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Candidate synonyms of the 9 battlesites of Arthur

Posted November 22nd, 2016 at 10:23 PM by gold heart
Updated November 22nd, 2016 at 10:26 PM by gold heart

This is a list of candidate matches or synonyms or analogies of the 9 battle sites of "Arthur".
Necessary background is that our discovery was that the 9 battle sites of Arthur of the Historia Britonum of Nennius match the 8 of the 9 forts of the Saxon Shore of the Notita Dignitatum from Yarmouth to Portchester/Portsmouth. We found that other "Welsh" lists also seem to match especially the 9 Pa Gur battle sites. This list of synonyms includes seeming matches from other lists/sources.

All are only candidates synonyms, they may not all be right. Only the 9 HB sites and 9 SS sites (& 9 PG sites?) are definite. Alot of others seem fairly probably right. I had to not exclude some more uncertain ones. Usually the more likely wrong ones will be the ones with question marks.

Guinnion/Dover/Downs is seen to be the most famous site in "Welsh"/British sources.

First posting is still somewhat rough, we hope to improve and add entries, and notes explaining each of the 9 battlesite blocks correspondences.

Table of the 4/5 main matching lists:
# HB - ND/SS - modern - PG - Gwallawg?
1 Glein - Garianonum - Burgh - Tribruit 1 - Lleenawg?
2 Dubglas - Othona - Bradwell - Eidyn 1 - Eidyn?
3/4 Bassas - Regulbium - Reculver - Afarnach - Aeron?
4/3 Celidon - n.a. - Coldrum - Celli - wood Beit?
5/6 Guinnion - Dubris - Dover - Eidyn 2 - Arddunion?
6/5 Legions - Rutupi - Richborough - Dissethach - Gwensteri?
7 Tribruit - Lemanis - Lympne - Tribruit 2 - marsh Terra?
8 Agned/Bregion - Anderida - Pevensey - Ystawinguin - Agathes/Brewyn?
9 Badon - Adurni - Portchester - Mon(a) - Oleddyfein?

map [URL]http://2rbetterthan1.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/map-12battleska-9fortsss2.png[/URL]

12 battles rough paper

AC = Welsh Annals
ASC = Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
ByT = Burt y T....
DEB = Gildas
EH = Bede
HB = Nennius
HRB = Geoff of Monmouth
LF = Omer's Liber Floridus.
ND = Notita Dignitatum.
PG = Pa Gur
RT = Round Table
SS = Saxon Shore.
12 Ks & 33 cities = '12 kings & 33 cities' article.

First battle site Glein/Tribruit [Yarmouth/Garianonum]:
'Ostium fluminis Glein/Gleni/Gleuy' "mouth of river Glein" (1st) (HB, Irish HB, Floridus).
The 12 battles fought up & down east coast (Prof Fields).
'Garien(n)i fluvii ostia' / 'ost. Gariennus flumen' "the mouth of the Garienus" (Ptolemy).
Gar[ienno] (Ravenna).
Garianonnum/Gariannonum (2nd/1st) (ND/SS, OEC).
Gerne(mwa) (1150).
Cnobheresburg 630 (Bede).
Burgh/Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Yare, Breydon, Grimes graves, Spong Hill (1st) (modern).
Wash (1st) (Sayles).
Tribruit 1 (1st) (PG).
Morvid of Gloucester (1st) (11 Consuls / HRB)?
Glyn Rosin (12th/last / 1st) (12 Monasteries)?
Plain of Lleenawg [and/or Agathes] (1st) (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Grynn (1st) (7 servants of porter)?
Maritime (1st) (3 churches of Padarn, Sts Lives)?
St Ive/Johannes (1st) (15 children of Brychan)?
Cerdicesshore 1/2 495/514 (1st) (ASC, GYAM)?
Gravel bank of Garanwyn(yon) (Taliesin)?
Caerwent (lai of Ywenec)?
Fluvius Gleni (baptism) (Paulinus/Bede) (analogous)?
Glen(dale)/Gleni/Glene / Gefrin (Millfield Plain) (modern Northumberland) (analogous)?
Battle of Graine/granairet/granard in leinster 480 (analogy/copy/namesake)?
Igraine/Igerna (HRB)?
Peter Gleane (Norwich/Norfolk)?

Second battle site Dubglas/Eidyn [Othona/Bradwell]:
Dubglas "black water"/"blue black", Linnuis/Inniis "pool/lake/pond" (2nd) (HB).
Duglas near Mersee [Wygan/Witham?] (Lancs) (Higden) (analogous).
"(2 rivers) Lindisia/Lindocolinum/Lincoln" (Hengist) (HRB).
"Celidon wood might be near Lincoln" (Thompson).
Othona, Limen fortenses (3rd/2nd) (ND/SS).
Ithancester/Ithancestir/Stancaster, Pant(e)/Pent(a)e (Bede).
Lu(n)dan-byrig (Othona).
Bradwell/Maldon / river Blackwater/Witham / Dengie Marshes (lakes/wetland/ponds) & Mersea Island (2nd) (modern/historical).
Ei-du-mannia/Eidumanis "element du black" (classical).
Colchester-London-St Albans triangle gap/salient (Wheeler, Deniker).
Eidyn 1 (2nd) (PG)?
Hodnant / Martrun (11th/12th / 1st/2nd) (12 Monasteries)?
Endelient at St Endellion (2nd) or Dyfnan/Duban (Children of Brychan)?
Maw & Eiddyn [and/or region of Bretrewyn] (2nd) (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Din Eidyn / Gododdin (Y Gododdin)?
Lu(n)denbyr(i)g/"London" 457 (ASC)?
Doglas (lai de Ywenec)?
Douglas (in Isle of Man) (analogous).
Blackwater (in Ireland) (analogous).
"Dunglas formed the southern border of Lothian" (analogous).
Lincoln/Lindsey, Witham (modern) (analogous).
Lindsays in Firth of Forth area (analogous).
Duglas (treaty of Cadwallon & Edwin) (HRB) (different?)

Third/fourth battle site Bassas/Afarnach [Reculver/Regulbium]:
Bassas "shallow" / Lussas (3rd) (HB).
"Arthur was fighting specifically Kentishmen" (Collingwood said HB words imply).
Bassa the priest, Reculver 669 (ASC).
Basilica (Reculver inscription).
Baetasiroum (from Baetasii), Regulbium (4th/3rd) (ND/SS).
Reculver, Reculver Cross (monastery-church), Wantsum-Stour (4th) (modern/historical).
River Genlada/Genlade/Yenlet (Reculver) (Bede).
Afarnach's Hall (4th/3rd) (PG).
Raglan (8th/5th) (12 Monasteries)?
Boso of Rico/Ridoc/Richiden/"Oxford" (11th) (11 Consuls, HRB)?
Bensington/"Benson" 571 (ASC/Ethelwerd) (later re/taking by Saxons)?
Aeron [& retreat of Brecheinawc, Gafran] (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Menfre/Minver (3rd) or Merewenne/Marham church (6th) or Afallach or Ilud (Children of Brychan)?
St Aaron (DEB, HRB)?
Avene/Cerdicesford 1/2 (519), no gains gap (ASC/Ethelwerd)?
Levitating altar (10th) (Wonders).
Swelling ford/shallows (Wonders)?
Appled ash (Wonders)?
Hall on the isle of Afallach (Triads).
Avalon in North sea (Irish).
Avaron (Boron).
'Merlin Avellanaw'?
River Akalon (HRB)?
Raculf/Riculf (HRB).
'Caer Bosso'/"Bosso's city"/'Rhydycheu'/'caer Vembyr' (24 ks & 33 cities)?
The Bass / Bass rock (Lothian) (analogous).
Baschurch (local tradition, Judith Deverell) (analogous).
'Eglwysau Bassa' "churches of Bassa" (analogous memory/connection).
Bassalig (Campus Electi) (canu Heleydd poems) (analogous).

Fourth/third battle site Celidon/Celli [Kit's Coty/Coldrum/Weald]:
Silva Caledonis / cat coit Celidon (4th) (HB).
Guinnion in Celidon wood (Irish).
"Celidon wood might be near Lincoln" (Thompson translation of HB).
Celidon/Caledon & London left & right (HRB).
Kit's Coty "battle + wood" & Coldrum, Countless Stones (can't be counted), Aylesford, Pilgrims Way, Medway, Weald (modern/historical/tradition, Evans/Pastscape?/Wiki, Collingwood).
'Sylva Eegalis' (Weald) (Somner).
'Anderida Silva'.
'Andredes leag(a)/weald'.
'Sylva caledonia' / 'caledonia sylva' implying/including Weald (of Caesar, in Florus/Pliny/Lucan/Martial?)
Celli "grove" (3rd/4th) (PG).
Aegelesburg/Eglesburh/Aylesbury 571 (ASC/Ethelwerd) (later re/taking by Saxons)?
Wood Beit & Mabon (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Mabon/Mabyn or Cleder/Clether (Children of Brychan)?
Cad Goddeu / cad Achren "trees" ('Cad Goddeu', Triads).
Arthuret/Caledon/Merlin (Triads, Hergest, AC, Welsh Romance)?
Cerdic(e)s-leag(a) 527, no gains gap 519-552 (ASC/Ethelwerd)?
Hoary rock in the wood (Scilly/Lyonesse)?
Brutus Darian Las "Green Shield" (& White shield) (HRB)?
Fine hunting grounds Arestal & 'Saxon Rock'?
"Se nemus" ("Stirling", Will of Worcs?) (analogous)?
Amr's tomb, Ercyng/Archenfield (can't be measured) (Wonders).
Cabal's cairn, Buelt (Wonders)?
Swelling ford (Wonders)?
Coed Celyddon (Trystan & Iseult).
'Celidoine' associated with Galafort.
Kyledyr Wyllt (Culhwch & Olwen)?
"Lailoken/Merlin was meet by Kentigern/Mungo near a wood".
'Merlin Wylt' / 'Merlinus Caledonensis/Celidonius' / 'Merlin Silvestris'?
Lofty wood-clad rock dinas Emrys?
'Weald(a)' (Brunanburh) (analogous).
Bryn-celli-ddu (Angelsey) (analogous/related name(sake))?
The green woodland ("Chester" 584, Wilmot-Buxton)?
Culdremne (561)?

Fifth/sixth battle site Guinnin/Eidyn [Dover/Dubris]:
Castellum/fort(let) Guinnion/Guindoin "white" (vs pagans/Saxons, Arthur's shoulder/shield, Mary, 5th) (HB).
Guinnion/*Alborum (Jackson).
Guinnion in Celidon wood (Irish).
"Arthur was fighting Kentishmen" (Collingwood from HB's words).
Dubris (6th) (ND/SS).
Dover/Albion / Braddon / Edinburgh Hill / St Mary in Castro / St Martin le Grand / Colton (white) (modern/historical).
Doferum/Martinus (Pa Halgan).
Mynydd Eidyn / Eidyn 2 (vs Cynbyn) (6th) (PG).
Gwrdnei cats eyes (7 servants/men of the porter)?
Arddunion "fortress height" (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Egonesham/Ignesham/Eynsham 571 (ASC) (later re/taking by Saxons)?
Dyfrig or St Wenn or Morwenstow or Iona (children of Brychan)?
Glasgwin (12 Monasteries)?
Cursalen/Kaicester (11 Consuls, HRB)?
St Alban('s)/"Verulam"/Uerolamiensem (DEB, HRB).
Albanact (HRB).
Calends Martii/March 538 (ASC/Ethelwerd)?
Hoary rock in the wood (Scilly/Lyonesse)?
Do(c)guinnus/Llanddyfrwyr (Sts Lives)?
"3 renowned cities".
"Castle of Snowdon"/Isneldone ("snow hill", Round Table, Yseut)?
DuoRig Habren (Wonders)?
Sealess shore (Wonders)?
White Shield & Darian Las "Green Shield" (HRB).
Castell y Morwynion / Mynydd y Tristydd (24 Ks & 33 cities)?
Dyfrig/Dubricius of Legions (HRB, AC)?
Badon (siege) (DEB, AC/WA, Tysilio).
Badon near "Winchester" (Tysilio).
Uther died at St Alban's/"Verulam"?
Guinevere (tower/castle looks like Dover lighthouse) (Moderna archivolt)?
St Guinefort (cynocephali) (Stephen of Bourbon)?
Galafort (sign of the cross (on door), associated with Celidoine)?
"Castle of Windsor" [round table] (Yseut)?
Castle Dore (Tristan)?
Caerwent (lai of Ywenec)?
Guintonhi/"Winchester"/kaerguen ("earth shall swallow up") (Prophecy of Merlin).
Genuissa/Gwenwisa daughter of Caesar or Claudius (HRB, 24 ks &33 cities)?
The fortress on a lofty "Saxon Rock" in the region Arestel nearby the narrows of Godalente (Vulgate cycle)?
Lofty wood-clad rock dinas Emrys?
Vast insulated rock dinas Emris?
"Jerusalem" (24 ks & 33 cities)?
Dubriactus (Taliesin)?
Halter of Clydno Eiddyn (treasures)?
Drinking at din Eidyn / Gododdin (Y Gododdin)?
Marsia/Martia & 'Caer Baris'/"Dorchester" "by the sea" (24 Kings & 33 Cities)?
Ty Gwyn ["white house"?]
Earl (of) Doorn?
Y-Bryn-gwyn / Gwyn-fryn "White Hill/Tower" "facing France" (Bran story)?
Pictish Palace (Floridus)?
Gawain died/buried/skull at Dover (Blyton)?
Great victory of Arthur against the Saxons on St David's day/birthday 540/640?
St Martin, Hwiterne "white house" 560s (ASC)?
'St Mary on the Rock' (Fife) (analogous)?
Dumbarton/Dunbrettan "fort of the Britons/Britain" aka Alcluith (ail "rock" + river Clyde) (analogous)?
Santa Maria de Bretona' church & tower (Galicia) (analogous)?
Arthur's Seat (modern/historical Edinburgh) (analogous)?
Tower of Hercules (Galicia) (analogous)?
Gwenedeg/Vannes (Breton) (analogous)?

Sixth/fifth battle site city of the legion / Dissethach [Richborough/Rutupi]:
Urbs/city of the legion (Carlion) (6th/9th) (HB).
(Dyfrig/Dubricius of) Legions (HRB, AC).
"Arthur was fighting Kentishmen" (Collingwood from HB's words).
Legio 2 Augusta "from Caerleon", Rutupi(ae) "red-top" (was (on) an island) (5th) (ND/SS).
"the city of Rutubi portus" [Reptacaestir] (Bede).
Rutupiae (civitas & orbs) (Orosius & Lucan).
Rutupiae (town) (Ptolemy).
[Lucrinum/Rutupi (Juvenal)?]
Triputienses (German inscriptions).
Rutupi "primary station, metropolis, city, of such celebrity that” ("R of C").
Richborough (large cruciform platform, 5th) (modern/historical, Evans).
Dwellings/fastness of Dissethach (5th/middle) (PG).
Jugein of Legecester (5th) (11 Consuls / HRB).
Rico/Ridoc/Richiden (11 Consuls, HRB)?
Leominster / lann llieni (7th/6th) (12 Monasteries).
"City" Lygeanburg/Liganburh 571 (ASC/Ethelwerd) (later re/taking by Saxons)?
Gwensteri, Lloegyr (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Morewenna/Morwenstow or Merewenne/Marham church or Juliana (Children of Brychan)?
St Julius of city of the legion (inaccesible/diuortium) (DEB).
Calends Julius/July 540 (ASC/Ethelwerd)?
Calends July (3 solemnities of Padarn, Sts Lives).
Again's Cross /Middle, or Great/last (3 churches of Padarn)?
Cuerlion / "3 renowned cities" (Beroul)?
Locrin(us) (HRB)?
Cruc Mawr (mt) (Wonders, omitted in Irish).
Lynn Liuan (army, 6th) (Wonders/HB, omitted in Irish).
'Circling rock/mountain' (Wonders, omitted in Irish)?
Returning plank (Wonders, omitted in Irish)?
'9th wave' Peryddon, grave of Gwalchmai/Walwin/Gawain?
Gawain/Gwalchmai died/buried/skull at Rutupi?
‘Urbs legionum’/"Caerlleon on Usk" (Landavensis);
Caer Lleon (24 ks & 33 cities).
Carlion (Ywenec);
Caerleon ((up)on usk) "2nd Rome" "chief city of GB" "principal Archbishop" ad516 (24 ks & 33 cities);
"David Archbishop of Legions at Menevia" (HRB).
"David bishop of Merlin's town Caerleon".
Metropolis of Padarn / campus heli (Sts Livs)?
Leg(e)ce(a)stre / St Paerburge (Pa Halgan / Kentish Royal Legend).
City of Lions/Lyonesse "between land's end/Cornwall & scilly" (legend) (analogous).
'Tremounus of Legions' (HRB).
Synod ‘Urbs/Urbis Legionum/Legion(is)/ligionis’/"Chester" 601/602 (AC);
Great victory of Arthur against the Saxons on St David's day/birthday 540/640?
Round Table (Wace, Beroul)?
Limpets of ceoil (Irish HB Wonders)?
Rocabarraigh (...)?
Soldiers of Coro(c)ticus?
[Carmarthen / (city of the) 1000(0) (soldiers) / (of the) legion (analogous)?]
Trimontium (Mel-ros(e) near Wedale/Galashiels) (Ardrey) (analogous).
Lyon (Stephen of Bourbon) (analogous)?
(Carhaix, prince of) Leon (Brittany) (analogous)?
Sant-Iago de Compostela (Galicia) (analogous)?
"white town in valley - town of white stone" 584?

Seventh battle site Tribruit [Lemanis/Stutfall/Lympne]:
(Trat) Tribruit/Ribroit/Arderit (7th/10th) (HB).
Lemanis (ND/SS).
Lympne/Romney/LliffMenai/Stutfall (modern/historical).
Tribruit 2 (7th) (PG).
Repetun (12 Monasteries)?
Marsh of Terra (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Morewenna at Morwenstow (10th) (Children of Brychan)?
Lumonoy/"Lomond" (Wonders/HB).
Limmingce (Pa Halgan)?
3 several battles / Lomond (HRB)?
Gleawancester 577 (ASC) (later re/taking by Saxons)?

Eighth battle site Agned/Bregion/Ystawinguin [Pevensey/Anderida]:
Mt Agned/(Cat-)Bregion/Mt Breguoin "(white) hills" (8th) (HB).
(Coid/caer) Andred (477, 491, 756, 893) (ASC/Ethelwerd/map).
((H)on) Avg_Ndr ("tiles/stamps" / "Dowson")?
Anderida/Anderita/Anterida/Anderitum (Abulcorum, 8th) (ND/SS).
Cl Br (Classis Britanni(c)a) (tiles/stamps)?
'Anderida Silva'.
'Andredes leag(a)/weald'.
Pevensey / Ashdown / Hastings, South Downs (8th) (modern/historical).
Uplands of Ystawinguin (8th) (PG).
St Agnes (Scilly) (analogous)?
Croyland (12 Monasteries)?
Agathes / Bretrewyn (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Town of Mt "Agned, called the Castle of Maidens/castellum puellarum, or the Mountain of Sorrow/montem dolorosum" near Alclud/Albani (HRB).
Abercorn/Abercurnig = Peanfahel near Alcluith (Bede)?
Arthuret/Celidon (Triads, AC)?
Brynach or Egloskerry/Egloshayle or Berwyn (Children of Brychan)?
'Bergion brother to Albion'?
Y-Bryn-gwyn / Gwyn-fryn "White Hill/Tower" "facing France" (Bran story)?
Bregan's tower/Braganza city (which Ireland seen from)?
St Brynach/Mons Angelorum/Carningli?
"Alclud" and/or "Totness" (HRB)??
(Is not Aegelesburg/Eglesburh or Egonesham/Ignesham 571 (ASC)?)
Berwyn (near modern Snowdon) (analogous)?

Ninth battle site Badon/"Mon(a)" [Portchester/Adurni]:
Badon (9th/last) (HB)
Baddesdown-hill (Bede).
Portus Adurni/Adiuni/Ardaoni/Ardaoneon/Ardaunium or Clausentum (9th) (ND/SS).
Portsdown Hill / (Bere by) Portchester / Meon or Bitterne / Southampton (geothermal) (9th/last) (modern).
Hamo's port (HRB).
Solent (Sayles).
Mon(a)/"Anglesey" (9th/last) (PG).
Bathonia (12 Monasteries).
Urgennius of Bath (11 Consuls, HRB).
Bath 577 (ASC/Ethelwerd)?
Adwen/Advent or Lanent/Lelant (children of Brychan)?
Great/last (3 churches of Padarn)?
Clust(veinyd)/Clust(veinad) (7 servants of the porter)?
End of wood of Oleddyfein [or Eiddyn 2] (Gwallawg/Taliesin)?
Badon near Winchester (Tysilio).
Mons Badon(icus) (DEB)?
Badon 516/554 (AC/Hergest)?
Badon (feasts) (Taliesin)?
River Trahannon (Wonders)?
Hot lake [baths of Badon] (Wonders).
Baths of Badon (Prophecy of Merlin).
Bannesdown/Lansdown (Camden).
Cerdiceshore 1 / 2 (ASC, GYAM)?
Port & B(i)eda 501 (ASC)?
Beranbury (556 ASC)??
Biedanheafod 675 (ASC)?
2nd Badon 665 (easter) (AC)?
Posentesbur(g)h/Poritesbury/Pontesbury/Posbury 661 (easter) (ASC)?
Mantuantonis/Mutu-antonis (Ravenna cosmo. # 69)?

9 (3 x 3) battle sites, 12 (3 x 4) battles (HB).
9 SS forts (ND/SS).
9 actual sites (modern/historical).
9/"7" battles/sites (PG).
7 servants of the porter.
11 Consuls (HRB).
12 Monasteries.
12 SS forts Skegness to Carisbrooke (map)?
13 Wonders (HB)?
[~12?] battles/sites (Taliesin)?
Group of 12 poems?
10 Glywys?
3 solemnities of Padarn (Sts Lives).
3 Saints (Julius, Alban, Aaron) (HRB/Gildas).
3: Kamber, Albanact, Locrin (HRB).
3 renowned cities (Beroul?)?
3 x 7 (= 21) churches of Padarn (Sts Lives)?
9 porters/watchdogs of ....
9 men of Luthor.
The Book of Hours of the Virgin?
12 hides land Arviragus (Legend/HRB)?
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