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First Mongol invasion of Europe (among other notes on the Mongols......)

Posted November 20th, 2016 at 01:33 PM by Piccolo
Updated November 25th, 2016 at 07:59 PM by Piccolo

Here, I will post some random notes regarding the first Mongol invasions of Europe, among other Mongol campaigns, as well as other notes on the Mongolians.

I wonder if during the period the Mongols moved on west of eastern Ukraine; the Mongols had an Indian front as well.

I think there were from 1221-1327. Either involving the Mongols or the Chagatai Khanate.

Thus, there were Mongols activites around India from the period of 1235-1241 (around the time the Mongold were in Europe and moving west of Russia).

In the winter of 1241, the Mongols invaded the Indus valley and began besieging Lahore.

Around December 30 of 1241, the Mongols withdrew from India after taking a town (I believe sacking lahore).


Siege and sack of Sandomir (February 13th, 1241): The city was captured after 4 days. The Battle of Tursko happened around the same time the city was captured.

In 1259-1260, Sandomirs was sacked by the Second Mongol Invasion of Poland.

The Mongols may not have taken Warsaw, because I don't think it was properly founded until 1300.

Alauddin Khilji- Indian general who comprehensively beat the Mongols, was the second King of the Kihjli dynasty who ruled from 1296-1316. Often lead punitive expeditions against the Mongols in central Asia.
CHINA: A noted song dynasty general was Meng Gong.

The first Song-Mongol war was from (perhaps???) 1235-1241. Perhaps Song China won; though I wonder if the Mongols managed to take or hold on to Chengdu.

Yuan dynasty

The Yuan dynasty under Kublai Khan completed the conquest of Song China. The Yuan dynasty was the offshoot of the Mongol Empire that controlled China and Mongolia.

Subodei's defeats:

Subodei was allegedly defeated at the battle Samara Bend (Volga Bulgaria; but that's barely even in Europe; especially at the time, it's almost central Asia.) I think the Volga Bulgars at Samara bend were of perhaps Turkic extraction.

I think after this reversal, the Mongols came back and devastated Volga Bulgaria. Not sure though.
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