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History in Films and on Television History in Films and on TV - Documentary Films, Historical Dramas, and history programs on PBS and the History Channel

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Old November 2nd, 2012, 07:38 AM   #91

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you might be interested in this one [ame="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063174/"]The Last Roman (1968) - IMDb@@AMEPARAM@@http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTgxNjk3NjcyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNzkyMjg5._V1._ SX93_SY140_.jpg@@AMEPARAM@@BMTgxNjk3NjcyNl5BMl5Ban BnXkFtZTYwNzkyMjg5@@AMEPARAM@@SX93@@AMEPARAM@@SY14 0[/ame]
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Old November 2nd, 2012, 08:10 AM   #92

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Originally Posted by Dreamhunter View Post
11th century Byzantium. Covering the era of Basileios II, all the way to Romanus Diogenes and his successor. It should cover the formation of the Varangian Guard and its impact on Byzantium.
While that may be too large of a time frame, a "Harald Hardradr in Byzantium" miniseries could be good, and would offer a lot of opportunity to explore a lot of different locales.
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Old November 2nd, 2012, 08:12 AM   #93

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Originally Posted by Thessalonian View Post
They should make a movie about 1453....
There is one actually:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sdtkAM-Ud0]Conquest 1453 Movie Trailer ( english subtitle ) - YouTube[/ame]
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Old November 2nd, 2012, 09:21 AM   #94

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Since Constantinople held out against the Turks for so long, a film about its' final moments as Constantinople would be extremely captivating. Especially, if a well crafted script is created for it and a quality director assigned to manifest it. The Fall of Constantinople was the final nail in the coffin of the Roman Empire. It took a new cannon technology to bring it about. The film should be made in two halves. The first half leading up to the destruction of the fortifications of Constantinople and the second half what happened when the Turks moved into the city and renamed it Istanbul. This subject could also be done as a very comprehensive mini-series as well.
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Old November 24th, 2012, 12:55 AM   #95
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The movie mentioned above may use the name Byzantium, but it is really about vampires I believe.

But I have heard in the pipeline that Steven Lawhead's novel Byzantium is being made into a movie.
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Old November 26th, 2012, 10:37 PM   #96
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Originally Posted by Kirialax View Post
While that may be too large of a time frame, a "Harald Hardradr in Byzantium" miniseries could be good, and would offer a lot of opportunity to explore a lot of different locales.
Michael Ennis wrote an excellent novel 15 or so years ago called Byzantium, and it did deal with Harald going to Mikligard, joining the Varangians, and being witness to the court of Empress Zoe and her various paramours. It was in my opinion a very excellent novel and first started me off on my hobby of studying Byzantine History. So I think it would make an excellent mini-series should HBO or even Starrz take it on. The book has just the right mix of characters and storylines that would be perfect for a mini-series. Not to mention sex, which as we all know, would sell the script to a network or preferable cable channel.
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Old June 19th, 2014, 08:09 AM   #97
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What would make a really epic movie:
Something on Justinian ii (based on the book by HN Turtletaub (Harry turtledove).
The sack of Constantinople in 1204 and life in the Frankish occupied city...
The epic Adventures of Harold Hadrada! However, in this case it wouldn't be based on the Michael Ennis thing because Ennis left out Sicily and refused to tell the reader what the hell was going on instead of compiling a dictionary of cliches...
Quick question on that one... I know from desperately looking things up that Joanne's (Ionnes, John, whatever) was mostly concerned with establishing his family and giving them all cushy jobs they really couldn't handle...so why did he arrange for the Empress to be kidnapped? Is this historical fact or did Ennis just throw in another plot twist he refuses to explain?
No offense. I really wish I'd liked that book, best descriptions of Constantinople ever but when you don't even know which side of the city your main character is in after he's jumped through several blocks of burning buildings...
Anyway, If anyone's going to get around to Byzantium from the Varangian viewpoint it's the History Channel Vikings series (they plan to do the whole Viking era but they're still stuck in the 8th century so it could take a while...)

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Originally Posted by Sayid Gishta View Post
Whatever happens, there's got to be Greek fire somewhere.
Exactly. The book Justinian starts in his fathers time with the very first battle in which it was used, and Justinian himself used it quite a lot when wiping out Slavs and all that...
I love Greek fire...
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