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This blog contains my progress on the Exshire Chronicles (a series I'm writing) and the evolution of my fictional world: Exshire!
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The Nations of Exshire

Posted February 13th, 2018 at 05:00 PM by PoochieMoo

The backbone of any fantasy world are the countries! I currently have 10 countries in the world of Exshire. These countries are The Kingdom of Ferrin, the Arinate Empire, Athain, The Federation of Eterith, The Sultanate of Zafari, Aran, Ilryia, The Kingdom of Dragonia, Blackspire Mountains, and Leafthorn.

The Kingdom of Ferrin - A large nation that stretches in a diagonal line from the western tip of the continent to the dry plains in the center. They are large, wealthy, and have a large standing army. They are in an alliance with Dragonia and the Arinate Empire.

The Federation of Eterith - A medium sized nation to the northeast of Ferrin. They inhabit an icy peninsula, and draw inspiration from the Scandinavians of medieval Europe. They have a gigantic and powerful military, but their economy suffers from it. They are in an alliance with Aran and hate Ferrin.

The Kingdom of Dragonia - On the tip of the peninsula that Eterith is located on, Dragonia too is in an icy land. They, however, have made friends with Ferrin and The Arinate Empire, and in turn draw more cultural aspects from them as well.

Blackspire Mountains - The Blackspire Mountains are inhabited by savage nomadic people that enjoy nothing more that raiding the villages of countries like Zafari and Ferrin. They are shut off from the rest of the world, but have a strong military.

The Sultanate of Zafari - Zafari is a poor desert nation that borders Blackspire and Aran. After constant raids from the peoples of Blackspire, they tried to attack them back, but saw most of their army crushed in a brutal ambush, leading to their current position.

Aran - Aran is a wealthy nation that borders Leafthorn and Zafari. They have created an alliance with Eterith, and support them. They oppress the people of Leafthorn, who occupy the jungle peninsula off of them, because they won their independence in a civil war. They blockade their land border as heavily as they can, but because of their weak navy, can do little about the support Athain has given them.

Athain - Athain is a small nation that makes up for its size in its wealth. It is extremely wealthy from trading, and is on good terms with most nations. It helps smuggle people out of Leafthorn, and also sends aid to them.

Ilryia - A peaceful island nation off of Athain, Ilryia doesn't like to get involved with the politics of the mainland. Rolling green hills and meadows dot the landscape, and many prominent people come here to escape.

The Arinate Empire - The Arinates are a wealthy people who have forged an alliance with the other most powerful country in the world: Ferrin. They are expert swordsmiths, and create the finest blades on the planet. The landscape is similar to that of Ilyria, but more forested.

Leafthorn - Leafthorn is a small country on a peninsula off of Aran. They won their independence in a civil war against Aran, despite being outmatched. They are oppressed by Aran, but receive aid from Athain.

These are all of the countries I have so far! Feel free to leave any feedback you'd like, I appreciate it all!
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