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19th Century Global Adventurer

Good morning,

I am currently in the process of writing a fictional series (my very first) and I would like some assistance. The timeline is the 1890s. I wish to know what railroad system existed in Kenya that could be used to reach Egypt and Morocco. My MC travels from Kenya after the first book, and then travels to Egypt in the second book and then onward toward Morocco. Each book will be set years apart from the aforementioned ones. I also wish to know if it's possible for a Turkish acrobat exist in the timeline as well. My MC is an American, he travels by train and meets up with a Turkish circus acrobat, on his journey toward Egypt. This is the second book. Which would be set in 1896. As for Morocco, I have not decided. Also, for my main book, I am
having a bit of a problem. I have written five trials for the MC to gain help from the Massai while he is in Kenya. The problem is, I can't seem to find out how the fourth and fifth trial could be. I thought of having a trial of fear and trial of honor. But I donít know. I really don't know how those types of tests would be used. I sure hope you can follow me and understand what I am asking. I am really hoping this would be a successful book series. The genre, in case you were wondering, is Action-Adventure/Western. "Have Gun - Will Travel" meet "Indiana Jones". If that helps you any.
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Cecil Rhoads began an effort to build a Trans-Africa Railroad and telegraph in 1899.



You may want to look into the Kedong Massacre (1895) when the Maasi attacked and killed over 600 British after a Maasi girl was abducted and raped. I don't know if it was railroad building that provided the happenstance. In any case, by 1898 the Maasi would probably have still harbored a deep hatred for Europeans coming into their country. The whole Cape Town to Cairo railway was never completed and the track gauge was wider in the Northern sections than in the Southern sections.

You suggest that your protagonist had undergone a serious of "tests"by the Massi. That's unlikely, because of the antipathy aroused from the Kedong Massacre, and the cultural norms of the Maasi. The Maasi had a number of ceremonies and rituals that they were expected to complete to become a full blown member of the tribe. Boys, for instance had to go out on the savanna equipped only with a spear and shield, and kill a lion. Circumsicion was another "test"/ritual that all Maasi had to undergo. Other rituals had were focused, I believe, on bulding and moving the tribe's Kaaral from place to place, and their cattle representing wealth to the Maasi. No cow, no bride. To more fully understand, you will need to do some research into the Maasi culture and history.

BTW, the lions of the region were notorious man killers. Not long ago there was a popular film about the hunt for a pair of lions who almost by themselves brought work on the railroad to a halt, ("The Ghost and the Darkness"). The first man recorded to have been killed was an Indian Sikh railroad worker, and he was followed by as many as a dozen more. I read somewhere, some when, the man's name, but have forgotten it a long time go.

You are probably familiar with the Flashman series of novels, and they may be a better model than either Indiana Jones or Paladin.
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Why use fictional people when there is a real Have Gun will travel Paladin and Indiana Jones Global adventurer? Life of Sir Richard Francis Burton
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