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Speculative History Speculative History Forum - Alternate History, What If Questions, Pseudo History, and anything outside the boundaries of mainstream historical research

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Old January 12th, 2017, 01:19 AM   #11

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Carthage would rule the ancient world. All diseases, animals and plants would have phoenician names. Many european languages would be based on vulgar semitic language. There would be no anti-semitism at least would mean completely different thing.
In general history would be same. The representatives of the right Sinagogues would slaughter, burn and forcerly convert representatives of wrong Sinagogues for centures.
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Old January 12th, 2017, 11:31 AM   #12

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Another city state in central Italy could have dominated the ancient world. In that sense the world today would look about the same.

Maybe, if the Greeks weren't conquered their civilization would continue to develop continuously (ancient technology peaked around 150 BC which was the time when the Romans took over) and the level of technology we have today would be reached much earlier like by 750 AD or something.

Although the world would become so different that we would be looking at something really weird: our modern world characterized by very fast technological progress is a product that of the decline and fall of Rome: the reason is that world population increased while civilization declined since the level of civilization attained by the Greeks around 150 BC was incredibly advanced and the world had about 200 million people only in 1850 AD the world had over 1 billion people but it's level of tech was not much more advanced except at North Western Europe. The extremely fast progress we made since 1850 was a product of this extreme potential that was held back for 2 thousand years, now, the economies of developed countries are as of now relatively stagnating because we have achieved that potential already.
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Old January 13th, 2017, 07:07 PM   #13
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If Rome never rises, Early on the Mediterranean is dominated by Carthage and Greeks. Genghis Khan sweeps in taking Europe since it consists mainly of tribal kingdoms which didn't grow into empires. After the dust settles and widespread revolts tear the Mongolian Empire apart in Europe, it's still divided and relatively un-advanced. Carthage still dominates much of the Mediterranean to this day. America isn't invaded by Europeans. Instead trade is established by Saxons. Who after realizing raiding isn't profitable use their sailing skills to become the "Venetians" of the northern seas. The native tribes in America develop metal working, thanks to the Saxons. And build their own empires which last to this day as world powers, alongside China, Carthage, India, And Mongolia which consists of modern day Russia and pushes down to the border of Afghanistan.
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