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Water Fluoridation & facts

Posted February 10th, 2015 at 05:19 PM by Rob Banks

There are only two sides in this issue: the pros/pushers and the "antis"/nons.

The pros claim that they fluoridate water because of "[B](increased) incidence of (childrens) tooth decay[/B]". They claim that it is "safe, cheap, and effective". They claim that unfluoridated places have more toothdecay and fluoirdated have less. They claim that there is no evidences of it being harmful (they even claim people are living longer, and getting smarter), &/or claim that they are experts (and antis are not) and that they have "studies"/"standards"/"monitoring", and that it "disassociates" in the water. They say fluoride is a "[B]natural[/B]" substance, that all water already has varying natural amounts of fluoride, and that they are just "correcting nature deficient-areas"! That fluoridated water is "[B]oral hygene[/B] on tap"; that it is not a medication/medicine, and that it is a supplement just like iodised salt, etc. They assert that anyone who doesn't like it can "easy" just "get a water filter" or buy bottled water.

We nons say:

- Natural fluoride/water is natural (level & compound), artificial fluoridation is not natural (level &/or compound).
What is [B]not natural[/B] is modern western corporatist diet [B]full of sugar[/B] and (processed) carbs.
We are already able to get natural fluoride from that already in water.

- The problem and soultion re "(increased) incidence of (childrens) toothdecay (in unfluoridated areas)" is rather : (1) [B]sugar (stop filling our food with sugar)[/B], (2) [B]oral cleanliness[/B], (3) diet ((processed) carbs), (4) diet (nutrition), (5) socio-economic disadvantages, and (6) one or a few other/more things.
Why is it only/mainly [B]urban[/B] not rural (and modern not earlier, and Western not Third world) that is fluoridated?
How can the put "oral health on tap"? You can not substitute true oral cleanliness.

- It is not true that it is "easy" to just "get a water filter" or bottled water. Filtering water is [B]dangerous[/B] without expert knowledge/etc. [B]Disdvantaged[/B] people like me are not able or easily able to get/use a water filter or bottled water. It is rather far [B]easier for people to put their own sugar[/B] in their own food &/or get their own fluoride (from that already in water, bottled water, toothpaste, tea, tablets) &/or brush their teeth then it is for us to avoid fluoride or get own clean water. Bottled water has problems including that the government made it law that they don't have to say if fluoridated or not; that mostly in pet(e) #1 which has endocrine disruptors; the costs; etc. It is [B]not even fair[/B] that I am [B]forced/have to[/B] get my own water from spring in next town (none in this town) or "buy bottled water".
[B]Clean (running home/work tap) water[/B] is an unavoidible [B]essential necessity of (modern) life[/B].

- Topical fluoride is more effective than ingested. They already fluoridate toothpaste which everyone uses everyday.

- Water fluoridation is risky not safe. They can not control the [B]dosage/intake[/B] of fluoride/water. (And they do not monitor us.) Some people have higher water consumption and/or are more prone to harmful effects. They add more fluoride than needed &/or than the safe level. The diffiernce between safe and unsafe is pretty small (ppm) and even small amounts of minerals has effects (esp when constantly intaking (&) over time). Fluoride is known/proven to harm [B]thyroid[/B] and other things. The labels of the fluoride they put in our water starkly say "[B]toxic/hazchem/poison[/B]" and it is [B]illegal to dump it in the sea/ocean[/B]. They put both [B]fluoride and alluminium[/B] in our water, and there is evidence/studies suggesting the combination is harmful.
Their experts/studies/standards/etc are biased/exclusive/seletive/outdated (1940s)/etc.
From (other) studies and experience and observation seeming effects of fluoridated water include insomnia, no dreams, balding, cancer, mental dumbness/slowness/foginess/ocd, thyroid, dry mouth, MS/ME, etc.

- If the pros and "Sceptics" want to keep playing the pros are "scientists/experts/authorities" and "antis" are "pseudo/misinfo/fringe/fear" card, then: They have no individual [B]doctors diagnosis and prescriptions[/B]; we are not given information on sideeffects etc, it is illegal to issue medicine/medication without labeling, we are not given options; they do not monitor us on it.

- Fluoridated water is/gets in everything. Cooking/food/drinks, gardens, bath/shower / washing, toothpaste.

- Fluoride is not just a safe supplement like iodised salt. People can easily choose to avoid iodised salt. We have no or little choice about having to drink/eat water.
They made it that when salt in shop food ingreidents lists is just called "salt" that means uniodised/table salt not iodised/sea salt, that it would say iodised salt if iodised or sea salt if is. But water in shop food (& bottled water) when it just says "water" can mean either/both fluoridated (most likely) &/or unfluoridated (less likely).
Fluoridated water has (negative/positive) side-/effects like medication/medicine, regardless of whether they claim it is a "supplement/nutrient" not a medicine/medication.

- *If* [*some*] people are living longer or getting smarter or less toothdecay, that it is only some, and it is not proven whether the sample people are fluoridated or unfluoridated, and even if fluoridated that it is not proof that fluoride doesn't effect health/ability because health/ability can be effected in a number of ways and/or by a number of things (and some people may be more vulnerable to be effected by fluoride than others). We know plenty of people with balding, and/or prostate cancer, and/or that died not that old, etc (though there are a number of possible reasons apart from fluoridated water, including sprayed food, salt, exercise, etc).

- It is not fair and is a blatant [B]contradiction[/B] that half the country/(western) world is unfluoridated and half is fluoridated.
(Fluoridated: urban/half of Israel, UK, Eire, RSA, USA, Australia, urban/half of NZ, Turkey, urban/cities, all of Wellington/Hutt/Porirua except Petone.
Unfluoridated: mainland Europe/Germany, Nigeria, Russia, farmers/rural, people with filters or who are able to get water from spring/fountain, Petone/Korokoro.)
If they are so right/truthful then why is Petone/Korokoro unfluoridated for mere "historical" reasons?

(for more/other see my blog post at 2rbetterthan1.wordpress.com .)

* note: "Sceptics" refers to the idea/movement/people that call themselves that. They are not sceptical of fluoridation and other mainstream things like vaccination, mercury fillings, smart meters, etc that they consider "scientific/studies" etc. They are just sceptical of what they consider "un-/pseudo-scientific".
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  1. Old Comment
    Just a few extra points :

    It is what christians might call a (double/triple/quadriple) "sin": a mis-using of "science" so that humans can get away with doing what bad/unnatural/irresponsible they like (and without regard to effects on others) [and that may even be a lie with the regime really using it to negatively effect the people].
    They keep side-tracking the issue into one of soley "science" and having to dis/prove harmful/beneficial.
    Could even say it is witchcraft (pharmacia). (The 7th church of Laodiceans in Revelation was at a centre of Asclepius god of medicine worship.) Revelation/Bible also talks of water turned to wormwood/bitterness or blood.

    They can't prove that it is not harmful (despite that they claim their studies show no evidence).
    By what standard do we judge people seem not effected?

    Romans and Greeks etc had water fountains everywhere.

    On the supplement forgot to say: iodide is not as risky/harmful/controversial subtance as fluoride (though same column of periodic table). (Iodide was once called universal panacea.)
    There are other "natural" things we don't put in water or ingest.

    That USA reduce the fluoride level about a year ago can be evidence either way : evidence of contradicition, or as they may claim evidence of careful/monitoring.

    Also effects pets/animals, plants, environment.
    Posted February 11th, 2015 at 02:31 PM by Rob Banks Rob Banks is offline
  2. Old Comment
    This may ruin the blog post but I'm upset today/lately because of biological/chemical poisoning i am suffering because of water & plumbing problems.

    It is darn natural/divine Law that we have to be clean and hygenic and everything has to be rinsed (eg lentils & rice) and washed in clean running water (and have to take care of everything). How can we darn be clean/rinse when they add fluoride and alluminium poisons/toxins to the water and when water is sitting in copper tanks (ie no clean running tap water)? If we don't rinse and wash God/nature punishes us by micro-biological & chemical poisoning, and if we do rinse/wash we have excessive trouble trying to avoid chemical poisoning (fluoride, alluminium, copper/heavy metals). Water is an essential necessity for life & cleanliness, stop putting poisons in it and stop sitting it in copper tanks. I hate God and system/humans and myself and my ancestors for this poisoning i am suffering either/both way/s. If i am not clean God punishes me. If they don't clean their teeth they put poison in water punishing me. Please stop spraying our food, stop poisoning our water.
    Posted February 20th, 2015 at 08:03 PM by Rob Banks Rob Banks is offline
    Updated March 2nd, 2015 at 12:57 AM by Rob Banks

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