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Originally Posted by Kaficek View Post
Very poorly worded, in that case then. If there are two people in front of me, and I kick one of them three times, I haven't kicked 150% of them.
I think it makes sense to any native English speaker.
Of 100 cars there are 110 thefts. That means that some ( average one tenth) are stolen twice or more.
Real life examples. The Car theft syndicates have a man at the registration office and/or the car dealership and/or the police pound. New car is delivered on Monday, the thieves have been provided with all details and the address of the owner--sometimes a duplicate key. Car is stolen on Monday night. Car is recovered by (usually a private company) on Friday and taken to police pound. Crook in the police arranges for car to be "re-stolen" by the same crooks on Saturday night. Another example, stolen car is returned to owner, but the same guys come back and steal it again.
Crooks even managed to infiltrate one of the vehicle tracking companies and were then able to provide the details of the co-ordinates of a target car, the hidden location of the tracking device and the reporting procedures.
There are as many different wheezes as you have fingers and toes. Violent hijacking has declined dramatically and was originially brought on by improved ant-theft technology, but it still exists.

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Originally Posted by kbear View Post
i knew the rape rate there was sky high which is even scarier when 69% of africa is HIV positive and AIDS is the cause of death for 72% of africa. i doubt these men bother with condoms. so they are actually commiting murder. i've heard on the news that whites are being murdered in SA just because they are white, including many white farmers that give the locals jobs. i would agree that saudi arabia is probably safer right now..
The Cell is right about the myth of farm attacks. The story is bigged up on a lot of neo-nazi websites and by the remnants of the broken-down alcoholic club known as the AWB (A***holes Without Brains).
The "farms" are mainly out-of-town smallholdings or rural houses--not real farms at all. Being rural they are harder to secure, often the victims are elderly--prime targets for any criminals in any country. Supposedly 3000 "farmers" have been murdered since 1994. With a total murder rate of between 55 per 100,000 to 35 per 100,000 in the last 20 years (75 to 47 per day) 3000 so-called farmers or 3 per WEEK is small potatoes (unless they are your friends or family).
As far as racist targeting is concerned, again the Cell is right that crooks tend to target the people who have something worth stealing and the non-white middle class are just as susceptible.
However there is an element of extreme racist violence in some criminal activity. Researchers have suggested that many of the people who were small children in the townships in the late 1980s/early 1990s and saw a lot of brutal, nihilistic violence have become, essentially, psychopaths.

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Once saw a documentary about African Americans starting businesses in South Africa. Some thought it would be easy but it was not. Its a different culture. But housing was cheap. Those that stayed bought homes for $100.000 to $200.000 that would easily cost over one million dollars in the US. So it seems the standard of living is cheaper.

So if the standard of living is cheaper and you make good money in SA. then I would think they could afford security guards. And yes, security guards, according to this article below from 2006, are not paid much. Also found out that there seem to be more private security guards then police in certain regions of SA.

There are far more private security forces than state police officers
SOUTH AFRICA: 'We guard billions, but are paid peanuts' | Green Left Weekly
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