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Using Kids as props to Get Back into Prison?

Posted February 8th, 2018 at 05:01 AM by Radrook

Recidivism, or released prisoners winding up in prison soon after being released, can have many causes. Some released prisoners are simply unable to refrain from resuming their former criminal lifestyle because of some mental aberration. Others canít help but seek revenge against those deemed to have been involved in the arrest. Others because of extremely low education canít find a job that will provide them with the style of life they were once accustomed to. But there is a another reason that is often overlooked.

There are certain persons who feel more comfortable being in prison than in regular society. One reason might be that their prison records make it very difficult to find gainful employment. The other might be that in prison they had prestige that they don't have in regular society. Furthermore they had friends, free meals, free housing, free gym, free medical attention. So all those worries were taken of their shoulders once in prison. Also, in prison they might have also been one of the top dogs or predators. In that capacity they felt probably quite comfy.

So what happens when such persons are suddenly released back into regular society? Well, what happens is hat some might simply feel that they need to commit some crime to get back into the system. You know, like mug someone, hold up a grocery store, vandalize a place. Something that will preferably make it a long-term sentence so they won't have to worry about getting the chair but will guarantee maybe a life sentence.

Now, to a certain degree I can understand the reasoning which motivates that sort of criminal reasoning. But what I cannot understand is why such a person would involve his own child in his effort to succeed in that devious plan by using his child as a prop to get hostilities going.

Just recently I had one of these individuals use his three-year-old boy in that way by purposefully blocking my way into a grocery store with his child and then vociferously announcing that I was trying to injure the boy and that I should one careful. He walked up to me as if about to the throw a punch.

At that point I would have been legally within my right to take preventive action to stop that possibility. In that effort his son could have been fatally injured since when there are encounters of that type, children of that age don't always manage to get out of the way.

The point is this, if indeed a person wants to go back to prison and feels that looking for trouble is a convenient way, at least show some parental responsibility toward your child by not getting your child directly involved. At the least display that amount of humanity instead of treating your child like some worthless prop that is dispensable. Your child deserves better.
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