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These boots were made for... limping

Posted Today at 04:48 AM by No Good Doney (Some have greatness thrust upon them)

On one of those million and one BBC websites there is a report of this singular phenomenon from the 19th century. The website claimed for a brief time there was a fashion among women to feign a limp in public when there was nothing the matter with them. This was more than a daft fashion mistake la platform soles, regrettable facial tattoos, wearing a baseball cap backwards or twerking. The reason why the healthy impersonated the lame (of which there were a great number in Victorian England)...
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Power of education

Posted Yesterday at 12:31 PM by deaf tuner (my jokes)

-Well, how's Your puppy ?
-He's so cute..... I love him!
-Not to many problems ? You know, in an apartment with no garden .....
-How so ?
-Well, You know, the pee thing!
-Nah. No problemo ! You have to educate them from the very beginning. He used to pee on the carpet, so every time he did it, I took him, put his nose in it and then threw him out the window.
-A bit harsh, I'd say!
-Yeah, maybe, but it worked! Now, every time he does it on the carpet,
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Erich Hartmann : 352 victories as a way to defeat.

Posted Yesterday at 09:09 AM by General Winter

352 victories as a way to defeat.

One of the Cold War's anti-Soviet myths says of a total superiority of German Air Force over Soviet's.

Really,Major Erich Hartmann claimed, and was credited with, shooting down 352 Allied aircraft, including 348 Soviet and four American. His colleagues in Luftwaffe 52th Fighter Squadron, Gerhard Barkhorn and Gunther Rall , claimed about 301 and 275 victories. These figures contrast sharply with the results of the best Soviet fighter pilots:...
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Did you know that "I'm, a little Teapot?"

Posted July 23rd, 2014 at 07:32 PM by vijaykande

Click the image to open in full size.
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A comparison of the merits of Sharia law part I

Posted July 23rd, 2014 at 12:59 PM by MarshallBudyonny

Sharia law is, as well all know, a deeply controversial and at times offensive topic often classed as both politics and philosophy.

For those unfamiliar with Sharia, or those who have only heard it mentioned briefly in the news often in conjunction with some recent Islam themed outrage be it in the Middle East or my homeland Britain. In it's most basic form Sharia is a legal and moral code based on the writings of Islam namely the Qu'ran and Hadith. Sharia is quite expansive and deals...
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