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Posted February 10th, 2018 at 07:31 AM by Radrook

Before my encounter with this freakish UFO, I had only read about them and was rather skeptical. I was also cautious since I had read about humans being harmed. You know, such as getting burned when these UFOís had focused lights on them. To make a short story shorter, I was living in Miami Florida at the time, around 1975 and working as a tele marketer in the suburbs.

It was a part-time job and I got off late evenings when it was dark. I used the public transportation system so I had to stand and wait sometimes for ten to fifteen minutes for the bus to arrive. I was staying at the Gibson Hotel which was located in the Miami downtown area.

The first time I saw this UFO was from my window in the middle of the night. It had been approaching from the city outskirts toward center city. The light seemed weird for three reasons. It was traveling at a ridiculously slow speed, it shimmied from side to side and there was no sound of an engine.

Now, on this particular night I was waiting for the bus under a low fog and a very light drizzle on a deserted street approx two blocks from where I worked. I noticed that same light slowly approaching from downtown. It was traveling just below the fog cover. It was the same light I had seen before, no sound and quavering occasionally from side to side. I tried to assume that it was some type of blimp or dirigible. But dirigibles donít rapidly wobble sideways in that way.

When, it finally got near enough above some houses across the street, the backwash from its leading light illuminated its structure. I noticed that the leading bright round light was attached to what appeared to have been a diamond-shaped object with extremely elongated vertical apexes. Like two pyramids glued together at the base and floating with the pointe up and down. I was so fascinated that I just kept staring at it.

I assumed that it would continue on its way. Unfortunately it didnít. Instead, it suddenly halted, flicked off the leading white light and made it reappear on the rim facing me and focused it on me. It wasnít a blinding intensity since I could stare straight into the brightness. But it was the most intense white light I have ever seen. Then, after approx. seven seconds it shut that light off and focused a brilliant, deep- red light and then a green one on me.

All were similar to the white one-bright and intense but not blinding. During that time I noticed that its hull that was being indirectly illuminate by these lights looked brownish and organic in texture. It also looked extremely heavy. Then suddenly all lights were gone and refocused the white one towards the direction it had been going before and slowly began moving slowly toward the Miami airport. For a long while I watched its erratic rapid swiveling lateral motion and wondered just what purpose that motion could possibly have.

I knew it was heading in the direction of the Miami airport and imagined that it had some plans in relation to it. Then, approx fifteen minutes later the bus arrived. I tried to tell myself that I had imagined the whole thing since I found the experience unpleasant. You know, as if I had been examined like a germ in a petri dish. The exaggerated vertexes and the organic quality of the hull both didnít make sense either and it had made the thing look menacing and predatory. But the most disturbing is he missing time I noticed when I got home and my abnormal, trance-like disregard for the possibility of getting burned from the light. It was as if I had been rendered incapable of flight

Next morning I just decided to consider it my imagination. Unfortunately the morning newspaper had headlines about a UFO causing havoc with Miami Airport traffic on the previous night. In other words it had been real. I did catch a glimpse of that accursed thing two more more times from my window in the middle of the night but haven't seen it since.

As for wanting to see it again? Thanks but no thanks. Neither am I interested in undergoing hypnosis to see what happened during the missing time. Goodbye and good riddance whatever it might have been.
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  1. Old Comment
    Todd Feinman's Avatar
    Thanks so much for that. Have you thought of contacting well-known researchers? Or do you not want to dwell too much on it?

    Best regards,
    Posted February 11th, 2018 at 06:44 AM by Todd Feinman Todd Feinman is online now
  2. Old Comment
    Radrook's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Todd Feinman View Comment
    Thanks so much for that. Have you thought of contacting well-known researchers? Or do you not want to dwell too much on it?

    Best regards,
    Sorry about my tardy response but I am unfamiliar with blogging on this forum and didn't know where to look for response notices.

    About your question, I prefer not to dwell on it too much because all it causes me is anxiety. You know, the fear that I might be approached again but in a far more threatening manner. I also fear what I might remember if placed under hypnosis. Very often when time is missing that way I have noticed that the memories of those involved can be terrifying.

    Whatever it was that approached me that night I really don't know. It seemed like a machine. But then its hull looked organic. Its silence was unnerving. It's manners were rude since I am not a microbe to be examined without permission and neither is any other human.

    Some might say it was Satan. If indeed it was or wasn't I really don't know. Looked like some sort of a ship to me as it did to those who saw it at the airport after it had focused those lights on me.

    Had I reported it back then I would have probably been suspected of lying. In fact, even now I would be suspected of lying. So there is really nothing to gain from it except frustration.

    Nevertheless, I do appreciate your interest and your giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    Kind Regards
    Posted February 18th, 2018 at 04:52 AM by Radrook Radrook is offline

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