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Snippets from Mărăşti, Mărăşeşti and Oituz

Posted September 8th, 2017 at 06:42 PM by Offspring
Updated September 8th, 2017 at 06:48 PM by Offspring

It's been a century since the battles of Mărăşti, Mărăşeşti and Oituz. A few months ago, I bought a special edition of our biggest history magazine:

Click the image to open in full size.

The following are from that magazine. I hope you'll enjoy them.

German patrols went near the Romanian line, at night, and asked: "Ruski? Ruski?". A Romanian replied: "Net Ruski. Japonescki, Japonescki!"

From someone's diary, talking about not killing an enemy: "I saw an officer above an enemy trench. I looked at him. He was so beautiful, with a white girly face, with curly yellow hair. I aim my rifle at him. It was a sure shot, but I pitied his beauty."

A letter: "Things are as they were before you went. You had 3 children before. You have 3 children now. Elena died. Another Elena was born. This shouldn't upset you.

Your cousin, speaking on behalf of your house."

I've never read a better way of saying: "one of your kids died and your wife gave birth to someone else's child".

This guy, Grigore Ignat:

Click the image to open in full size.

ordered his men to put the dead in firing positions, to intimidate the Germans (the living where moving around and firing from different positions). Ignat was the only one left alive and he kept firing (used a machine gun). He died, but he managed to keep the line intact (reinforcements arrived just in time to not lose the line). Piles of German bodies were found lying around him and he still had the machine gun in his arms. He was 28.

During the battle of Oituz, an Austro-Hungarian plane attacks a Romanian plane (a type used for bombing or gathering info; in that moment, it was used for info). A Romanian fighter plane intervenes and sets the plane on fire. The plane is forced to land in no man's land.

Romanian info plane (so, the one who got attacked) lands near and the pilot gets the Austro-Hungarian to the Romanian line. The next day, an Austro-Hungarian plane drops a message, in French, asking about the pilot. The Romanian pilot who got the bloke out drops a reply saying they saved his legs and he's recovering at a hospital in Iaşi.

The Austro-Hungarians drop a package with clothes for their bloke, chocolate and champagne for the Romanian pilots.

After the war, the families of the two pilots kept in touch and visited each other several times.
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