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Post-WWII hot war

Hitler and his generals, knowing they will lose for sure, take a large armed convoy west to meet British, American, or Canadian troops. A joint UK/USA brigade meets him, takes him and his entourage prisoner, and they are sent to both Generals Monty and Ike, and he even meets Churchill in person in front of a heavy armed guard.

Hitler agrees to surrender, but on the terms that Germany does not receive heavy reparations, and that he is placed in a secret maximum security facility with basic provisions and healthcare only. FDR, Churchill and Stalin agree, to end the war quickly, but over time Stalin gets restless over his confinement, and wants him executed.

A Soviet raid is made on the location, since the details are top secret and classified by all Allied parties, but they get repulsed by the large guard. A brief conflict results, with the Soviets capturing parts of Germany, and the West (or NATO by that time) not wanting to start a nuclear conflict backing down. The USSR also capture Yugoslavia, and parts of Greece, Turkey, and Finland.

Hitler dies in confinement in 1959, and then President Ike and PM MacMillan order that his corpse is burnt and the ashes discarded. However, this leads to by the 1980s/1990s:

- No Balkan wars, as the USSR is the enemy. Or at least there may still be wars, but in phases. the first phase is to push the USSR out, but the second phase is for what structure replaces them.

- The USSR still falls eventually, and the fallout is worse due to wars in the conquered territories.

- Turkey and Greece fight the USSR, along with Chechens, and a long front aroudn the Black Sea/Caucasus, and Chechnya is a recognised independent state.

- The reunification of Germany still occurs, and the UK and France help Germany militarily retake USSR territory.

- The CIS still exists post the USSR's fall, and Russia as the USSR's successor state makes more of an effort to bounce back than in real life.

- There still is a Putin type figure, maybe he himself, who increases Russia's nuclear arsenal, troop numbers, and fortifies Russia against the West. He also locks nukes on the West, and there is a new Cold War (Cold War II), based on a desire to regain the lost territories and punish the West.
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