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Samurai VS Vikings

Posted August 3rd, 2012 at 12:01 AM by Jake10

Originally Posted by Jake10 View Post
Events preceding the battle:

Riku ran up the hill, following the path through the trees that led to Sakigu Samurai School. There he would seek help for his family, who were now at the hands of beast men that had arrived. Riku’s footing slipped underneath him due to the morning dew as he struggled to keep going. He had been traveling all night, with the sounds of his sister’s screams haunting him as he ran. Each time he had found water he had drank heartedly, but his mouth remained dry, as a feeling of fear would build up within him, making his legs feel weak as opposed to tired. The fresh smell of pine trees made Riku recall the times his father had taken him on walks through these paths. His father had told him stories of the brave Samurai who had fought in the Tokugawa battles which had brought peace to Japan. Now, Riku knew he would never hear his father’s stories again, for the beast men had slain him. The thoughts brought tears of anger, fear and despair to Riku’s eyes. He tried to keep from weeping, as he had been taught to do, but the despair he felt overwhelmed him.

On and on he continued, over the hills and down the valley to where the school was situated. Upon arriving at the gates a doorman called to him.
“Sir, quickly, I need to speak to the school master!” Riku cried.
“Insolent boy!” responded the man at the gate with a glare of disdain. “Does your father not teach you conduct? And, you weep like a girl. Who are you?”
“My deepest apologies, sir. My father has been killed by beast men who raided our village. I need the help of your master.” Riku’s composure was still not adequate, but the man at the gate decided to ignore that for now, as this was clearly a day of tragedy.

Meanwhile, back at the village, Haruka prepared food for the Vikings, in the hopes that they would leave when they had eaten their fill. As she brought the tray with thin slices of fish, rice and tea, she fought her desire to turn away from the repugnant sight of the beast men who had murdered her husband and dishonored her daughter. She could see the fleas crawl over their grotesque fur that covered their faces and arms as well as their heads. Their repugnant smell had caused her daughter, Misaki, to vomit as they had repeatedly ravaged her, but the beasts cared not, as they had simply laid her over he own vomit, now dry on the floor over the area they were about to eat at. Still, in the hopes that Riku might find help, she bowed as she presented the food to the beast man. Like the savage that he was, he knocked the chopsticks to the floor as he grabbed at the food with his unwashed hand. He stuffed it into his mouth, only to spit out the fine rice and fish she had prepared, and he struck Haruka on the side of the head. His thunderous voice roared out commands that she could not understand. Alas, she realized she had tried to feed an animal as one would feed a person. It was clear these beasts wanted food fit for the wild predators of the forest.

Kioto galloped on his horse, followed by 21 other students from the school, as they rode towards the areas the beast men had been reported to be in. The devastation they had seen in Ketone village had been so repulsive that many of the people had selected to die after witnessing the men of their village being slaughtered by the demons who had brought such torment. Kioto had selected the students who were of age to follow him, and had sent a group of younger students to inform his master, Shihon Lord Daichi, who had been summoned to the great hall for an annual meeting. As a fourth level Shotaifu, Kioto had the lead fall to him, and he would surely overpower these hordes that had attacked his people, but he wondered about the fighting skills of some of his followers. Although well trained, they were inexperienced, except for Isaumu who had faired well in duels. But, despite his fighting skills, Isaumu was impatient, too eager to engage and not yet disciplined enough. Still, Kioto knew he needed to keep the spirits of his men up.

With his shield and axe in hand, Porkel led his 18 men away from the village they had been to. He felt disappointed at what they had. After being at sea for so many days, they had come to a land of child people.
“How is it that they do not mature?” Ulfr asked.
“It truly is pitiful,” Porkel answered. “I had looked forward to a battle with a worthy warrior and a night with a real woman for so many days, and all we have found are these deformed creatures. These men will never know the pride of wearing a true beard nor the sound of a man’s voice.
“Their movements are so awkward, has sickness brought this on?”
“It is hard to tell. It may be that they are simply slow. They don’t seem to know about eating adequate food or the drink of ale. This land seems to lack bread. That may be another reason they are so feeble.”
“How do you think they would fare out at sea?” asked Ulfr with a laugh. “They know not even how to keep their natural body grease for warmth.”
The young exiles continued through the field. There was a bitterness within them, for their efforts had not been valued by their Viking chief. In fact, the old chief was a fool, but the people still followed him. He had banished Porkel and his followers for attacking the neighboring tribe. Porkel had explained the mocking that had spurred the attack, but the foolish chief now lived in a dream. He sought to live off the land, forgetting that men were meant to hunt for what they needed, be it from forests or other people. Still, Porkel knew he would return someday to take command in a proper manner.

Kioto and his group rode through the beaches where they saw a peasant youth climbing down a rocky cliff. His actions showed urgency, leading Kioto to believe he might have information. Kioto questioned the young man to find out that the beast men were on top of the cliff, headed for a sacred temple. The young man knew the terrain well, and informed Kioto that it would take 2 hours to ride around the cliff and up to the temple, but that it would be a mere ten minutes to scale the cliff. Kioto considered the two options.
“Sir, we should see to them before they sabotage the temple. Such an act would surely bring displeasure to the gods,” Isaumu persuaded him.
“We would be without our horses. I also do not believe we could take our spears with us,” Kioto replied.
“So you would have us take the long path?” Isaumu asked as the rest of the young men looked on.
Kioto knew he needed to look strong in the face of all. Putting Isaumu in his place would be a good way to do that, but he also needed the eager man at his best. He recalled the wise saying of knowing how far to push before breaking something. Alas, the thought of the temple in ruins because he had not acted would be too much for all to bear. “We scale the cliff,” he ordered.
The gray rocks protruding from the cliff provided good support, but the 32 plate Myochin armor weighed the Samurai down. The gold, silk lacing on the leather was being scraped by the rocks, but it did not matter. Soon the young men would be able to prove themselves in true battle. Some of them wondered if the opponents they were about to face would bleed like other men. They had all heard the tales of demons having children, but had never expected to meet such product in battle. Yet, it was about to happen.
Upon reaching the top of the cliff, Kioto led his men towards the temple. Inside they could hear roars of animals and clattering. “We must not let any escape,” Kioto said. “Close the gates of the yard after we enter. None must remain alive!”
The Vikings were enjoying themselves so much they did not even hear the Samurai, until the gates closed. They, then, were presented with 22 warriors, armed with swords, bows and arrows.

At this point, I hope other members will provide alternative endings and/or further details.
Just to have quick access to this.
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    Nice story.
    Posted February 22nd, 2013 at 06:46 PM by Gorge123 Gorge123 is offline
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    I still wish we had some endings to this.
    Posted December 26th, 2017 at 06:21 AM by Jake10 Jake10 is offline

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