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British In Holland around 1790


Please excuse a rather selfishly motivated visit to this Forum, but I've very belatedly in life decided to try and trace my ancestors, and have found one who according to his census records was "born in Holland 1794, British subject".

I'd very much appreciate it if someonce could spare the time to either give me a brief precis of the state of British/Dutch relationships at that time (or recommend a suitable link), AND suggest any likely reasons as to what his parents could have been doing over there.

Thank you,

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Re: British In Holland around 1790

They could've been stationed there as part of the British contingint in the War of the First Coalition (1792–1797) during which revolutionary France tried to invade the Austrian Netherlands.

Ah found more info yup, British troops were defenatly stationed in Holland, in the 1794 helping to defend the dutch against the advances of Revolutionary France. This contingent was defeated.

I believe your ancestor must've been a high ranking officer as the enlisted men wouldn't have been allowed to take there wives with them and the birth of a child to a Dutch mother probally wouldn't have been recorded as a British Subject (this is just my assumption)
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Re: British In Holland around 1790

This might be useful to you
"Persons on board ship or in a military unit abroad:
records of births, marriages and deaths in British Army regiments abroad after ca. 1790, and of English or Welsh births and deaths at sea after 1837, are mostly at the Office for National Statistics (see above). Records of Scottish births and deaths at sea after 1855 are mostly at the General Record Office for Scotland (see above). There are some entries for baptisms at sea after 1893 in the parish registers of St Dunstan Stepney (held at London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Nor*thampton Road, London EC1R 0HB); however, the popular belief that all baptisms at sea were registered there is incorrect. Details of other sources are given in The British Overseas."



or this


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Re: British In Holland around 1790

Hello Alchad ..
Most likely your family relation was here in Holland as a trader..if you find something mentioning Amsterdam,Leiden,Hoorn,Utrecht or Vlissingen thats the most likely ..

but its true 1794 is also the end of the old republic of the seven provincies and the start of the Bataafsche republic ..very turbulent times in dutch history . Its the period where the Napoleontic french got more and more influence over Holland and after wich William5 of Orange had to flee to England .

Brit /Austrian/Prussian/Spanish/Dutch/Napolitan/Sicilian /Portuguese/Piemont Sardinian forces started the first coalition war against the French in 1794 .

If you have a city name where your family relative was born it will maybe shed more light if his father was a militairy person involved in the Coa war or not .. (that was fought in the southern part of Holland ).
A thing to keep in mind that in those days Belgium wasnt a separate state yet and still part of Holland ..might be you need to look in now Belgian archives ,depending on the city ..(For there have been battles in belgian cities as Fleurus and Kortrijk in 1794 too , after that the Allied armies retreated over the river Rhine to continue fighting in cities as Boxtel and Nijmegen )

As a new member cant seem to place any links ..but 'first coalition war' in google should already lead you to a english Wiki article about the incidents .

One note to Lawnmowerman ..Holland was never under Austrian influence , just for the coalition war they joined forces . I do agree about your assumption that he propably was a high placed person though ,wether military or trader .I'dd guess when he brought his wife he was a civillian .Considering the child was registred as British most likely.
A child with a Dutch woman would not have been registred without a marriage and simply registred as bastard ,nationality dutch .Considering aristocratic families were beheaded by French revolutionary forces in the earlier French revolution makes it not very likely a aristocratic military officer would bring his (already pregnant) wife ..
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