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Natural Environment How Human History has been impacted by the environment, science, nature, geography, weather, and natural phenomena

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EPA ban on street to race car conversion proposal a misinterpretation or a precedent?

EPA Banning Road to Racecar Conversions? : snopes.com

This article states that the EPA is only proposing to enforce existing laws on emission controls with better clarification. Though the mainstream interpretation is quite flawed, I have a feeling that proposal such as banning the conversion of street cars to race cars will be possible in the future!

One guy from Facebook supporting such a ban(even though it does not exist!):

Stephen Schneider: Boo hoo! Of course you idiots think racing cars is more important than the environment.. We only need the environment to SURVIVE. This is what's wrong with America. Too many *******s believe their precious right to race a car is more important than the right of all humans to inherit a clean environment.
Noah: Banning modifications (Which the EPA has been quoted on being their next goal after this) in the name of the environment as absolutely ludicrous. The amount of extra pollution produced by modified or race cars is such a small different from stock that it makes literally no difference. You create more pollution building a Prius than changing your exhaust. There has been a culture around cars since the beginning of the automotive age, becoming a big part of the American dream, and they have been quoted saying that it could a meteor-sized dent in the industry, which creates $36 billion for a US industry which is also a huge US export. So thanks to the EPA for hurting US jobs and a US pastime because it will be SUCH a change in the enviornment

Stephen Schneider: Noah, I bet you love to litter... one candy wrapper will literally make no difference, right? I mean producing the wrapper and candy probably created more pollution than leaving your wrapper on the ground. But of course, making littering illegal will hurt the economy (the tremendous fines!). People will have to waste time and money trying to throw out their garbage when it's all going to end up in the ocean anyways. Littering is part of our culture! ... These arguments are absurd.
Another environmentalist hypocritical nuthead:

Jonathan Bardales Stephen, you're arguing with idiots.

"You're taking our happiness away." If burning mad gas so you can make repetitive left turns or abusing your 1994 Honda Civic with a big-ass spoiler on it and other ridiculous modifications is your sense of happiness, I'd check in with a therapist if I were you. What a sad definition of joy.

"You're a sheep/government owns you/any derivative of such," is probably coming from some John Deer-loving hick, some stay-at-home parent, or a dude who barely made it out with a GED and technical school and loves to enlighten himself with propaganda Youtube videos made by paranoid, gullible dumb****s like themselves.

Can we just, throw all you people into one island where you can choke yourselves to death on your pollution and let the rest of society progress toward a cleaner, brighter future? Good lord.
I bet Jonathan Bardales doesn't mind if we take away his entertainment(toys, movies, etc.). Companies making plastic toys pollute the environment too hypocrite!
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