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Originally Posted by antonina View Post
Earlier this year I saw an exhibition of carvings by an elderly Warsaw Art Academy tutor prof. Stanislas Kulon.

As a child he was one of the about 800,000 Poles deported as slave labour to Soviet Russia during the two year long Hitler-Stalin pact (September 1939 - June 1941) His father, mother and younger siblings died of exhausition and hunger in NKVD forced labour camps beyond the Ural. After a few years in Soviet orphanages Kulon managed to return to Poland in 1946.
After Ribbentrop–Molotov Pact Soviet Union received those territories which Poland annexed in early 1920 from newly formed states of Ukraine and Belarus. Lithuania received back their eastern territories too.

If these forced labour camps were GULAG, then there were not that many Poles working in them as per official archive records. The figures from archives show there were 211,106 people sentenced between 1939-1941. The number includes all ethnicities of USSR. 800,000 of Poles sentenced is an over-estimate of Stanislas Kulon.

Some my relatives were also sentenced in 1930 by so-called 'troika' for labour camp (not GULAG, as they did not exist back then) It was a group of three NKVD officers who were deciding fates of many people. People weren't not given proper trials in courts. My relative was rehabilitated in early 1990s.

Also a lot of Poles of Belarus were only Poles on paper. Many of those who actually identified themselves as Poles were linguistically and ethnographically Belarusians. The situation exisst in eastern Lithuania and Belarus to this day. Here's article of Polish linguist from Polish Academy of Science on language situation in eastern Lithuania suggesting many Poles speak Belarusian Jankowiak: ?Mowa prosta? jest dla mnie synonimem gwary bia?oruskiej

Na Wileńszczyźnie wiele osób rozmawiało ze mną „po prostemu”, ale prawie wszyscy deklarowali narodowość polską – powiedział w rozmowie z zw.lt Mirosław Jankowiak, polonista, białorutenista, pracownik naukowy Instytutu Slawistyki PAN

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Originally Posted by antonina View Post
I know what I want for Christmas!

Click the image to open in full size.

Great job from Norman Davies once again, amazing edition full of superb photos (the single downside as far as I can see is the price... )

Click the image to open in full size.

Link > TRAIL---OF---HOPE
I'm glad this thread has been bumped; Norman Davies' book on the '44 uprising is brilliant stuff and from what I read in there the odyssey of Anders' Army- which reminds me somewhat of the Czech Legion in the Russian Civil War- would be fascinating.
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Originally Posted by Tercios Espanoles View Post
I think their contribution gets little ink. On the other hand, there are other countries whose contribution gets no attention at all. For example, I've never read or even seen a single account of the Brazilian forces. I'd wager most folks outside Brazil didn't even know they were in it.
Or the Mexican Air Force; or the South Africans fighting in Eritrea and elsewhere; or the March of General de Lattre de Tassigny from central Africa to North Africa; or the Dutch submarine campaign throughout WW2 operating from Australia. Lots and lots of little known stories out there...
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The invasion of Poland is often called "September Campaign", but in fact it lasted also in October.

From Heeres Verordnungsblatt, published on 02.01.1940: "Feldzug gegen Polen 1.9.1939 bis 7.10.1939".

The invasion ended when forces of General Franciszek Kleeberg surrendered after the battle of Kock:


Click the image to open in full size.
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I am currently reading a book called Poland;s navy, 1918-145, by Michael Alfred Peszke.
Some of the navy survived and was placed under the British navy, seeing action throughout the war. I also found this article regarding the Polish navy during WW2. It has images of some of the ships.
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Alliaince between Poland and Nazi Germany ?-baloney. I assure you that's not what was Hitler's mind when he dressed concentration camp victims in Polish uniforms in 1939 then made them charge towards a German radio station at Gleiwitz before machine gunning them to justify his invasion of Poland in 1939 .
Poland and Nazi Gemany v the Soviet Union ?-another piece of fantasy which was never on the cards in real history.
The 1935 German /Polish 10 year non- agression pact was simply that -not a military alliance against any other country.
Wishful thinking is a poor substitute fr historical facts.
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