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The Chilean Front of the Cold War

Posted Yesterday at 07:04 PM by mark87

Chile and the Cold War Part I: Introduction

For the Americans and the Soviets, the Cold War was just that, cold confrontation through proxy wars. In the 3rd world, the Cold War was as hot as it could get. In Chile, it changed the face and shape of the nation in a tremendous fashion. If our politics previous to Allende’s presidency were quite polarized and strained, then after Pinochet left office (to which he was not elected) these politics were downright atomic. In a sense, the fate...
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Notes on Fixation

Posted Yesterday at 02:35 AM by jehosafats
Updated Yesterday at 04:32 PM by jehosafats

Psychoanalysis always struck me as a bit shaky. So much about psychoanalysis relies on interpretation. That leaves the door open to substitution, especially where words and meanings are concerned. Sure words and meanings pertain to a speaker's world view, but interpreting this either literally or metaphorically can easily lead to "fixation" (Leclaire's definition being that which is simultaneously meaningless and too meaningful).

In other words, nonsense. Analysis ceases...
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Posted March 29th, 2015 at 01:24 AM by okamido

God save me from celebrity worship, chronocentrism/ recentism, and the California State Assembly.
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knows what the bee knows
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Fanciful Ideas of Dr. Nicholas Kazanas!

Posted March 28th, 2015 at 05:14 AM by Sanjay Sonawani

Indigenous Aryan Theorists now-a-days are becoming inveterate adherents of the claims those cannot be substantiated even on the basis of common logic. The paper of Kazanas “Rigveda is pre-Harappan” (June 2006) 1 too is no exception, as Kazanas too seems to harp Indigenous Aryan lore while substantially stretching back the time of Rig Veda to claim authorship over Indus-Ghaggar Civilization (IGC) to which, now-a-days, Vedicists blatantly have started calling...
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Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws and the Western Liberal Reflex

Posted March 27th, 2015 at 01:46 PM by Gile na Gile
Updated March 27th, 2015 at 01:50 PM by Gile na Gile

It's a fact of life, probably in most of the globe as we speak, and usually in so-called 'underdeveloped' countries that being gay is frowned upon, oftentimes savagely. There's no value judgement whatsoever implied in saying this; my default position here being perfect neutrality - but with what speed & assurance we all alight on our liberal hobbyhorse propounding the best way forward, pointing fingers and denouncing wholesale laws which are clearly 'savage and backward'!

I think...
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Tame O' Tama Shanterin
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