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How to become a history teacher

Hi all,

After an awfully long time of being ill I'm starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and I'm now considering the bold move of getting back into work. I had a quick browse for jobs in Dubai covering project management but I don't think I can face the long hours, stress and paperwork anymore. Is teaching a better option I wonder?

I've been working as a TA at a primary school since October but have had to take at least a month off for being ill. It's tolerable, but I must admit I utterly loathe teaching kids about basic English and Maths, guided reading is also spectacularly dull. If I'm going to teach then I want to teach something I'm interested in and have a passion for, fortunately the Ancient Greeks will be coming up next term so I hope to give a few classes, tho at a Primary level (age 10/11) it will probably be very basic stuff.

It's a delicate balance between work and affluence, I don't think I'll ever be rich if I go into teaching, poverty is a realistic prospect actually. Starting a career as a teacher nowadays means I'll probably never own my own house and probably work until I die too, but at least my brief period of existence will have been spent doing something which I want to do, rather than throwing the precious moments of a fleeting life away in a monotonous office.

Now I've stopped waffling about philosophy, how does one break into this history teaching lark? It appears to be rather more difficult now in the UK. Every man and his dog wants to do teaching due to the recession and history is a rather popular subject. I only have a 2:2, my excuse was that I was fairly young (graduated at 23) and probably not mature enough to undertake a degree. Is that a disastrous result or can I still teach without a 2:1/First?

I've some teaching experience now at a Primary school as well as a month spent teaching English in China. What else can I do to bump up my chances of getting on a PGCE course? I've given up on GTP history as they're as elusive as gold dust. I guess I could volunteer my services to a Secondary School History Dept, tho I'm not even sure if they're taking volunteers at the moment...

Is further education the answer? Should I consider an MA or trying to do some independent historical research? I guess schools are more interested in practical teaching experience than detailed subject knowledge.

Thanks in advance!

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Old March 21st, 2012, 08:54 PM   #2

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Not sure about teaching. My sister is similar to you, she went to university for math, and she eventually landed a high school teaching spot. They are all unionized to my understanding in Canada.

Dubai, I don't know alot about...

Have you considered the labor shortages in Edmonton Alberta? I've only done a few years of industrial, construction type stuff, and I have no idea how those places are organized, but they do have a labor shortage and as far as I know, it's the only real boom happening in Canada. However it's been going on for a while now, not sure if it's still booming, but teacher salaries in that Province are higher than anywhere else in Canada (substantially higher), so maybe that's an option?


Technically a labor shortage should drive salaries up, so maybe if you want to be rich, it's a possibility? The downside to my knowledge is the mundane aspect of it all, the work camps, that sort of thing. Which I would imagine is the same sort of deal initially in Dubai. However, if there is a place be a teacher in Canada, apparently it's Alberta.

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Interesting, I didn't know there was a labour shortage in Canada, tho I think the teaching qualifications differ abroad, it's something to consider.

I've just had a marvellous flash of inspiration! I was browsing round the net for MA courses in history but the prospect of travelling all the way to some university campus is a bit off putting, even if it might be jam packed with nubile young ladies, the amount of money required for the course is also quite outrageous. An average of 6000/$12000 for a Masters I think.

Then I chanced upon A level courses online, now I've already got A/S and A/2 History so didn't even bother to search, but I've just found an online course for A/2 Ancient History! Which is an entirely different course from your bog standard A2 History! If I do this it will give me another A level qualification and mean I can study history again - great! I think there's also stuff on Egyptian History too and GCSE, I don't actually have my GCSE History so should really consider that too.

I'm quite chuffed now, I feel as though I've utterly wasted the best part of a year being ill, but with these online courses I can study from the leisure of my own home and they're far, far cheaper than doing an MA. Only 300! There's a few other courses too which are a few hundred and can bump up my C.V. far less hassle than writing 15,000 words on a dissertation for 2 years, the MA can wait.

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