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History in Films and on Television History in Films and on TV - Documentary Films, Historical Dramas, and history programs on PBS and the History Channel

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you can watch the epsiodes on the PBS site using a proxy like Hola VPN if you want to give it a try.
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What foreign government was Nixon supposedly working with?
Supposedly? This is a longstanding matter of record. Nixon made a deal with South Vietnam's Thieu to scuttle peace talks during the 68 election. Both LBJ and Everett Dirksen knew what he was doing. Haledamn's notes came out a few years ago and confirmed it.


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Went back and watched PBS Vietnam - A Television History. Still the best. Not all glitz like Burns, but real depth with most of the major players. And its Zee em. Not Dee em.

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Diệm "was a total failure" because Kennedy wanted US troops in Vietnam. After Diem's death, the CIA staged a smear campaign against him to justify mass-scale intervention. He was portrayed as corrupt and evil.
The irony is that ten years later, in 1973, the CIA launched another smear campaign to tarnish the reputation of the then President Nguyen Van Thieu. They wanted to pull the troops out. So he was also portrayed as corrupt and evil.
At the end of the day, the US did exactly as Diem had suggested from the beginning. "No troops please"!
Henry Kissinger about Diem:"He was the only guy we got there".
See how expendable Diem was?
Diem had valuable spy networks in Laos and Cambodia, people were fighting in the dark in those countries since 1955. He was from a region with ties to Laos for centuries. Thus there was nothing secret about the "Secret War". The US had no such geographical problems in Korea since the peninsula is quite narrow(Inchon Landing).
Moreover, the CIA was ill-prepared for the Vietnam War. In their reports they confused the names of people, locales, etc... sometimes even regions or units. Of course it was mostly because of the Ching Chong Ding Dong nature of the place, but you'd better put your local guy in good use.
Now confusing several different guys with similar names was funny, but different units with each other? A disaster. They even confused "our generals" with "NV generals". Imagine reports about North Vietnamese Generals leading, ahem, allied troops.
In many cases, promoting was based on perceived docility/ loyalty toward the American military/ intelligence officials, so they let slipping in numerous big moles.
And Diem was so hard head, or "total failure", first and foremost because he was a NV guy. The US should've asked their NV guys before going to praise "the other NV guys", but since they had always considered him their tinpot dictator nothing could've been done about it.
Young Kennedy wanted victory. Moreover, two years before Communism had invaded Space(Sputnik 1961) so the American public was also eager to fight Communism elsewhere, somewhere not America.
In Japan the US was tactful enough to keep the Emperor in place, thanks to the highly eccentric MacArthur. Nowadays I've seen many Americans whining about keeping Hirohito, like "MacArthur saved a War Criminal" or something.
Either Hirohito or exterminating the Japanese as a race, your choosing!
Btw, in 1969 the US had conquered Space too, so Get Out was not so bad an option. The ego of the USA was consoled.
There was a conspiracy among the Loser Vietnamese about Kissinger the Jew wanting to help Israel by abandoning South Vietnam. In fact one dollar denied to South Vietnam was one more dollar US aid sent to Israel.
Since the Jews are quite ethnocentric I find the theory interesting.
All in all, I hereby quote Lee Kuan Yew from his autobiography:
"Although American intervention failed in Vietnam, it bought time for the rest of Southeast Asia. In 1965, when the U.S. military moved massively into South Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines faced internal threats from armed communist insurgencies, and the communist underground was still active in Singapore . . . America's action [in Vietnam] enabled non-communist Southeast Asia to put their own houses in order. By 1975, they were in better shape to stand up to the communists. Had there been no U.S. intervention, the will of these countries to resist them would have melted and Southeast Asia would most likely have gone communist. The prosperous emerging market economies of A.S.E.A.N. were nurtured during the Vietnam War years."
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