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tj2020 May 23rd, 2016 02:26 AM

Argument Against Land Based Empires?
Hello all,
I'm a high school student and I've been assigned quite a bizarre project. Essentially, I need to argue some points to successfully make my opponent's specific topic seem "insignificant". Now, obviously land based empires have left remarkable imprints on world history, however, I am in need for some points to support specific aspects that detail some sort of insignificance of land based empires (any of them; the topic is broad I know).

CPTANT May 23rd, 2016 04:42 AM

hmmmm, you could mention that landlocked countries don't have access to international waters and are therefore depended on their neighbours for trade.

This also means that they have to keep their neighbours as their friends, or they can be isolated.

Actually access to international waters has always been a great deal for empires, for example Peter the Great's foreign policy was very much aimed at securing a warm water port for the Russian Empire. He made alliances to reach this goal and this ultimately culminated in the Great Northern War.

You could also mention the great effect the British blockade had on Germany during WW1. Britain's dominance of the seas brought the economy of the land based German empire almost to a complete collapse towards the end of the war.

Also colonialism and the associated naval trade was huge in the 17th-20th century, it made Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands immeasurably rich in that time period. Forcing nations to comply with treaties by threat of naval force was also a thing. Land powers can project their power on their neighbours, but naval powers can project it on the world.


hope this gives you some ideas.

tj2020 May 23rd, 2016 05:44 AM


Lucius May 23rd, 2016 06:06 AM

Next time read the rules.

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