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The Self-Deceit of Honour: Liam Lynch and the Civil War, 1922 (Part IV)

Posted Today at 11:14 AM by Ascendant (Éireann Ascendant: An Irish History Blog)

Article on Liam Lynch and how his decisions helped determine the struggle for Limerick and then Cork during the Civil War.

The Self-Deceit of Honour: Liam Lynch and the Civil War, 1922 (Part IV)

The ten-day battle for Limerick reached its weary climax before midnight on the 19th July 1922 when the anti-Treaty IRA decided that enough was enough. Following the orders of their Chief of Staff, Liam Lynch, the men left the city in a line of motorcars.

At the...
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The Most Important Events in European History, I - V century

Posted Yesterday at 12:45 PM by Valens
Updated Yesterday at 03:49 PM by Valens

The purpose of this chronology is to list some of the most important events which had great influence on the course of European history.
My initial plan was to start with the first century after Christ and finish with the twentieth, but soon realized that the scope of that task was enormous.
From this reason, I came to the idea of doing separate entries for periods spanning over several centuries, with respect to traditionally accepted periodization of history.
This first...
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Which was more influential for the allies victory in WW2,

Posted Yesterday at 01:23 AM by 14radams
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Which was more influential for the allies victory in WW2, the submarine spitfire or the Sherman firefly.

Struggling to compare these two vehicles would appreciate of someone could help me
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The Greedy Queen on Tour

Posted January 17th, 2018 at 10:19 AM by HistoricalGeek

Well hello everyone!

So, when I asked for feedback I've been seeing a lot of 'We want to know when we can see one of your favourite historians'... Well, here it is. Your chance to see, listen to and indeed learn from Dr Annie Gray. Some of you will know instantly just who I mean, but for those who don't? Dr Annie Gray is the truly brilliant historian you see on shows like 'Hidden Killers' 'The Sweetmakers' 'Victorian Bakers'... or perhaps you listen to 'The Kitchen Cabinet'? Yes......
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Notes - Oda Nobunaga: Fool of Owari (2)

Posted January 10th, 2018 at 08:28 PM by Lord Oda Nobunaga

Notes - Oda Nobunaga: Fool of Owari

The Fool of Owari
-Arguably the death of Nobuhide gave the Imagawa a chance to make incursions into Owari itself. This was not an issue in the reign of Nobuhide. What was more they received support from some lords within Owari which they capitalized on early in Nobunaga's reign.

-Nobusada and his son Nobuhide were patrons of temples. They supported the Ryusen temple in Owari and Nobuhide had constructed the Bansho temple....
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