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Originally Posted by Pendennis View Post
Bish- you are entitled to your opinion even though it is utter, biased, baloney. I repeat of all the nations at Nuremburg the Soviet Union had more right than the other powers to sit in judgement given they were subjected to war crimes and a war of racial annihiliation. which cost 20 million ordinary Soviet people their lives.
Cold War crap as exemplified by you attitude had no part in allied thinking in 1945.
Besides the opinions of 21st century Cold Warriors are irrelevant as the majority of the people in the allied side regarded the their Soviet allies with massive affection witness the lionisation of the Moscow Dynamo soccer team who toured the UK in 1945.
It is also monstrous to suggest that victims of Nazi war crimes like the babes and children
who died at Leningrad between 1941-44 should have been denied due process -which is what Nuremburg was about To argue against this . is warped Nazi thinking at its worst. even if articulated by people like yourself who should know better.
Both Roosevelt and Churchill knew that the Soviets given that they did most of e winning and fighting to secure allied victory-see Churchill -The Red Army tore the guts out of the German Wehrmacht ...'
Howe many people Stalin killed is totally irrelevant-Nazism was on trial in 1945 not the Soviet Union.who had made it preminently posibble to get justice for the victims of Nazism.
Nobody is arguing that crimes against Germans were okay because they were German and nowhere in the indictments at Nuremburg was that stated .This is an invention by you to try to give your arguments some phoney veneer of legitamacy.
Go study he films Roland Feisler's People's Court trial performance of the July 20 1944 conspiarators then you will see that the Nuremburg trials were in contrast a model of sound jurisprudence.
Guys like you ask us to pity the Nazi plumage and forget the dying suffering birds underneath who were victims of Nazism.
Rougeing up that syphillitic old tart German Nazism at the expense of the allies of whom the Soviet Union was one is despicable. No N
No serious military historian would entertain your absurd attempt to downgrade the massivei contribution of millions of Soviet citizens in securing victory for the western alies. and obtang justiuce at uremburg for the crimes the Nazis infliced on ordiary decent Soviet folk between 1941-45.
And guys like you are pathetic mass murder apologists and your no better than the Russians on here who defend every Russian crime.

The Allies got their justice at Nuremberg, the innocent Poles, Germans and others who suffered at the hands of your commie friends did not.
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