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skeleton Arthurian Britain timeline (Caesar to Egbert)

Posted November 16th, 2016 at 09:46 PM by gold heart
Updated November 17th, 2016 at 08:26 PM by gold heart

This is only a rough composite timeline of British history from Caesar to Egbert. We have only given key words/names not full details.

Certain people in the forum said our battle sites of "Arthur" discovery was "only one small part of dark age British history", and even though it wrongly minimizes/sidelines our battles of "Arthur" discovery, we realized that one extra proof that people seem to require is resolving the Britons/Saxons/battles history of the times around (before/during/after) the battles, to show that the south-east sites are ruled-in and west/north sites are ruled-out.

First we post this first edition of our new timeline. Then we will progressively add points drawn/concluded from the timeline (re our south-east 9 sites versus their west/north sites (like Caerleon)) as comments to the blog post. We may also later add any missing entries to the timeline (edit the timeline).

AC/WA = Annales Cambriae / Welsh Annals;
ASC = Anglo-Saxon Chronicle;
ByT = Brut y Tywysogion;
DEB = Gildas;
EH = Bede;
HB = "Nennius"/'Historia Britonum';
HRB = Geoffrey of Monmouth;
ND = Notita Dignitatum;
PG = PaGur.

links for fuller details of timelines of the different sources:
Gildas/DEB, Ethelwerd, Nennius/HB, Geoff/HRB:
Our 9 battle sites of Arthur discovery:

Just before the timeline i wish to post this note about the continual rejection of our 9 battle sites of Arthur discovery/thesis.
I can see they are never going to acknowledge my discovery (that the 9 battle sites of "Arthur" of "Nennius"/'Historia Britonum' match the 9 Saxon Shore sites from Yarmouth to Portsmouth) while i am alive, because they use excuse that it can not be accepted (despite the stark evidencs) until all the rest of dark age Britons/Saxons/battles history around it is also re/solved, and that we have to be able to write it all up the way they stipulate. It is wrong but that is that, i have to let it go. I can not waste my "life" solving the all the rest of dark age British history too, since i have other things i need and want to do, and it wouldn't be worth it anyway (all the more so because i'd be 100 yrs old and ready to die by the time i meet all their excessive demands, if i haven't died or lost (more) ability/health from the poison tap water etc long before then).
We gave lots of evidences, quite a few of them Stark, that the 4 sets of 9 sites (HB, PG, ND/SS, and actual sites) (plus also the Wonders of Britain) absolutely positively match at least literarily. But they won't accept all our evidences just because of 1 piddly thing for each site, and because we don't also solve all of dark age British history, and because still not written good enough. Our discovery and all our last few years hard work have all been for nothing but waste of my time from doing other things. (Don't any beneficiary bashers ever let me hear you call us bludgers ever again.) We were necessarily not asking for riches or fame, just asking for at the least an acknowledgement/credit that the discovery that the 2 lists of 9 sites certainly seem to at least literarily match, or for help/aid to be able to improve the thesis/paper (eg i need clean water, and need help to shift to UK).

Cassibellaun/Belinus (HRB, HB).
60 bc Julius Caesar, Androgeus/Dolobellue, Caledonian, "like Picts & Irish" (EH, Florus, 297 panegyric, Tacitus, HRB, ASC, HB);
47 bc Julius Caesar, Trinovantum/London/Wallingford (HB):
Tenuantius (HRB);
Cymbeline (HRB);
Guiderius (HRB);
ad 44/45/46/47 Claudius, Hamo, 16 days, "Orkney", Vecta/Wight, Belgae, Damnoni, Wight, thirtytwo battles, twentytwo cities, famine Syria (EH, HRB, ASC, HB);
Arviragus v gen Vespasian (HRB, Juvenal);
17 Genuissa dtr of Claudius, & Arviragus (24 ks & 33 cities);
43 Medway
47 Thermae, Glebon;
47-67 Deoartavo(i)s;
50 Ostorius Scapula, Silures, nearest/great part of Britain, added Colchester;
60 Menai Massacre ; 60/61 massacre 9th legion;
61 Nero nearly lost Britain, 2 greatest cities taken, Boadicea, Suetonius Paulinus attacked Mona (ASC);
68 Lindum/Lincoln, Virconium/Wroxeter, Glevum/Gloucester;
73 Vespasian, Cerealis vs Brigantes;
30 yrs after Roman invasion, Caledonian (Pliny/NH);
76 Frontinus vs Silures/Ordovices;
79 Evaristus, Lucius (HB);
80 Eboracum/York, Virconium/Wroxeter, DV/Chester, IS/Caerleon;
80 Agricola vs Galgacus & Caledonians, Orcades; Domitian;
between 38-102 "Caledonian bears", Martial;
between 55-120 Tacitus;
116/120 Hadrian's Wall (ASC);
140/145 Antoninus Pius (ASC);
140 Ptolemy
151 bishop Ebur born (AC);
156/160/161/167/189 Lucius, Eleuther/Evaristus (EH, HRB, ASC, HB);
170 Reuda, Picts;
180 Eboracum/York, DV/Chester, IS/Caerleon;
180 start King Arthur dates range;
Clodius Albinus;
189/207 Severus, sea to sea, Fulgenius, York (EH, HRB, ASC, HB, Herodian);
211 Bassianus/Caracalla, Maeatae (ASC);
277-285 Rutupi built;
283 Alban martyr (ASC);
283 Carinus (HB);
Maximian(us) (HB);
290 Carausius, round house of polished stones Carun (HRB, HB, Eutropius);
Allectus (HRB, Eutropius);
297 panegyric, Picts;
300 Asclepiodotus (HRB);
304 Diocletian persecution, Julius, Aaron, Alban, Amphibalus (DEB, HRB);
Cole (HRB);
305 Rutupiae (ND);
Constantius, Cairsegont/Carnarvon/Minmanton (panegyric, HRB, HB);
Maxentius (HRB);
305/307 Constantine, York (panegyric, HRB, HB);
320 Fergus, Scots;
Constantius 2;
Octavius (HRB);
350/383 start King Arthur dates range (Morris);
350/360 Germanics/Saxons, Saxon Shore;
359 London great port with 700 vessels;
366 antipope Ursinus;
367/368 Germanic raiders/settlers;
367/369 count Theodosius "brown bear";
379 Gratian (ASC);
381 Maximus v Gratian, Valentinian, Ambrose, Martin, Pelagian (EH, HRB, ASC, DEB, HB);
Arcadius/Pelagian (EH);
382 synod Constantinople, Jerome (HB);

388 Theodosius vs Maximus; Scots & Picts (DEB, HB);
c390 London wall built;
396 ;
400 Stilicho, wall from sea to sea, watch towers [SS forts?] (Claudian);
400 Britain/British "Caledonian" (Claudian);
400 Vortigern, Saxons came (HB);
403 Victricius, Bp of Rouen, visits Britain to bring peace to clergy dispute;
405 Patrick among Scots (HB);
406 Marcus proclaimed emperor;
Honorius, Gratian & Constantine (EH);
407 Constantine 3 withdraws legio ii Augusta to Gaul;
408 devastating attacks by the Picts, Scots & Saxons;
409 Britons expell weak Roman officials & fight for selves (Propser);
409/410/411 Goths sack Rome, 465th yr, Arians (EH);
410 Britons call for help;
413-418 Pelagian (Prosper);
418 Romans bury treasures & leave (Ethelwerd, ASC);
421 birth Gildas (Chron Mt St Mich);
422 Ursus killed petronius maximus;
425/428 Vortigern;
428 Patrick leaves Menevia (AC);
429 Halleluyah battle Germanus, tempest of sea, St Alban, fire (HB, EH);
between 429-446/450/456 1st victory Ambrosius (EH);
429/430 Palladius/Patrick, Scots, Celestine (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC, HB);
by ear 5th cent Cardiff;
435 Goths Rome, 470th yr (ASC);
adventus Anglorum/Hengist & Horsa 438 (ACb);
438 Patrick (HB);
441 Britain to Saxons (Gallic Chronicle(s));
443-450 plague/event;
443 Britons beg Rome for assistance against Picts, Huns, Britons beg assistance of Angles (ASC);
444 St Martin died (ASC);
446 Theodosius, Palladius (EH);
446 groans Britons, Agitius/Aetius (DEB, EH);

446/447 Saxon advent (HB);
447 Germanus 2nd visit with Severus (EH);
447 dark days (AC);
447/449/450 Vortigern invites English/Anglo-Saxons, Wippedsfleet/Ipwinesfleet, Marcian & Valentinian (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC, DEB);
after449/452 Saxon revolt/rebel (Ethelwerd);
452 Gallic chronicle;
450/454 Grail (Malory);
453 easter, pope Leo (AC);
454 Brigit born (AC);
455/457 Aegelsthrep/Aylesford/Aylesbury, Vortimer? (ASC, Ethelwerd);
456/457 renew war, Crecganford/Crayford, fled to Lundenbyr(i)g/London, Vortimer? (ASC, Ethelwerd);
457 Patrick dies (AC);
458 David born (AC);
460 Long Knifes (HB);
465/466 Wippedsfleot/Ebbsfleet, Thanet, 12 chiefs (ASC, Ethelwerd);
adventus Anglorum/Hengist & Horsa 469 (ACb);
466-73 Period of minimal Saxon activity;
468 bp Benignus dies (AC);
469 Riothamus (Sidonius Apolonaris, Jordanes);
470 Badon (HRB)?
473 2nd time war, countless war-loot, Welsh fled like fire (ASC, Ethelwerd);

477 Cymen(e)sora/Owers, Selsey, Aldredesleage/Andredesleag, Aelle (ASC, Ethelwerd);
480 Graine;
480/480s (Life of Germanus);
482 Benedict (ASC, Dislogues);
485 Mearcraed(e)sburn(a)/Mercredesburne /Mercredsburnsted (ASC, Ethelwerd);
488 Aesc (Ethelwerd, ASC);
488/491 : battle Cayburn/Caburn (local tradition);
488-547 only landing of Saxons on coast;
c491 start gap between Bretwaldas;
490/491/492 Andred((e)scester)/Anderida/Pevensey, Aelle (ASC, Ethelwerd);
"493 Badon (EH)";
500 Angles, North sea, Humber, Holderness;

495 Cerdicsore/Bournemouth (Ethelwerd, ASC);
500 sailed around western part (Ethelwerd, [HRB?]);
500-550 gap in DEB (Carroll);
501 bp Ebur [York] rests in Christ, 350 yo (AC);
501 Llongborth;
501 Port(a), B(i)eda, Maegla, Portsmouth (ASC, Ethelwerd);
508/509 Cerdicesford/Charford1 /Natanleod/Natanleag/Netley /Dragon'sHill /Winchester (ASC, Ethelwerd);
509 Benedict ascended to heaven (ASC);
510-555 emigration of Angles & Frisians to Continent;
511 Gallic chroncile;
512 death Gildas (WofM);
514 Stuff & Wihtgar, Cerdicsore 2, 56th yr (Ethelwerd, ASC);
516 Badon (AC);
519 Avene/Cerdicsford 2, start no gains gap (Ethelwerd, ASC);
521 birth Columba "dove" (HB, AC);
521 death Bridget (HB, AC);
527 renew war, Cerdicesleag (Ethelwerd, ASC);
530 isle Wight/Wihtgarasburh/Carisbrook (Ethelwerd, ASC);
534 Cerdic died, Stuff & Wihtgar given Wight (Ethelwerd, ASC);
535/536 extreme weather events, famine
537 Camlan, Justinian plague (AC);
538 Calcedonensis;
538 eclipse 16th Feb bef calends/1st Martii/March (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
540 great victory KA over Saxons St Dav's day;
540 eclipse 20th June bef calends Julius/July (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
542 Camlan (HRB);
544 sleep/death of Ciaran (AC);
544 Wihtgar died, buried Carisbrook (ASC);
"546 Gildas";
546/547 Badon (AC version/ms);
547/549 Maelgwn of Rhos "headland", Yellow plague (AC);
547-559/560 Ida, Bamburgh, DinGuyaroi, Bryneich, Ebrauc/York, "left hand side" (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC, HB);
Dutigirn vs Angles, Aneirin, Taliesin (HB);
c550 presumed fall of London & Colchester;
550s/552 plague;
552 Scarburh/Sarum, end no gains gap (Ethelwerd, ASC);
552 Ethelbert born (ASC);
554 Badon (Hergest);
556 Berinbyrig/Beranbury (Ethelwerd, ASC);
558 death of Gabrain map Dungart (AC);
c560 end gap between Bretwaldas;
560 Dubricius at synod Brefi (Life of St David);
560 Western part (Ethelwerd);
560 Ebrauc/York;
560 Ella (Ethelwerd, ASC);
560 Ethelbert king Kent (ASC);
562 Columba "dove" went to Britain (AC);
565 Gildas to Ireland (AC);
560/565 Columba "dove", Scotia to Britain, Picts, isle of Hii (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
560/565 Southern Picts, St Martin's Hwiterne (ASC, EH);
566 boadan/baodan;
568 civil war, Ethelbert, Wibbandune/Wimbledon, Oslaf (Ethelwerd, ASC, [EH]);
569 synod of Victory (AC);
570/572 Gildas dies (AC);
570 men from Linnuis at Catraeth;
571 Bed((c)an)ford, Liganburh/Lenbury/Limbury, Eglesburh/Aylesbury, Bensingtun/Benson, Ignesham/Egonesham/Eynsham (ASC, Ethelwerd);
573 Arthuret/Arfderydd (AC);
574 sleep/death of Brendan of Birr (AC);
575 Urien(s) of "Rheged" vs Theodoric, 3 days YnysMetcaut (HB);
576 Camlan, plague (Hergest);
577 death St Brendan;
577 Deorham(me)/Dyrham/HintonHill, Bath, Cirencester, Gloucester, Coinmagil (ASC, Ethelwerd);
580 Ebrauc/York; Peredur son of Elifert dies (AC);
581 took land Deira;
583 Mauricius (ASC);
584 Iclingas became Mercia;
584 battle isle of Man, burial Daniel of Bangor(s) (AC);
584 Fethanleag(e)/Frethern(e), multitude of cities, countless war-loot (ASC, Ethelwerd);
584 "Chester";
584 Tintern/Gloucester, Tewdrig/Meurig;
Maelgwn aded 6 islands (HRB);
586 Maelgwn, plague (Hergest);
589 conversion of Constantine (AC);
civil war, Careticus (HRB, [EH]);
590 Elmet joined northern alliance vs Bernicia, Yorks;
590-604 Gregory plague;
591/592 great slaughter Woddesbeorg/Wodnesbyrg/Woden'sburg/Wanborough (Ethelwerd, ASC);
592 Ethelbert baptised (ASC);
594 Ethelbert reigned (AC);
595 death of Columba "dove"; death of Dunod ap Pabo (AC);
596 Raith, Urien of Rheged;

596/597, 150th yr, Augustine, Arles (EH, ASC, HB, AC);
597 Ceolwulf, always at war (Ethelwerd, ASC);
598/600 Catraeth/Catterick, Y Gododdin;
ear 600s law code Kent;
601 Augustine, Paulinus, Arles (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
601 David of Moni Iudeorum died (AC);
601/602 synod urbis legionum/ligionis / "Chester" (AC);
601-603 church of Saviour & monastery of Peter (EH); ****
c603 'Augustine's Ac' "Augustine's Oak"
"on the borders of the Hwiccas" ~ St Augustine synod at "Chester"?
603 D(a)egsa(n)stan(e)/Theakstone, Aedan/Scots vs Ethelfrith (EH, ASC);
604 Deira & Bernicia united; (Barwick-in-)Elmet;
604 East Saxons/English received the faith (EH, Ethelwerd);
604 Ethelbert, Augustine, East Saxons, London, Rochester (ASC);
606 burial of bp Cynog (AC);
607 Ceolwulf vs South Saxons (ASC);
607 death of Aedan son of Gabarin (AC);
607/613/616 Caerlegion/Legecester/Chester, bangor, brocmail, Northumbria vs Powys/Gwynedd, Elvod & Nennius (AC, ASC, HRB);
612 death of Dubricius/Dyfrig & Kentigern (AC);
Cadwan all Britain on this side of Humber, Ethelfrid the rest (HRB);
614 Beandun(e)/Bampton, Tewdwr ap Peredur? (ASC, Ethelwerd);
614 Hilda (EH);
616 Ceredig died (AC);
616 Edwin vision in exile (EH);
616, 617-8 idolatry, Laurentius, Peter** (ASC, EH);

616/619 Edwin/Nortumbria vs Elmet, Ceretic (HB);
617 EA vs Nu, Edwin subdued all Britian except Kent (ASC, AC);
619 a fire in city (EH);
620 Cadwallon exile;
622 battle/cath/bellum Linda(i)s
624 sun eclipsed (AC);
625-626-627-633 Paulinus, York, Northumbria (EH, ASC);
627 Paulinus / Rhun son of Urien baptised Edwin (HB, AC, EH);
626 Edwin vs West Saxons (ASC);
627 Belin died (AC);
627/628 Paulinus in Lindsey (ASC, EH); 627 Scots (ASC);
627-628 East Angles received the faith of Christ (EH);
628/629 Cirencester, vs Penda (Ethelwerd, ASC);
Duglas, Cadwalla & Edwin (HRB);
629 beseiging of Cadwallon in island of Glannuac (AC);
630 Gwyddgar comes & doesn't return (AC);
630/633 calends Jan, Hatfield/Heathfield/Meigen, York, Cadwallon vs Edwin, Elmet, Ebrauc (AC, HRB, ASC, HB);
631/633/634 Heavenfield/Ca(n)tscaul, Cadwallon vs Oswald (AC, HRB, HB); Denis'sbrook (EH);
631- 650 Art(h)us (Swedish k list);
632 slaughter of the Severn, death of Idris (AC);
c633 monastery among East Angles (EH);
633/634-644 Paulinus, Rochester, Kent (EH, ASC);
633/640 field of Leeks, Cadwaladr;
634/635(-670) Birinus, Dorchester, 120th yr (Ethelwerd, ASC, EH);
635 Oswald ask of Scottish, Aidan in Lindisfarne (EH);
636 preached Christ to East Angles (ASC);
638 din Eidyn, Catreath, Gododdin;
639 Birinus, Dorchester (ASC);
639 Emaus plague/event;
640 Honorius/John wrote Scots concerning easter & Pelagian (EH);
640 overturned all idols of Kent, virgins, Easter (ASC, EH);
640 great victory KA over Saxons St Dav's day;
642/644 maesCogwy/Oswestry/Maserfield/Mirfield (AC, EH, ASC, HB);
642-645 sea storm (EH);
643 church Winchester (ASC);
644 London plague;
645 hammering of Dyfed, monastery of David burned (AC);
648 Escsdune/Ashdown (ASC, Ethelwerd);
649 slaughter in Gwent (AC);
650 (Wace);
650 rising of a star (AC);
650 end King Arthur dates range (Morris);
650 Birinus died (ASC);
650/652 Bradford on Afene/Avon, Wessex vs West Welsh (Ethelwerd, ASC);
bef 651 royal city fired (EH); 651 church fire (EH);
653 bishops of East Angles (EH);
653 Peada, Mid Angles amitted to the faith (EH, ASC);
653 East Saxons again received the faith, which they had before cast off (EH);
654 Botolph, Icanhoe (ASC);
655 Mercians became Christians (EH, Ethelwerd);
655 "30 legions"?
655 Winwaed/Wingfield, Oswiu vs Penda, monasteries, Medhamsted (ASC, EH);
656 slaughter of Gai Campi, Judeu, Oswy v Penda (HB, AC);
658 Oswy took plunder (AC);
658 Pengwern/Pen;
658 Penselwood/Pen/Parrett (ASC);
658 renew war against Brits, Peonnum/Pionna/Pederydan, Cadwaladr (Ethelwerd);
661 Posentesburh/Pontesbury, Escsdune/Ashdown, penetrated to Wight, easter (Ethelwerd, ASC);
662 Brocmail died (AC);
664 synod Whitby;
664 eclipse, pestilence/plague, Colman, Scots (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
664 easter, those out of Scotland (EH);
665 first easter among pagans, Badon 2, Morgan dies (AC);
665 pestilence, Essex returns to idolatry, soon brought back (EH);
667 two monasteries in Scotland, 1 for Scots, 1 for English (EH);
669 Bass the priest, minster Reculver (ASC);
670 Glastonbury;
671 birds pestilence (Ethelwerd, ASC);
673 synod Hertford, monastery Ely (EH, ASC);
674/675 Beadanhead/Bedwin (Ethelwerd, ASC);
675 light from heaven, monastery of Berecingum (EH);
676 Ethelred overran/ravaged Kent (EH, ASC);
676/677/678 comet(-star) / star of marvelous brightness (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC, AC);
679 Egfrid vs Ethelred (EH);
679 Trent, fire from heaven destroyed monastery at Coldingiham (ASC);
680 synod plain Haethfelth/Hatfield/Hethlege; Hilda, Streanaeshalch/Whitby (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
681 Sussex converted (EH);
681/682 Parrett, Britons driven/chased (in)to the sea (ASC, Ethelwerd);
681-686 pestlience (EH);
682/683 great plague in Britain (AC);
683 plague in Ireland (AC);
684 quake in isle of Man (AC);
684 is 188th yr (Ethelwerd);
685 [1] partial British victory (ByT);
684 army sent against Scot, plundered/burned churches of God (ASC);
685 Picts v Northumbrians, Nectansmere (EH);
Picts vs Egfrid, Gueithlin Garan (HB);

685/689 North Sea, Delta, bloody rain, turned to blood (ASC, AC);
685/686 Ceadwall spread devastation in Kent & Wight; Hook, Egborough, Medhamsted (ASC, EH);
686 Isle of Wight received Christian inhabitants (EH);
687 Ceadwall overran Kent (ASC);
684/688/689 Caedwald/Cadwaladr to Rome (EH, HRB, Ethelwerd, ASC);
Between 687-699 tempest at sea (EH);
688 Glastonbury (ASC);
694 Kentish men remember, council Bapchild, Christ & St Mary* (Ethelwerd, ASC);
697 Southumbrians (ASC);
698/699 Picts (ASC);
700 end King Arthur dates range;
703 book Adamnan, Scots easter (EH);
704 sleep of Adomnan (AC);
704 Ethelred monk (EH, Ethelwerd);
709 Selwoodshire (Ethelwerd);
709 Coenred to Rome (EH, ASC);
709 abbot Albinus (EH);
710 Llongborth, Geraint/Wuthgirete, Devon, Taunton (ASC, Ethelwerd);
710/711 vs Picts, between Heugh/Avon & Carau/Carron, fought Welsh (ASC, EH, Ethelwerd);
710 church Picts, easter (EH);
714 night bright as day (AC);
715 Wothnesbeorghge/Wanborough (Ethelwerd, ASC);
716 southern borders (ASC);
716 monasteries Hii, easter (EH);
718 church of Michael on Mt Gargano (AC);
{720/722 [1/ 2/3] battle Hehil among Cornish (AC, ByT);
720/722 [3 / 3/4 / 4/5] battle Pencoed/Pencon, [2 / 4/5 / 3/4] Garth Maelog among South Britons,} [5/6] Gwynedd (AC, ByT);
721 hot summer (AC);
721 war against Southern English (Ethelwerd);
722 Tamar, Taunton (ASC);
728 Ina went to Rome (Ethelwerd, ASC, EH);
728 battle Carno Mountain, Usk (AC);
728 war against Oswy (Ethelwerd);
729 comet(star)(s) (EH, Ethelwerd, ASC);
730 Rheged annexed;
733 Devadwan;
733 Somerton; sun eclipsed (Ethelwerd, ASC);
734/735 blood moon, Bede died (Ethelwerd, ASC, AC);
735 Hereford;
737 Ethelbald ravaged land of Northumbrians (ASC);
740 Cuthred fought many hard battles with Mercians, York fire (ASC);
740 Liminaea;
742 synod Cliffshoo (ASC);
743 fought with Welsh (ASC);
743 Wat's Dyke?
744 shooting stars (ASC);
750 battle Mocetauc between Picts & Britons (AC);
752 Cuthred vs duke Ethelhun, Beorgforda/Burford/Bereford/Hereford (Ethelwerd, ASC);
752 Strathclyde, Kyle;
753 Cuthred war against Britons/Welsh (Ethelwerd, ASC);
753 Cornwall;
754 Canterbury fire (ASC);
755 Cynewulf no battles against Britons, ... (Ethelwerd);
755 Seccandune, Merton, Reopandune/Repton (Ethelwerd, ASC);
755 Elvod;
755-785 westward, Devon;
756 invad kdm,west country, Hamptonshire, wilds of Andred, Pryffetesflodan (Ethelwerd);
756 Northumbria & Picts vs Strathclyde;
756/760 Hereford 2, Britons vs Saxons (ByT, AC);
765 Welsh invade Mercia;
769 Mercian campaign in Wales;
760 Hereford, Elisedd/Brochfael vs Offa;
761 severe winter, Edwinscliff (ASC);
768 easter changed (AC);
773/774 sign of red cross in heavens after sunset, Kent v Mercia, Cittanford/Otford, serpents South Anglia/Sussex (Ethelwerd, ASC); **
778 devastation of South Britons by Offa (AC);
777/779 Bensington, Offa (ASC, Ethelwerd);
779/780 Gauls/Franks vs (Old) Saxons (Ethelwerd, ASC);
780 Offa's dyke;
782 synod Acley (ASC);
784 Exeter; Welsh invade Mercia;
784 devastation of Britain by Offa (AC)
785 synod Chalkhythe (ASC);
787 first Viking raids (ASC);
787 is 334th yr (Ethelwerd);
788 synod Fingall (ASC);
789 synod Acley (ASC);
793 sheets of light through air, famine, heathen made havoc in Holy-island (ASC);
794 heathen spread devastation among Northumbrians, mouth of Wear (ASC);
795 eclipse of moon (ASC);
795 Culdees?
796 Nennius/HB;
796 devastation by Rheinawg son of Offa (AC);
796 first Vikings in southern Ireland (AC);
796 inroads/ravaged Kent & Merscwari, synod (Ethelwerd, ASC);
797 Rhuddlan (AC);
798 Whalley (ASC);
798 Mercians invade Wales
798 king of Gwynedd killed by Saxons (AC)

800 Caerleon;
807 Arthen dies; solar eclipse (AC);
822 Mark the Anachoret;
836 Athelstaneford;
858 Mermenus/Mervin, 428th yr (HB);
859 421st yr (HB);
874 Culdees?
894 Legaceaster (ASC);
937/938 Brunandune/Brunanburh (Ethelwerd);
954 Annales Cambriae;
973 city of legions [laegeceastre?] (ASC);
976/946 Edmund, 542nd/547th yr (HB);
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  1. Old Comment
    From this timeline we can say:

    - "(King) Arthur" is not Arthur son of Aedan, because Aedan is later in the timeline.

    - York "died" in 501, which makes less likely it is the 'city of the legion'?

    - "1st christian British king" Lucius may be Lucius Artorius Castus.

    - Caledonian wood of Caesar can not be north of Thames.

    - W Saxons took too long time to advance to the likes of "Sarum", and also then jumped too quickly to the likes of "Bedford"/"Buckinghamshire".

    (More points to come when able.)
    Posted November 16th, 2016 at 09:48 PM by gold heart gold heart is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Some more things we can maybe say from timeline:

    - Bede jumps from 447/456 to 596 (except for 565 mention later).

    - The closest of the 3 or 4 'City of the legion' candidates (Caerleon, Chester, Richborough, York?) in date is Rutupi/Richborough.

    - Modern historians are dishonest/deceptive translating ASC names into theoretical matches (eg "Lenbury"/"Limbury" instead of Liganburh).

    (More points to come when able.)
    Posted November 17th, 2016 at 08:24 PM by gold heart gold heart is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Some more things we can maybe say from timeline (and/or timeline's sources) :

    - 3 of the 571 battle sites appear to be same as (a later Saxon re/atking of) Arthur's: Liganburh ~ city of legion, Egonesham ~ Guinnion, Bensington ~ Bassas; (This would recall Gildas saying their cities were taken over.) Bedcanford might be Camlan?

    - Severus ("sea to sea") (189/207, 447, 632) may link with "Severn" of Nennius/HB/Wonders.

    - There may be a link between St Patrick (40 yrs, 405, 428, 429/430, 438, 457), metropolis of Padarn/Paternus, Petroc, Pederydan (658), and Peter (601-3, 616/617-618). Cruc Mawr might link with Croagh-Patrick, Cruachan-Aichle, Cruc Occident, Mt Carno, Mynde, Minmanton?
    [In our 12 battles paper Padarn and Cruc Mawr link with 'city of the legion'/Richborough.]

    - Gildas' dates range is 421 - 512/572 (unless a link with Elvod or Hilda); David's dates range is 458/540 - 601/640; Arthur's dates range is 180/350/383/421/454 - 650/700.

    - The name "Andred" (477, 491, 756) is quite similar to Agned.

    - Sts Julius & Aaron are more likely in the nearer/more Roman south-east quarter of Britian. St Julius origins is best explained by Julius Caesar. St Alban (283, 304, 429) is best explained by Dover/Albion/Downs. (Rutupi & Alban dates coincide.) Campus Gaius may possibly link with Caesar's landing (esp if also Judeu)?

    - Kent is linked with Christ and St Mary (694) like Arthur/Guinnion/Badon.

    (More points to come when able.)
    Posted November 18th, 2016 at 03:23 PM by gold heart gold heart is offline

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