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Cross comparison of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Galen

Greetings. Not sure what the appropriate section for the history of medical science is, but as Ibn Sina (Avicenna) was a Persian scholar; I will put him in this fourm.

In reading the history of Islamicate medical science; the most notable scientists seem to be Persian (Ibn Sina, Rhazes and Haly Abbas).

Catch is, these Persian scholars really weren't that groundbreaking as far. True, Galen's medical theories may have advanced by theoretical Indian influences (most notably Sushruta; and Indian surgeon who was possibly some sort of precedent for Galen); but alas, Galen's medical theory would still be quite advanced.

Furthermore, even among Muslim scholars, there are more groundbreaking ones. For example there is the Ottoman surgeon and physician Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu made such vast improvement to the surgical atlas that he is often credited as it's inventor (perhaps Ibn Sina is more notable because his name is easier to pronounce!)

Now, perhaps Ibn Sina was a mere transmitter. One could argue that there is nothng wrong with that....(nothing wrong with gain some incite via Chinese medicine, for example.), but even there, a cross comparison between Ibn Sina and Galen is warrented; to see whose medical theories were more advanced.

In what ways ways (if any) was Ibn Sina a more advanced medical scientist than Galen? Were there ways in which his surgery or diagnositics were any more advanced?

The history of science (especially non-European science prior to Copernicus) is not always easy; and I don't see a lot of Persian scholars on this forum. However, Ibn Sina may be famous in the middle east; so I wonder in anyone with interest in the history of the middle east has any incite on Persia's most famous medical scholar.

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Ibn Sina made notable discoveries in medicine. the widespread Ad-Duda Al-Mustadira disease is today's Ancylostoma, Hookworm. i believe he was also the first one to describe Meningitis. and the first who differentiated between congenital defect paralysis and the one which occur from brain damage.

Originally Posted by Piccolo View Post

In reading the history of Islamicate medical science; the most notable scientists seem to be Persian (Ibn Sina, Rhazes and Haly Abbas).
Al-Zahrawi, Ibn Al-Nafis, Hunayn ibn Ishaq along with Al-Razi and Ibn Sina are cited as the greatest medical authors by George Sarton.
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