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The Unknown Story of the Black People of North Central And South America Part # 1

Posted November 10th, 2012 at 09:33 AM by tarhaka bey

The above labels were coined to conceal the true identity of the moors by their conquerors. Just as Neapolitan attempted to hide the Moorish features. This was the origination of the 21 gun salutes. We perpetuate this like we tell our children that the devil is beneath the earth and god is in the heaven. We play this up like the myth of Santa Clause. We keep a lie going and it passes on through generations.
is not a nationality nor does it relate to a nation of people. There NEVER was a black nation, black flag or a people that claimed to be of Black descent. If you look up the word in the dictionary it denotes everything that harms. Well you might say, ‘you mean the white man dictionary’? You are a fool. The only language an African American often knows is the language he/she was taught. In this case ‘black’ does not denote a national origin.
You are not a Negro or colored person because these words were used in a derogatory manner that humiliated the dark skin people and also the word does not denote a national origin or descent line.
You were not Ethiopians because it means the demarcation line of a geographic location. The correct name was Abyssinia.
You now call yourself African American. Really?
Scipio Africanus captured a Spanish Moor whom he named the continental after.
- This word derives from indigo, colored stained or died. This is what Christopher Colombo named the moors and by tribal names to conceal the true identify of our bloodline. This was a deal between the Popes, kings and Queens written in the law of conquest. If you know any these moors referred to as Indians they will tell you that they are not Indians but that is what the white man calls them.
Latin- Dominican, Spanish or Puerto Rican
. - The Spanish were European Descendants that also were following The Law of Conquest. They conquered the aboriginals of the portion of the land, killed off the Black, Brown, yellow and Red People, mixed their blood and after generations produced a light shade. This is called grafting in modern times. This is why the KKK did not want to Mix with Moorish Blood or Jewish (Moreno’s) because they would be the minority like in 2012. Now don’t think there were no dark moors with the Spaniards.
They were there but under
Christian names better known as Moriscos or Moros. It’s just like many of you claim African descent but your name is Kevin, Carol, John, Bob and Susan. Some so- called Africans have an African name but when they work in this Christian society they have a European name. You see, everyone has selected to keep the lie alive, even you. If you ask the majority of a person that call themselves Africans they will tell you there English name.
We are giving you a circumstance and not a hate doctrine. If it is hate teaching you would like then the Moorish teachings is not for you because the majority of the world has Moorish blood in them.

Why Moorish is the question? - It is simple, that was the last ruling power and empire that ever existed and headed by our people. Moorish is older than the word black. Also there was no such thing as Black, African American, Negro, colored, coon or jigger boos. But there was a ruling people named Moorish.
The European in England called the rulers at that time Moorish. Their meaning meant Dark skin or blue black. The nearest term is ‘black’. Based on the European Descendants it means blacks but to the Moorish -American it means dark olive, or navigator.

Moors define the word Moor based on the profession and hue, not black due to the meaning defined by Webster Dictionary.

There are tawny Moors, Arab Moors, and Egyptian Moors of a lighter hue. We must keep in mind that this was due to interracial relationships voluntary and during the Moorish Law of Conquest. If you have Moorish Blood, then you are Moorish. Look at the movie
True Romance. There are a lot of Italians, Spanish, Russians, Turks, Germans, and Jews with Moorish Blood. Some will say that they have black ancestors. Many of them don’t like it, but the truth expels the myth of a lie. The Normans Were Moors. They are the ones that built West Minister where they call England today. The Northern Italians has a percentage of Hannibal blood in them. The Moors conquered Spain The Latinos has a great percentage of blood even though many of them classify themselves ‘White’ on the application when asked what is your ethnicity?
Where were the Moors of North America First Deprived of their Birthrights?
Let it be clearly stated that Philadelphia was the second Capital of the United States. First it was New York under the name Belgium Amsterdam, Philadelphia was second and W.D.C. was third in case you never knew. But back to our point, Philadelphia was the capital that our forefather records were kept, and if you check their birth certificate it will say; Negro, colored or it will be left blank. Now, if you look at the resolution that the Moors with Bey’s and El’s have you will read that we can reclaim our sir names Bey and El. This was the same state that deprived us of our birthrights where the laws were made and now they (Governmental Officials) are saying you can reclaim it.
Reclaim means to go back and claim it. It’s really that easy, but for some reason it appears that the Europeans and their helpers (Meaning, ‘blacks’) have done a great job in conditioning the people. It reminds me of the movie ‘The Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. We are not saying at all that we are related because we are not, but two examples denote this demonstration of conditioning:

When the main Ape (Caesar) opened the cage for the Big Ape to be free he stepped out for a second and went back in. I take that as a state of conditioning. By the way C.M.Bey said that Julia Caesar was a Moor.
The same applies when they was comfortable in the gage and in the yard. As long as they were being provided for by their masters.
Case in point, even after the second capital at City Hall presented us with this resolution the people refused to reclaim their Moorish descent. I will say it is due to conditioning, fear, comfort and ignorance- meaning not being aware of the subject matter.

West Indian:
There is not much to speak on regarding this label. Because you will find that many people from the Caribbean Islands despise this label because they know that it derives from the races Christopher Colombo. They prefer to say that “I’m Caribbean and not West Indian”. However, many of them lack the knowledge of the maroons. They are of Maroon descent and not Caribbean because both names denote a geographic location.
It is the same thing with ‘blacks’ calling locks ‘Dread’, not understanding that Dread locks is very offensive to a Maroon man, woman and child. We are looking at many years of indoctrination/conditioning. We could go farther in the Maroon history but it is important that you ask a Maroon to learn more about them or do your research. Also note that they were also in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Some of you will say that the word Moor is English. First of all let us reveal to you about what you call the English Language. Your conditioning made you a dependent thinker. The Anglican and Saxons were German tribes and did not speak what we call English, but they spoke German and we speak a bastardize German Language. Now that this bomb was just dropped let me point out the different way nations classified the word Moor: Moor, Moros, Maroon, Mor, Blackamor, Moorian, Morel, Marano. Maurice, Mora, Morisco, Maure, Moers, Moret, Mohr, Morrice. It goes on. So many African Americans dispute the word Moor, but if they did research or studied different languages they would find that in Europe it was spelled and pronounced differently, but it all comes to we were last known to be of Moorish blood.
The list goes on and one. If you doubt what the Clock of Destiny is revealing to you today then ask a foreigner based on the language of the word Moor. The Majority of ‘blacks’ would not be aware of this history because high schools and universities was and still is forbidden to teach this. And if they did they would try to paint them in the image of themselves like they did Jesus and the French did Egyptian paintings
..........Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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