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Short hirtory of East and East-Southern Ukraine, Crimea or Why are they Russian?

Posted June 6th, 2014 at 04:19 AM by ktisis

Little likbez. Territories of modern Eastern Ukraine and Kuban had never were Ukraine before XX century. In time of the Old Rus' they were so called Wild Fields, where the main population was Turkic origin, nomads. No Slavic inhabitants. Only so called Russian Tmutarakan principality existed in Kuban and in East Crimea in X—XII. But I doubt there were many Russians. Since Mongol invasion they became a part of the Golden Horde. And again no Slavic inhabitants, except slaves.

Since XV century the Southern part of Golden Horde obtained independence. Areas interesting us became Crimean Khanate. Crimean Tatars perpetrated dozens bloody raids against Russia and Poland. This fact forced Russian authorities to begin gradual advance in the Wild Fields in XVII c. They created so called Great Abatis Line in Southern Russian (modern Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh oblast'). Moscow authority allowed to settle here to peasants from Polish Ukraine, who avoided from Polish-Cossack wars, Tatars and Turkish raids. In the second half of XVII c. Ukraine was empty land, especially during rule of modern Ukraine hero Pavel Teterya.

But Russia was too weak to continue this movement. And the problem of Crimean-Tartars' raids remained actual till second half of XVIII c. Only modernized Russia could took control over Crimean Khanate. So, territories of this state get the name Novorossia (New Russia). Since this time these areas began to be populated. Aiming this, tzarist authority allowed to peasants from Little Russia to settle in Novorossia. But at the same time peasants from Great Russia, Don cossacks, Jewish, German, Bulgarian, Greek (and so on) colonists settled in this areas too.

On another hand, Cossacks from Zaporozhie behaved themselves not too better them Crimean Tatars. They plundered Russians not too more seldom than Tartars or Turks. Russian government decided to disband them in 1775. But Gregory Potemkin insisted on preservation of Zaporozhian Cossacks. Ekaterina II allowed to revive Zaporozhian Cossacks. New place of dislocation was determined on Kuban.

So, territories of so-called East and East-Southern Ukraine were not ever Ukraine till XX c. Firstly them were the Wild Fields, then Crimean Khanate, them Novorossia. Presence there Little Russians do not make this region Ukrainian. Just as neither Canada, nor any its part isn't Ukraine despite huge colony of Ukrainians. And I don't understand any claims of Ukrainians on Novorossia and Crimea. They are occupied by Ukraine Russian territories.
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