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Hypothetical Campaign- Prototype: Norse v. Iroquois

Another anachronistic competition. This time, however, I strove to provide for operational and strategic level developments. Details are as follows. Obviously this scenario is completely implausible, but so is Roman v. T-rex.

If anybody could translate a crappy sketch into a workable map, I'd be happy to cook one up, but I fear my abysmal art skills would make any effort to provide a visual aid completely counterproductive.

I realize the numbers for the Iroquois are insane, but lets have fun here.

Fictional peninsula, Oshweda, has long been inhabited by several native tribes, who have subsisted on fishing and low level trading with their neighbors. The island has always been sparsely populated, and is covered in thick forests and vegetation. Wild animals are plentiful for the hunting, and the coasts are teeming with fish.

About 50 years ago, the Haudenosaunee (henceforth, Iroquois) Confederation has expanded into this territory. Over the next few decades, various low intensity conflicts eventually deplete the ability of local coalition to resist, and they are assimilated. The takeover decimates the local population, and the Iroquois begin moving taking advantage of their new found territory.

The Norse discovered Oshweda about ten years ago. They have established a small post, Höfn, at the northernmost point of the island to refit their ships and set up a minor lumber camp to resupply areas that have begun to suffer from deforestation in their homelands. Civilian settlers move in to exploit the bountiful resources of the peninsula, and before long they begin trading with the Iroquois in the area. Though the Norse initially are resistant to providing the natives with metal arms, over time through thievery and trade the Iroquois gain access to enough metal arms that they could be influential at a tactical level. For the purposes of this scenario, they acquire the same type of weapon they get in history- metal tomahawks and 'gunstock' war clubs, with sharpened bits of metal to augment their standard war clubs and arrowheads.

Five years ago, the Norse began trying to establish another colony, which has infuriated the Iroquois. After several settlers are captured, tortured, and killed, the locals appeal to their homeland for assistance, and lead several successful raids against local villages.

A large Norse force of 1000 men arrived at the main settlement last year, and began planning to force the natives off the peninsula and destroy their army. They are armed with a standard assortment of Viking weaponry, and wear chain mail. Last month, a reconnaissance force of 150 men move by boat around the coast to search for the enemy. They disembark at a village to find it is empty. A small band of about 30 men scour for clues as to the villager's whereabouts. The remaining 120 men, in true Viking fashion, pillage the town.

5 kilometers from the village, the scouting band captures a native scout, who informs them under torture that they had been observed at every stage of their operation, and that over 1500 well armed warriors are amassing to destroy the raiders, and move up to wipe out Höfn.

Mission: The scouts must warn the main body in the village of the impending attack. The party must then return to Höfn and warn the main force of the attack.
Equipment: The 30 man recon band is on foot. They are armed with an assortment of Norse weaponry. Most of them wear a mail shirt and some type of helmet, and almost all of them carry a shield. They have no bows.
Disposition: The men are shocked to realize their situation, but are experienced fighters and are confident their armor can withstand the natives, who they do not believe have enough metal weapons to be of any importance. They are in good shape, as they had no rush to get to their current position, but must move back to the village, a distance of 5 kilometers, over dense terrain.

The Iroquois have 1500 men from the various members and dependents of the confederation. They are not too unified, and prefer to fight as groups from their home tribes. Nearly all the warriors the confederacy can muster have been called out on this attack, which they hope will be decisive.
The force has rested for several days, and has scouts hidden all over the islands. They are 2 kilometers from the scout party, and 7 from the village. They are still several days from reaching Höfn.

They want to eliminate the Norse force in detail, as they do not have enough of an advantage in numbers to eradicate the whole Norse fighting force in a large battle.

The force is organized in war bands of about 250 men, except for advance elements of 100 Iroquois and of 150 Iroquois. These forces are all operating independently of each other, but can unify when necessary.

Mission: Destroy the Norse force in detail. Prevent at all costs the Norse from fielding a large army against them.
Equipment: Most of the Iroquois are armed with metal knives and tomahawks. Several hundred also carry metal 'gunstock' war clubs, and nearly all of them have at least one metal-augmented standard war club. 400 Iroquois carry bows and metal tipped arrows. 500 of the warriors are not from one of the Five Nations, and are armed with wood and stone clubs and axes. They all have bows, but only stone tipped arrows.
Disposition: Morale varies, but is generally high. The warriors know they are less well armored than the Vikings, but they believe that through speed and surprise they can win. The 500 non-5 Nation warriors don't really want to be there and hate their lives. At least the natives can outdistance the Norsemen easily due to their utter lack of armor.

The 30 Vikings realize they must reach the village at all costs and prepare to fight a running battle. Discovering the body of their tortured comrade, the force of 100 Iroquois charge after the Vikings, yelling terribly as they go. The force of 150 Iroquois is three hours away from the village, and is approaching from the North.
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