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Old March 31st, 2017, 09:04 PM   #661

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Originally Posted by Sam-Nary View Post
But then, the Wehrmacht is is army, air force, navy, and any other component of the German military in WW2.

And given that there was no major "Western Front" between June 1940 and June 1944 and that the Mediterranean was a minor theater for them with only one corps sent initially and that strength only marginally increased by the eve of El Alamein in 1942... It should be safe to say that for most of the war, most of the German army was committed to the Eastern Front.
Actually no, you'd think so, but in fact not the case.

This is also a fallacy that people use when they want to massage the numbers, usually to try to prove that the Soviets won the war singlehandedly.
(Not accusing you of that, but do look very carefully at the numbers before passing judgement)

The fact is that the efforts of British bombing required the Germans to maintain a million men+ in the west for civil defence, firefighting, rescue, repair etc, not to mention another million or so of LW, AA battalions and other armed forces.
Had there been no war between Germany and the British Empire, these men wouldn't have been sitting around in the beer garden enjoying pilsner & schnitzel, there'd have been millions more men available for the eastern front.

And for the record, there was a "Western Front" in 1941 fought by the British & Allies - in Greece & Yugoslavia (well, more like a Southern front)
So the bulk of the German army faces the British/Aussies/Greek/Yugoslavs for the first half of 1941, and the Soviets for the second half.
In 1943 the Axis have diverted almost 40 divisions to the Med, so far, far more than just the Africa Korps.
As for 1942, by Nov 1942 the Axis have not "marginally increased" their numbers, there are a half million men either in Africa, or on their way there, all of who will never return to Europe.
Not as many as in the USSR, but not insignificant either.

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Old April 1st, 2017, 01:47 AM   #662
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People also forget the huge amount of resources and fuel the Germans spend on the battle of the Atlantic. They build over a thousand submarines, with accompanying crew and logistics.

As a crude estimate (just using wiki reichmarks costs, comparing wartime costs is always tricky) a type VII submarine costs about as much as 35 Panther tanks.
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Old April 5th, 2017, 05:25 PM   #663
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Originally Posted by Menshevik View Post
You're right. I did not know about this "drop". As it was, it was a botch from beginning to end because the units were literally cobbled together in great haste, had no unit cohesion and in fact, most of the troops did not know each other and had no experience working together and included many, if not most, soldiers who had never even jumped out of an airplane before. Not to mention using very inexperienced pilots who had little to none experience flying in formation in the middle of a snow storm, no less. It would have been better if the mission had never taken place at all. Such is war...

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Hitler's Messing with his own army I believe gives the US/UK a lead. The Dilution of Divisions,Major Strategy Mistakes and so on
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