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I always liked jokes.
I like them not only cause they're funny, but good jokes use to have a way of their own to say more that they should.
Not sure that the joke i like are good. Nor that You will like them.
But hey, as I can have my blog, I will post them.
You can just ignore it
Or You can ask the mods to shut the blog, too

p.s. hope You will not mind if I will post some of my thoughts and impressions beside the jokes
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15 march

Posted March 14th, 2015 at 04:57 PM by deaf tuner
Updated March 18th, 2017 at 09:50 AM by deaf tuner

15 march (1848), is one of the national days of Hungarians (the outbreak of the Hungarian revolution).

And linked to this revolution there is a custom that many Hungarian are still keeping.

But let's start with the start:

Hungary had to surrender on August 13, 1849. It took more than an year of bitter fighting, and two empires to bring them on their knees.

Near Arad, more precisely at Világos (now Şiria, in Romania), after the battle, the Austrian army established the court martial, summarily judged and condemned to death by hanging 13 Hungarian generals. The legend say that the court martial, in sign of despise (there from the hanging, a disgraceful death for an officer) was drinking beer, clinking their mugs each time a Hungarian general was sentenced.

Since then, Hungarians refuse to clink with beer. Some say Hungarians vowed for 150 years thereafter. Some other say (mainly the Transylvanian Hungarians), there is no such thing as «150 years», so some still never clink a beer.

I never rise the beer mug to clink when I'm with an Hungarian. If he makes the gesture, I respond. If there is no intent of his part, I know that he respects the vow, and that he might be from Transylvania. So I just drink the beer. And I remember the 13.

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