and targeted destrution of Indian business it came down to Zero.

What Britishers wanted was to destroy the pride of Indians in India. So they tried everything including distorting Indias history.
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