During a meeting with Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, the learned professors of Lahore (then part of India) were most skeptical over many of her statements. A particular professor remarked, "Madame, what you are saying is a mere rigmarole and as impossible as flowers raining down from the ceiling." Madame Blavatsky calmly replied, "Professor, do you think that is impossible?" and at once, showers of flowers began to fall from above, and the table became covered with fragrant blooms. Naturally, the professors and others present were amazed, but Madame Blavatsky smiled and explained, "You see, it is all in accordance with the laws of Nature, which are hidden from most of us as yet."
Many of Nature's laws are not known to the common man. For instance, one's length of sleep can be decreased as much as you like by natural law, if one has the knowledge of that law. This also applies to the intake of food, which can be decreased to a bare minimum - one can decrease it to a single grain of rice, for instance. As for rest, actual sleep is normally not more than a minute anyhow. When Prophet Mohammed was asked if He slept, He replied, "No, I do not sleep - my soul is ever awake - but my body sleeps." In meditation, when you rise above body consciousness, the body gets complete rest, and your consciousness increases. When you resume the body, it is recharged and gets a fresh lease on life.
In 1912 I saw an interesting example of the use of Nature's laws. There was a Muslim fakir by the name of Abdul Vahab, who allowed no one to remain in his room at night, yet he permitted me to come and go freely. In meditation, his body would rise to an elevated position, several feet from
the floor. You must have heard also about the famous devotees, Dhruv and Prahlad, who, it is said, used to elevate their bodies. It is purely a matter of knowing the laws of Nature. If both positive sides meet, they will separate and rise above. Usually people have no knowledge of these things and term them miracles, but it is a wrong term; they are according to the hidden laws of Nature. Many such incidents occur in the lives of Saints, and if we also live as They do, and according to Their instructions, we will also become as knowledgeable as They, for every Saint has His past and every sinner a future. One can say that Whoever is a Master today, was like us yesterday. The man with an M.A. degree was studying in the first class at one time. So, those on the first rung of the ladder will reach the top one day, if they go the right way about it.
The present conditions of the world are not at all new - discord has ever been present in one degree or another; but it is the Masters and other sages who see the condition as it truly is, in this critical stage. This land of rishis and munis has ever been protected by the Lord, and always will be; but nevertheless, upheaval will come, and for that the only answer is to love one another. Our religions are like schools and colleges, and blessed are they; so remain in your own formations, for when Masters come, They all give the same advice: to sit together and try to understand each other.
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