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Medieval and Byzantine History Medieval and Byzantine History Forum - Period of History between classical antiquity and modern times, roughly the 5th through 16th Centuries

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Originally Posted by cunedda99 View Post

But I am interested in your theory that native Saxons may have in fact been a minority within the ranks of the Royal Huscarls by 1066? If so, this would explain a lot of what we have been discussing here, but again I ask....are there any contemporary records to support this idea, or are we lateral thinking our way to a logical outcome?

Not a theory, merely a suggestion. I only guess that the Royal Huscarls still had a strong Scandinavian element in their latter age. Whether they were people direct from Scandinavia, or people born to Scandinavian communities in England. The Godwinson's were a Danish party. The Father was member of the AS landed gentry that defected to Canute. The mother was Danish Royalty. One can guess there were rivalries between Saxons and Danes in England. Eward the Confessor was a Saxon partisan. It seems the Danish and Norse elements in England were the ones most opposed to the Norman regency. This was a world were even somebody from a different county was a stranger, a wag. It was the King, the supreme arbitrator that gave unity.

Originally Posted by Adalraade View Post
Good enough to enflict equal casualties with lesser numbers and less armor,
what does that say about your ''the cream of the top'' Huskarls and Snorre's claim?
You imagine? Somehow I don't think so, Hardies army was pretty much exterminated. One can only guess at the impact on Norway with so many of its leading men never returning.

But more violent societies do tend to produce more habitually violent men. In "Ingimunds saga" the Hiberno-Norse are described as being particularly vicious and stubborn by the Irish. Although the Irish had a sneaking admiration for their valor. Of course for us moderns even the latter Saxon world would have been a very violent place. However the Christian authorities worked hard to keep public demeanor, with a series of heavy fines for bad behavior. As one Historian put it, the medieval world was very much the "wild west". And Elenor's romances are misleading.

Alfred's answer was to regularly train his Thegn's in the arts of war. And then they proved just as effective.
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Of course the word Huscarle, simply means "house-men". When one was the Houseman of a King or an Earl, this was something significant. So it was, the house-man of 'something'! The housemen of the Norwegian King were a mere 240 strong or there abouts. This is no greater than the housemen of a major English Earl. But Norway was a small place that could at best muster a half-leidang of 12,000 to 15,000 men. The 240 strong number suggests the nature of their function. Half the force was probably home keeping the King company. The other half was out and abouts performing various duties throughout the Kingdom. Some had to strong arm the collection of taxes. The lower jobs might consist of a single Huscarle with the support of conscripted freemen. Checking the coast, making sure the warning beacons were stocked with timber ready to blaze. I assume this double century would have rotated duty. Those guarding the King having the easier time, drinking ale....telling Icelandic jokes. Considering this was Medieval Norway, sobriety was perhaps a punishable offense.
One would assume most were tall men, dressed to impress. With better armor and arms of the time. Rather like the later Grenadier. Men who would look imposing and also grand. In most places the common freemen of England only had to do a day's service per annum. But my guess is in Norway the period of service was longer. At least 2 weeks, perhaps longer. The Huscarles would have mustered freeman for various tasks. But there was perhaps no need that all freeman perform service every year. The freemen would settle at home telling grand stories of how they went about with big tall handsome dude in some year, chopping wood and doing such and such! Hearing stories of how grand the King was!
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anglo-Saxon and Norse battle tactics and weaponry were pretty similar. I don't see the difference in capability, considering the Norse arguably lost more major battles vs. the Anglo-Saxons than vice-versa.

The notable Norse victories were:


The English victories were:

Stamford Bridge

I kind of see the Norse/Anglo-Saxon conflicts like how WWII unfolded, or WWI. the Central Powers/Axis had initial advantages in many wars, but the Allies/Entente got their act together and used their advantages to win.
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Anglo-Saxons descendants of Israel.
Anglo-Saxons – lineal descendants of one of the people which followed Moses. Genetics discovered the Chechens and the Germans common Northern German mitochondrial DNA, that is maternal (see Yavus Akhmadovs statement in a round table of “RIA News” in Moscow).
Patrilineal the Chechens and the Ingush have Y DNA of haplogroup J2a, which in major of Cohens, descendant of Aaron, brother of Moses. The grandfather and his grandson from daughter will not have the same Y or Mt DNA, because these lines either only patrilineal or only matrilineal. Y DNA or Mitochondrial DNA are not betrays Anglo-Saxons as descendants of Israel, but they are their lineal descendants, as in the example of grandfather and his grandchildren by his daughter.
Middle Eastern Cohens Y DNA J2a of Gargareans-Chechen in the Caucasus moved to Northern German Mt DNA of Amazons. The historians well know that the Amazons were in alliance with Gargareans in Caucasus and in the three years bring back sons to their fathers. (as it written by Strabon)
Later Amazons have turned to patriarchy and the part of them with Sarmatians moved to Europe.
In the eddas of Vikings (descendants of Amazons!) is not random they pointing to Caucasus as their homeland.
Dr. A. Vagapov found over 5 thousand Chechen words in Old English language. Marcus Aurelius also resettled the Sarmatians - emigrants from Caucasus, to the Britain. Thousands of Chechen words in contemporary Europeans languages are not coincidental. Such known names as Lars, Akka, Utt, Buri, Hattuary, Angus, Van, Sassannach and others links Southwest Asia and Western Europe since ancient times of first civilizations. Albert Machigov.
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