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Old December 31st, 2017, 04:31 AM   #1

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The truth about the welsh that fought Wallace..

Many scots seem to think the welsh were happy to fight with the English against Wallace but this was far from the case.

Wales was at the time fresh from conquest and suffering extreme hardships and slaughter.
Many of the Welshmen that come to Scotland with Edward had no choice.

One thing for sure though.. they were hard bloody work as the quote below will tell you.

Those 'bloody welsh'
"Provisions became scarce in Edward’s camp at Kirkliston and the fleet from Berwick was anxiously looked for. The surrounding country, having been many times wasted by fire and sword (by Wallace), had English soldiers complaining bitterly of their scanty provender, and a change of quarters was contemplated. Only a small supply was received as the great body of the fleet was still being detained by adverse winds. A dangerous mutiny broke out in the English ranks.

Under his banner, Edward had vast numbers of Welsh bowmen, led by their chiefs, whom he had recently subjected to his stern sway. The famine was allowed, to be pressed hardest on the Welsh before the English. A supply of wine sent to them brought on a crisis and during the ride north. Edwards new Welsh archers got into a killing fight with the English soldiers, which nearly broke up the whole invasion force in a sudden paroxysm of national antipathy. The Welsh turned upon the English in their tents at night. Edward’s trumpets sounded promptly to the horse and charging the Welsh he slew more than eighty of them and eventually restored order. Exasperated and sullen, the Welsh chieftains now openly threatened to join Wallace.

“Let them do so,” said Edward scornfully; “let them go over to my enemies. I hope soon to see the day when I shall Chastise them both”. "
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Old December 31st, 2017, 06:51 AM   #2

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From: England
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Edward`s army which mustered at Roxburgh during June 1298 was an impressive one. As well as 3000 cavalry, the army comprised 10,900 Welsh infantry and 14,800 English foot soldiers. Because of a lack of supplies and the drunken mutiny of his Welsh troops, Edward moved his army to Edinburgh to obtain victuals. It was there that he received new that the Scottish army led by Wallace was drawing near. Edward moved his force to a position at Falkirk near Linlithgow, there to await the approach of the Scottish host.

Wallace formed his infantry into four defensive formations known as schiltroms. The English prised open these defensive formations, either by archery by the infantry according to one account, or by converging cavalry attacks by another. The Welsh troops were bystanders during the initial fighting, but joined in the pursuit of the Scots when it became evident the English were winning.

Edward did not use Welsh troops during his next major campaign in Scotland during 1300, no doubt wary of there dubious usefulness.
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