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Male-female ratios in polygynous countries

Some people tend to think that in a polygynous country, only the male royalties practiced polygyny and mostly practiced it with moderation. Unfortunately, they underestimate the royalties and overlook the male members of the gentry and lower nobility who on average practiced minimal polygyny (1 man, 2+women).

Some polygynous countries in certain periods were powerful and rich enough to maintain an approx. 1: 2 male-female ratio by raiding neighboring countries and capture female slaves in large number, coercing neighboring countries into delivering female slaves in large number, purchasing female slaves from foreign lands in large number.

When a polygynous country were not or no longer powerful and rich enough to maintain an approx. 1: 1.5 male-female ratio - more and more male members of the peasantry found themselves hopelessly wifeless - this demographic then revolted against the gentry, nobility, and royalty - if successful, some of the rebels became the new gentry, nobility, and royalty - they continued their polygynous practice - sooner or later, they failed to maintain the adequate male-female ratio and were overthrown by the hopelessly wifeless demographic - the cycle began again.
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The simplest and most common ways for polygynous societies to compensate for insufficient females and high populations of unmarried males is thru homosexual conduct among unmarried males, and a much higher attrition of lower class males in the society... everything from from having no helmet laws for motorcyclists, to no seatbelt in mass transits, to high levels of militarism... the societies simply end up not trying very hard to preserve male lives among the lower classes.

honestly... stealing wives just isn't a valid option... because the guys you steal them from will come after them.
And buying them is not feasible... because no culture as a true 'surplus' of marriageable women.

so what you see actually happen is single men having sex with boys. And intertribal tensions more often escalated to the point of violence.

going to war seize women is not necessary- because war, itself reduces the surplus male population. ergo, any war, for any reason, will do... and since wars always serve the interests of the ruling elite... who have all the women they want... the wars will likely be over resources the ruling elite covet- rather than the wives their soldiers do not have.

the result... the elite get their resources they want- and a bunch of unmarried men get killed, reducing the societal pressure to the point where Boys can fill the gap.
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